Online Classroom Timer

During classroom activities in school, teachers assign students tasks that must be completed with the given time limit.

These activities take place many times during the academic year.

It becomes necessary for teachers to have timers during the tasks.

Online Classroom Timer


To understand better, example of activities are:

  1. Silent reading timer for 10-20 minutes.
  2. 10 minutes preparation prior quiz
  3. Time to start the next activity
  4. Timer for pop quiz.
  5. Rapid-fire quiz, etc.

Generally, teachers use their phone or timer clocks during the activities.

What if they can share the timer on the screens during the tasks?

It would become so easy for students to manage them during the time frame given.

They can keep track of their time on their own.

Online classroom timer is the solution to this thought. It will make things so handy, teachers have to just pull up the site on the PC and set the time.

After setting the timer it can be projected easily on the screen for the students.

In this article, we will cover the best online classroom timers available for you.

Google timer/stopwatch

Open the Google search engine. In the search bar type online stopwatch or timer and hit enter. You will find the timer or stopwatch on the top along with other top timer’s suggestions below.


1. Online stopwatch

Online stopwatch is a popular website for stopwatch and timer. It provides a digital countdown clock for the activities. It provides you a big-screen timer which you can project on white screens that is ideal for projects. The interface of the online stopwatch is easy to understand and implement. You can either use it as a stopwatch or as a timer.

On the home page, you will find two options, one green coloured up arrow for stopwatch and one down red coloured arrow for the countdown.

Below that you will find an option for full-screen timers. Once you click on the arrows you will be directed to the timer or stopwatch.

At the bottom of the website, you will find the site menu option.

There you will find options like classroom timers, holiday timers, Exam timers, large stopwatch, and many other options.

I suggest you explore the menu once as there are many timers type. You can visit website.

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2. Tick Tock Timer

Tick tock timer is another website that has an easy to use design interface for your online countdown timer.

In this, you can enter the number in timer and then start or clear your timer as per your wish.

It is very simple to use. It can be used for any fairy designs or customization options.

If you visit their website, at the top of the menu you will find an option ’20 ways to use’. This section will tell you how you can use in 20 different ways in your day to day life including your classroom activities.

It is the greatest tool if you want to be productive.

Tick tock timer will help you to be honest and focused.

Set your timer before every activity and work hard till the gong goes off. With the help of timers, you will feel dedicated towards your work for chosen amount which feels great.

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3. Online timer

Looking for a simple and productive online timer?

We have the right thing for you then.

Online timer is a simple timer that doesn’t get too fancy but provides you all the facilities that you need to count down effectively. The online timer has a simple-looking digital timer.

You can change the background colours as per your choice. You can also adjust the size of the clock.

4. Egg timer

Searching for a unique and different timer?

The egg timer is probably the most beautiful and fun online timer available so far. It is a visual timer and more commonly used with younger students.

The timer takes up the whole big screen for which is perfect during the classroom activities. It has many excellent features.

Recently many new features are updated in the latest version of an egg timer.

When you open its website, you will find a text box at the top of the page.

Here you have to put the time in words and press go. The timer will start. For example, if you write 5 minutes in the text box and press go, the timer will start and flash time in a “4 minutes 59 seconds” format. The timer covers the full screen which is easily visible on big screen in bigger picture. You can visit to explore more.

5. Timerland

It is a little different timer especially designed for small children.

Timerland has an option that makes passing the time easy and fun. It has an interactive way of watching the time. It shows farm animals on the screen along with timer. The animals fill the screen as the timer runs to the deadline.

When the time is up, the whole screen is filled with pictures of farm animals.

This type of attractive timer makes the classroom activities of small children fun and interesting. You can visit to explore more.

6. Funny Bunny Farm timer

As the name suggests, funny bunny farm timer is to make your classroom activity fun and interesting.

Small children like animated things around, so is this timer. It is the funny and easy-going timer which will give you cool options to choose when you are selecting the display interface.

There are two options available. The first one is you can have bunnies fill up the farm on your screen. While the timer is running, the screen will be filled with animated bunnies. The second one is the planets on the screen.

During the timer countdown, animated planets picture will appear on the screen to make it more attractive. The planets will slowly orbit the sun. This is an overall fun and relaxing timer which will not make gives you more pressure. It is highly recommended for long-duration countdowns.

7. Bar timer

If you didn’t like any of the above timer due to its colorful and jazzy interface, then this one is the right option for you. It gives you a classy and professional feel.

The bar timer is simple and has more visual ways of displaying the countdown clock. It has a simple and glossy black display that will give you professional feel during the activity.

The interface of the timer is easy to understand and use.

The display of timer covers a good amount of the screen so that it is easily visible to the last benchers of the classroom. This timer is available on

images (2).png

8. Rocket timer

Rocket timer is another fun timer in the list. It is one of the entertaining timers available online. it has a big display look and interactive.

You can easily set the timer on the screen.

It goes down when the fuse burns down.

When the time is up, a rocket is burnt out, sets the rocket in the sky and erupts into a firework.

I hope this article will help you to choose the best timer which is compatible with your classroom activity. You can try all of them and select the best one for you.