Instagram Live: 5 Tips To Grow Your Audience

Instagram has become far more than just a social media platform over the years. It’s now become a tool for businesses and a place for influencing.

Everyone strives towards getting more followers and audiences to engage with the content they post on Instagram.

There’s quite a number of ways you can grow your Instagram channel; however, it’s been discovered that most people like to engage with videos more than photos. This is where Instagram Live comes in. With Instagram Live, you can connect with your audience naturally. Your audience becomes notified when you go live, and the live feed shows up on your followers’ feeds.

Here are five useful tips on how to grow your audience on IG Live.

Choose A Catchy And Engaging Topic To Discuss

Most people don’t want to spend their time connecting to a boring Instagram Live video. To attract your audience, you need to select engaging topics to discuss. When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. This is to say that you should have a reason or a goal in mind for calling for an IG live in the first place.

This reason could be announcements on a new product, conducting interviews for people your audience would love to see, hosting a Q&A session to enable them to ask anything they want, or even something as simple as describing what your regular day looks like. Your Instagram Live viewers need something to call them to tune in—a catchy topic will do that.

Promote Your IG Live

Irrespective of how much you think your audience needs your live video or how catchy it’ll be, it’s still vital that you promote it. Just like when selling a product, you need to advertise it. Promotion is necessary to ensure that people who need to watch your live video know about it and when it comes up.

Talk about it on your Instagram feed.

You can do this by creating teasers that include the live event details.

Use Instagram Stories and other social media platforms to share the details of your live event. This way, you would reach a broader range of viewers.

Moreover, there are services that can help you grow your audience, but you need to read reviews first before choosing one.

Let Them Know Why They Shouldn’t Miss It

People generally don’t like missing out on benefits attached to something. Thus, you should state the incentives attached to tuning in to your live video.

Are there exclusive deals?

You should say if there’ll be giveaways of special coupons or discounts on while airing your live. You could also give privileged information to those who watch your Instagram Live.

All these incentives should be stated while promoting your live video. This way, you’ll be attracting a wide range of audiences.

Be Prepared For The Live Event

All it takes for your audience to leave your live event is just a click.

So, you can’t afford any hitch or break in transmission during the airing as not everyone will be patient with you as you try to rectify the problem.

While trying to make your video as natural as possible and without unnecessary scripting, you must be well-prepared for the event. The preparations must include ensuring that there’ll be no distracting noises in the background, your audio is clear, and your lights are set up appropriately, among many others.

These will prevent mistakes and help you stick to the time you’ve set. Remember, you don’t want an audience that’ll join at the beginning and leave right in the middle. You need to do all it takes to keep them till the end.

Engage Your Audience

What’s the point of organizing a live event in the first place? It’s to connect with your audience. This is a crucial tip that’ll make your audience stay with you till the end without them realizing how much time they’ve already spent with you.

Make your viewers feel special by acknowledging their presence and giving them a shoutout. Let them participate in the live event to engage them and encourage them to stay active. Add a question sticker to enable them to type the questions they’ve been dying to ask.


Growing your audience isn’t only a one-time thing but a cumulative effect.

Remember how well you do this live event will encourage your audience to participate in the next one.

Some may even go as far as sharing it with friends and telling them about it.

Give your audience something to look forward to in each of your events, and watch them multiply.

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