Protect Yourself from Being Hacked with These 5 Steps

Technology is propelling at a breakneck pace. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed every company and individual torn between digitalization and protection to jump into the virtual world. Everything is done with a simple tap of a finger today, from shopping, learning, and communicating to payments. Seemingly, the world has become a better and more accessible place….


How to Avoid a Criminal Identity Theft?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft more than doubled in 2020. It has certainly become a hot topic among regulators and consumers alike. Federal and state organizations and law enforcement agencies face the mammoth task of tackling the surging wave of criminals that are after their citizen’s identities. And consumers are desperately…

Build a Custom Intranet or Buy One Off the Shelf: What’s Best?

For over 12 years, we’ve been working on SharePoint-based intranet development. And for those who choose this collaborative solution, custom intranet construction was the most common alternative. Ready-made intranets, on the other hand, have recently evolved from content publishing solutions to full-fledged enterprise collaboration platforms. As a result, the market anticipates the emergence of off-the-shelf…