The Best Way to Send Fax Through G Suite

Today we will discuss the best way to send a fax, so if you are figuring out how to send faxes through G Suite, we have a solution. It not only allows the user to send a fax through G Suit and also furnishes the users with plenty of features to make their day-to-day work much more manageable.

Stay with us and get yourself acquainted with this miraculous service.

Before we begin with this service, let first discuss G Suit.

If you are aware of it, you can indeed skip this part but if not, give it a read.


CocoFax is an alternative to the traditional faxing system.

It does not require any kind of faxing machine to operate. It eventually eliminates the expenses of papers, printing ink, tonners, and such related things. By using that solution, you can even send it overseas. CocoFax has some fantastic features for its users. All the features are straightforward to understand. And this service is way more convenient than it appears. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of businesses of all sorts and the people. It can be operated by anyone easily as there is no need to have the technical knowledge to operate it. graphical user interface, application

Google Fax

You will not find anything better than faxing via google as you will not need any faxing machine or landlines to send a fax. Faxing from Google starts with CocoFax. Users also get a free fax number with the subscription of CocoFax. graphical user interface You can also log in to your CocoFax account via your google account. All your faxes can be archived in the cloud for future use. You can also fax from Google Sheets, Docs, and even Gmail very easily and safely. We also have a visual presentation on how to send faxes via google. You can watch the video below to learn about it.


You can totally rely on CocoFax for your work as it is authentic, legal, and secure to use. No third party can interfere in your work or can see it. The details, faxes, and all the data of the user remain protected and private. No one can disturb that privacy. So there is no compelling reason to be stressed over reliability or privacy. You can also visit CocoFax official page to discover more about it.

How to get CocoFax on G Suit?

It is no big deal to get CocoFax on G Suit. You can get it three ways. The ways are as follows.

  1. Either you can search CocoFax at G Suit and install it.
  2. Or can download CocoFax google integration at the official site of CocoFax.
  3. And the last way is to Press the add-on button at the navigation bar of Google sheet, Doc, select the option of getting add-ons, and then search for CocoFax at the G Suit marketplace. After CocoDoc is installed, authorize a link between your Google account and CocoFax.

How to send a fax on G Suit via CocoFax?

It is not rocket science. It is just a simple process to do:

Step1: Login to your Cocofax account.

Step2: Enter the fax number of the receiver.

Step3: In the last check that have you provided all the details and then click the ‘Send Fax’ button Once the receiver receives the fax, you will get the delivery report in a minute or two.


CocoFax also offers fax cover to make the faxing even more reliable and facile. The user can choose any of the fax covers. All the fax covers are available on its homepage. Visit the homepage and select one of your choices and begin with your faxing. graphical user interface, application

Subscription Packages

CocoFax has a package for all. All in very economical values.

The packages range from elite to enterprise, which covers all the needs of businesses, whether small or large.

A person can choose the package according to his needs.

Also can determine whether he wants to pay monthly or yearly basis.

If a person exceeds the allowed limit of pages according to his package, he can pay up an additional amount and get more pages.

Client Care

CocoFax takes care of its clients. Its client care unit is present 24/7 to help the users. If a person acquires any problem he should contact them and they will make sure to solve the problem.

They solve all the problems and concerns of the users in a very professional manner. They always make sure to satisfy the customer.


CocoFax has been reviewed positively on many platforms. It has 200+ reviews on various software and sites. People love its services. Most people renew their packages and get benefitted from its special services.

Smart Phone

CocoFax is available for all smartphones. It doesn’t matter which smartphone you have, whether it’s IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows. It can be installed easily on any of them. You can download it from the play store. graphical user interface, application A phone application has made it more convenient for the users to use this application as they can fax from anywhere they don’t even need to have their PC by their side. They can easily now even send or receive a fax from a phone.


You must have gained all the required information about CocoFax and buy g suite. Don’t look around as we have presented before you a gem.It is the service that will make your work more accessible than you can ever imagine. Just began today. Also, do remember to give us feedback.

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