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Every time we pick up a phone when we hear a call, how do we identify who is the person calling us?

We look at the caller’s ID information appearing on the screen.

This can help us identify if the caller is known or unknown.

Anyone can trespass this verification, and this may lead to deceptive scams and hoaxes, which may be very hard to trace. offers is caller ID spoofing.

What is Caller ID Spoofing?

Caller ID spoofing is the practice that causes the receiving device to display that the caller is different from the original caller. Caller ID spoofing has been used for prank calls and has caused many troubles with various people in the past.

Some calls have also led to scams and frauds, while others have caused people to get extremely uncomfortable.

Whether you want to prank your friends or need to disguise your voice for work, there are many free ways to get what you need. While it’s extremely easy to pay for this service, you can get what you need for free. All you need is a little research, a good connection and a little bit of time. Although all of these sites are different, they all offer a similar service: the ability to make unlimited calls for free.

It also finds applications in telemarketing and elections.

Uses of Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing can be used to hide true identities and impersonate a different one. It gives the caller access to a recipient who is only selectively available and tricks anyone into taking their call, which won’t be possible if their true identity is known.

Spoof Websites

Other than this, caller ID spoofing can find utility in various personal and professional areas.

For example, it can be used by law enforcement officers to identify the location of a suspect by impersonating as a close friend.

Doctors and teachers can set up a caller ID of their office to help their patients/students/guardians from home and thus protecting their privacy by not publishing their private numbers. It can also be used in fun areas, as a means for pranking your friends and annoying them.

This technology can be both ethical and unethical, depending on how it is being used.

Spoof calling is not that much of a high-end task. And many websites let you use this feature inconvenience. Some sites even provide other features like speech parameters and recording so that the calls seem more genuine.

So let’s get straight to discussing which websites are the very best for unlimited spoof calling:


C:\Users\Asus\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots\2019-11-14 (4).pngSpoofTel provides you with a free 15-second spoof call trial where they will ask you your phone number, the number of the receiver, and the number that you want to be displayed as a caller to the recipient.

The website also provides a voice change feature if the caller wishes to change their natural voice. The four sound profiles provided are- man, woman, boy, and girl. There is another feature provided, soundboard, which helps you to add already provided sound effects and even create a few custom ones.

After entering the captcha code, the user can press Call to make the call.

If you enjoy the service, then you can sign up for the website.

This will remove the time restriction and expose several different features, which might be recording or spoof SMSing or many others.

The users receive SpoofMinutes as call duration, and this can be either purchased or borrowed. Either the internet can be used to make the calls or even their toll-free numbers.




CrazyCall WebSiteTo get started, choose your country; fill the caller ID that you want to be displayed as a caller to the recipient, and also the number of the receiver. Now you have to press the “Get me a code” button, and then you will receive a number that you will have to call and a code for the purpose of verification.

Call the given number and enter the code.

This will then allow you to connect to the recipient.

CrazyCall also has a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms. They provide a great customer support service and take all your queries and requests. The only limitation to this website is their service is available only in seven to eight major countries.

No registration is required for this site.

Their Terms also state that the content of your call would be checked for vulgarity.


Download for Android Download for iPhone



BluffMyCallThis site provides a free trial to their users. The free trial window asks the user to enter the dialler’s number, the number of the receiver, and the caller ID that you want to be displayed as a caller to the recipient.

There are various features provided such as voice changing and recording.

After filling the preferences, click on the “Place Call” button. This will connect you to a spoof call. The website allows a free spoof call for a duration of two minutes.

The website also provides various other features and options, which can be used after you sign up to the service. The site uses a credit system and provides various packages that allow you to buy those credits to make spoof calls.

In different countries, one credit holds different values.


SpoofCardThis is one hell of a website with some quite amazing features.

One of them is that you can straightaway send your calls to the recipient’s voicemail. This is extremely helpful in conditions when talking to the receiver might lead to your cover being blown, as the one-sided message will help in retaining credibility.

It is claimed that they are the provider the first real-time voice changing feature, that allows the users to sound like a man or woman along with effects playing in the background that give the impression that the caller might be in a disc, all in real-time. It also provides you the feature of spoof texting.

A free trial is available.

Users can also sign up and buy credits as the website follows the credit system.

They also provide apps for both Android and iOS.



C:\Users\Asus\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots\2019-11-14 (2).png

This prank calling website permits you to prank call your loved ones.

This website has a list of sound options and asks you to pick one. You have to enter the recipient’s number along with a caller ID that you want to be displayed on the receiver’s phone, although this is optional.

You can click on the “Click on start call” button to make the spoof call. It also allows you to record calls.


My Phone Robot

This website offers a bonus scheme which gives 150 credits to those users who sign up using Facebook or Twitter. This gives you at least seven spoof calls.

This website offers the feature to send pre-recorded calls to the receiver. It also allows you to view the call history.


Covert Calling

CovertCallingThis website allows you to make three calls with thirty seconds duration for the free trial.

For this, you have to enter the dialler’s number, the number of the receiver, and the caller ID. Caller ID is for display as a caller to the recipient.

The captcha displayed is to be entered and click on the “Submit” button.

The website works in a manner where first, you will receive a call, then the recipient will be called, and the connection is then bridged for the spoof call to happen. You can then sign up to buy their very affordable plans.

You can also call from your phone by dialing their 800 number.

Compared to the cost of traditional phone services, the cost of spoofing is almost nothing. Free unlimited spoof calling is available from several websites

I hope we helped you with your pranks.

Now you can have fun annoying your friends!