Best TextSheet Alternatives in 2020

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Textsheet is one of the most popular educational websites in this purpose. It helps students in their projects, assignments and even in their daily homework. Studylib studylib is slightly sparknotes provides information to students in a systematic manner. At the end of each topic students can get quizzes to check their skills. Students can also get lots of chegg chegg is another great textsheet alternative. It provides solutions for various subjects such as mathematics, science, english and so on. Docear docear is another alternative that focuses in the management of academic literature. It will help you in academic related papers through its website. You can use easy to use menu options you can enrol in free online courses in this website. There are no specific academic subjects; it can be anything such as history, chemistry or personality development. Grammarly app you can ask the community to get the answer or if you know the answer of any asked question then you can answer them. You can also grow contacts with people worldwide. . …

Students are always looking for best educational websites which can help them in finding accurate answers to their questions and solving those problems that confused them.

TextSheet is one of the most popular website or study tool in this purpose.

It is one of the top rated educational website which is popular among the school students and college students because it helps them in their projects, assignments and even in their daily homework.

It gets down due to copyright violation.

But don’t worry!

There are some alternatives of TextSheet.

It offers all of the features of TextSheet, also provides some extra features which TextSheet doesn’t have.

So take a look on these best TextSheet alternatives.

Best Alternatives of TextSheet in 2020

1. Studylib

Studylib is slightly difficult to navigate.

Some elements of this site make it hard to explore in the beginning. Studylib takes a different approach to educate students and concentrates on efficient learning strategies.

Studylib has ‘Flashcard explorer’, which hosts several categories including subjects such as science, math, foreign language, social sciences, technology and engineering along with a plethora of other popular topics.

Students can access educational libraries on the internet using Studylib. Students can read, print or download worksheets, lesson plans, labs along with other study material for free.

Students can also browse through trending documents in various categories.

You can create personalized flashcard on various subjects and can share with your friends using Studylib.

Only you have to register on the website to access all the features of Studylib for free.

2. CrazyForStudy

CrazyForStudy is one of the best TextSheet alternatives which is an online platform and provides all the necessary academic aid to the students to help them.

There are more than 50 million books which can be accessed by students. CrazyForStudy provides to the point, step by step textbook questions solutions for better understanding and better learning of students.

Along with the course specific questions, it also provides assignment help on various subjects such as science, math, finance, engineering, computer science, accounting and many more. This app is widely popular in Australia. Students can get rare text books in this website.

3. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is a popular educational tool which helps students on a plenty of subjects such as English literature, history, science, math, biology and many more. It provides information to students in a systematic manner but unlike the intimidating text books, SparkNotes summarizes the whole thing very easily for better understanding of students so that students can get interest on learning.

At the end of each topic students can get quizzes to check their skills and understanding on that topic.

From this site students can also get lots of books and online content for tests like GRE, SAT, ACT and AP subject tests. SparkNotes is best for literature studies.


4. CourseHero

Coursehero is another TextSheet alternative as well as it is an online educational platform. It provides 30 million course specific study materials. It also provides lots of different study resources including class notes, documents, videos and guides. It is very profitable for students.

Along with the extensive study materials, it also covers various subjects such as economics, biology, literature, psychology and many others. Students can access 24/7 homework help option.

Students can examine their skills by taking the practice problems. It will help them for complicated exams.

5. Paperhelp

Paperhelp is a very helpful tool for college students. It is a custom paper writing service provider. A vital part of the school and college curriculum is paper writing. Students waste lots of time in essay writings, in this purpose Paperhelp can help them and save their time. Paperhelp offers 24/7 customer support which helps students in case they have any query. It also offers a money back guarantee.

6. Slader

Though Slader is mostly used in the United States, but it is so popular among college students as an online educational platform.

Millions of students used it monthly. You can also download Slader app on your iOS or Android phone.

Students can easily find out the solution of a problem which is from their textbooks.

Its solution finding process is very interesting. You just have to enter 13 digits ISBN of your book and you can see the complete exercise with all possible answers here. It also offers variety of subjects which makes it an excellent website.

Slader has a very simple and easy interface.

You will get interest on it. It is free of cost.

The only drawback is it shows ads while using it. But there is a solution of this problem.

You have to pay $2 for subscription and you can enjoy the ad free site.

It provides solutions for various subjects such as mathematics, science, English and so on.

7. Chegg

Chegg is another great TextSheet alternative. It is an academic platform situated in California. It is a famous site which provides online textbook rentals, home help and scholarships. It mainly helps college students.

One interest thing is that Chegg’s name is the combination of both chicken and egg.

Chegg was one of those who complained about TextSheet for the copyright violation. Chegg is one of the best American online platforms that offer a lot of services to college students and scholars in their assignments, academics and projects.

