What Is The Best Grammar Checker? We Bought 6+, Here’s the Winner

Do you remember to systematically check the spelling and grammar of your web pages, blog posts and other content before hitting “publish”?

If the answer is no, this article should interest you…

The English language is complex and often tricky: this is why rereading and correcting a text is a laborious and delicate task. Small assistance is, therefore, not a refusal.


BonPatron is a very popular spell checker Sentence correct page. It is clear and precise, with the possibility of selecting options such as “I am feminine”, practical for chords, or the option “I am English-speaking” for more information on the rules of the language.

The fault is highlighted and explained in a tool tip for grammar rules. And when the word’s spelling is not adapted, it gives you several suggestions for synonymous words.

You can also display examples, texts full of English mistakes highlighted and explained; this allows a good revision.

The word limit is set at 500.


Some writers still recommend Scribens ; this almighty software ensures quality spell checking.

At first glance, Scribens does not have a very attractive interface since it consists of a simple blank page, yet it would be among the most powerful free software. Spelling, grammar, typography or even punctuation errors are automatically detected. You can also have a text corrected in English. On the other hand, the premium version allows you to integrate this corrector on all your applications.


Reverso is one of the best-known online translation tools, but the site also offers a free spelling correction service.

Once the text has been verified, Reverso Sentence correct page automatically makes changes and identifies them with a bold blue font.

Unfortunately, it turns out a little less reliable overall than its alternatives, not perceiving certain subtleties and grammar rules (especially when it comes to the past participle).

For example, when trying to translate the sentence “Number of words limited to 2000 “, Reverso adds an “s” to the word “limited”, although it is indeed the number that is limited.


Cordial’s dynamic interface includes a corrector using technology designed with artificial intelligence. You have to paste your text and click on “Correct” to get the verification results. The corrector notes spelling errors (in blue), grammar, and typography and syntax (in red) of your text.

For each error found, Cordial offers suggestions for replacing the current word. You can also choose to ignore the underlined word.

Word count limited to 1000 words.

Online sentence correction

Want to correct your spelling mistakes and quickly discover misused words and misused punctuation? Try the online sentence correction tool; this Sentence correct page helps you to correct your grammatical errors easily.

Just go to their website, enter the text or paste the copy you want to find and correct any grammatical errors.

Click the “Check Your Text” button for suggestions. That’s it!

WordPress jetpack

If you own a WordPress site, you’ve probably installed the Jetpack plugin. This offers a spell checker.

Before this integration, there was another plugin called After the Deadline. However, given the success and the number of users, it was bought to be integrated into this WordPress plugin.

Now under the name of Jetpack, the correction is done with a button directly from the text editor. By clicking on “corrected writing”, this tool allows you to underline spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes.

If users wish to grasp more about the origin of the fault, it is necessary to press the “explain” button. Without it, the error is not explained by the extension.

Correction service on Grammar Lookup

Grammar Lookup allows you to outsource the proofreading and correction of your documents to professional proofreaders. Thus, you can easily have your documents corrected and eliminate all spelling, grammar, vocabulary errors … even with large volumes of correction.

If your content is not yet written, you can also order texts from freelance writers who specialize in creating flawless content.


This is great; even though free online spell checkers are no substitute for a professional spell checker, there are some perfect ones that, if not 100% reliable, will largely chew up your proofing work.

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