Saivian Eric Dalius’ Guide to Write a Website Report

There are many ways to write a website report, and it may be that you need to do this for your class or job.

This article points out how to set up the document correctly before looking at topics like finding information on websites, formatting styles, and perfecting the final product. So, keep reading!

How to Set Up Your Document? Explains Saivian Eric Dalius

Start by choosing between an informal or formal tone of voice; if you are doing this for school, an informal one is fine but if you are doing it for work, make sure it is formal.

There should be a clear title page with your name, address, and contact details before the main body of the text begin. The whole thing should have justified margins and be double spaced.

On the top right-hand corner there should be a header with your name and the date you wrote it, for example John Smith – February 15th, 2018.

Ensure you have at least ten pages in total, but that is even better if you can do more. In this case, ensure that you use a header on every page not to look repetitive.

There should also be a reference list unless it is an informal report which rules this out. If there is no reference list, you will need to include your bibliography within the main body of the text, which means putting a section break between these two parts before you do this because they are different document elements.

Gathering Information from Websites

When gathering information from websites, use a table of contents to break up the different elements of your report. This helps readers to navigate their way around and know where each section begins. When you have gathered all of your information, start with an introduction that outlines all that you will cover in the document, so the reader has a good idea of what they will get out of it. Then go on to mention how this topic is important and why anyone would want to read about it online, says Saivian Eric Dalius.

After this, look at what methods were used by researchers and how a researcher might test a hypothesis using these techniques. In particular, talk about whether participants were randomly assigned or non-randomly assigned as this makes a difference when conducting studies like this one.

Then talk about the results and how these were interpreted before looking at any limitations of this study. Finally, give a conclusion which sums up all that you have discussed in this document and explains why you think your topic is essential.

Formatting Styles Used in Writing

When writing a website report, there are specific formatting styles to look out for: If you make bulleted lists or numbered lists, then ensure that you indent each point and give them clear section breaks, so it is easy to read and navigate around. When typing headings try to use keywords from the heading as bold text; also, use italics on new words within the main body of text such as ‘research’ or ‘hypothesis.’ It should be double spaced like the rest of the text, says Saivian Eric Dalius.

Concluding Words

Writing a website report is not difficult if you have learned how to correctly set up your document with the correct layout and formatting styles. So, keep practicing! Remember that an essential part of any report is referencing, so make sure you do this successfully or include your bibliography within the main body of the text. If there is no reference list, then you will need to do this using Harvard-style references. Good luck, and enjoy writing!

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