You can get almost all the answers of your questions. But if didn’t get your answer then you can consult with the professor online to solve the query. It provides services to 6400 universities all over the world.

In just a few clicks you can rent books from Chegg and it will be delivered within a week. You can also sell out your old books on Chegg to earn money. You can hire online tutors at low price in Chegg. First try the one day free trial before you go for the paid plan. The paid plan is almost $14.95.

8. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is another best alternative of TextSheet because it never sacrifices quality for quantity. The website was founded in 2004.

Useful digital books are available in ManyBooks. ManyBooks also offers an opportunity to authors to self-publish in an effort to meet specific needs. It is a great app for those who need these services.

9. Freetechbooks

Freetechbooks is also a best TextSheet alternative, but it follows a niche.

Here you can find all the topic, eBooks, notes and lectures related to programming and other computer centric categories.

It is a legal website and absolutely free. It hosted eBooks by using third party links that’s why you cannot find eBooks on their server.

10. Freecomputerbooks

Freecomputerbooks follows technical subject niche. It includes mathematics, engineering and many more along with programming and computer based books.

The website consists of thirteen categories and over two hundred sub categories to make your searching process easier. It offers lots of eBooks, notes, lectures and magazines focusing on the aforesaid subjects.

In the advanced search bar you can search by book title or author. Though some of the design characteristics are missing in this website but it is one of the alternatives of TextSheet.

11. Docear

Docear is another alternative that focuses in the management of academic literature.

It will help you in academic related papers through its website. You can use easy to use menu options as well as they are divided into helpful and convenient categories. With the helpful research tools of this website you can generate your bibliographies.

12. Quizlet

Some people says that learn through textbooks are best.

But now days, technology changed and enhanced our way of learning.

You cannot deny its contribution. Quizlet can help you with the answers to a certain topics within a very small amount of time. The answers in the flashcards are clearly explained.

You can fully understand all the topics very easily and without spending too much time.

Though this site is free but if you want to use its more upgraded version then you have to pay a small fee but your payment will not be in vain.

These various excellent features make it one of the best alternatives of TextSheet.

13. Read.Write.Think

This website is very helpful for students as well as for professionals.

Unlike the other websites, Read.Write.

Think mainly focuses on writing.

This website can help you a lot if you are getting ready for research and writing assignments.

There are some lesson plans and interactive pages that you can use to complete the tasks you have. It can help you whatever tasks you have. There are some tools that can help you to analyse research questions logically.

The interface of this website is very simple. This site is absolutely free and very easy to navigate.

So you can try this as TextSheet alternative.

14. Khan Academy

Just reading books and looking through questions and answers sites on the internet, this process of learning is not really effective. Some skills are also needed to properly execute the things.

It is necessary to learn and develop your skills if you have some basic skills. Khan Academy will help you a lot in this purpose.

You can enrol in free online courses in this website.

You are sure to learn something new after each course. The lessons consist of only videos and PowerPoint presentations.

Experts create the courses in Khan Academy. There are no specific academic subjects; it can be anything such as history, chemistry or personality development.

15. Grammarly

Not everyone has the academic writing skills as it requires excellent writing skills as well as a lot of logical thinking. But if you are a college student then you have to write.

Doing the research is okay but it is hard to write.

Grammarly app can help you to proofread your work easily.

You don’t need to have prior skills with proofreading to use this; it does the proofreading for you. Only you have to do is to click on the spots that need corrections and it will automatically change into the correct form.

You can also install it to Google Chrome.

16. Study Blue

You can study anytime, anywhere using Study Blue. This website is under Chegg.

Studying becomes really stressful to students if lots of exams are coming up at a time.

You can install Study Blue app on your Android or iOS device. It helps students to become organized with their study materials. This is an effective studying.

Students can learn with fun here and we all know that fun is as important as getting good marks.

17. Gutenberg

You can get access to lots of classic books for your study using the Gutenberg website.

Classical books are difficult to find all of the digital books here and you can download them for free.

You can read the books through your browser or you can download them in different formats like Pdf or .mobi.

18. WebMath

Though Math is my favourite subject but I heard that most of the students dislike mathematics.

Most of them don’t know how to solve mathematical problems.

You can’t get exact same question in Google as you want.

But don’t worry!

WebMath will help you to solve your queries.

You have to type the problem, then click enter. Then the page will load within some time and you will see the answer.

19. Quora


Quora is a place where you can find almost every answer of any question related to any topics.

If you have a question, then you can ask the community to get the answer or if you know the answer of any asked question then you can answer them.

It is a perfect place to help other people and improve your knowledge of doing so.

You can also grow contacts with people worldwide.

You can learn how they think and their perspective on different things.

You can also find trending question answers and you will be able to learn a lot from these apps.


These are the best alternatives of TextSheet. Try any one of these and make your study easier.

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