TOP 10 Famous Surnames That Start With P in the U.S.

Are you looking for some famous surnames that start with P?

If yes, we have prepared a list where you can find some famous surnames easily.

The list focuses on the meaning, origin, and ancestry of each of these names to make it informative. If you want to learn more about any of the names falling on this list, you can extend your research to CocoFinder’s website.

It is because the list is created using the Top 1000 popular names starting with P on the US page of this website.

Top 10 famous Surnames that Start with P

In this article, we’ve rounded up ten popular surnames. We’ll be going through the meaning and origins of every name as well. You can find the extended list on the CocoFinder website.

So let’s get started;


Do you know that ‘Parker’ was a more famous name in the 19th century than now? Well, being one of the most well-known names, it’s a great choice. It has an Old English Origin name that can be used for both males and females.

‘Parker’ means the ‘keeper of the park.’ Unlike most of the names, it has no variants making it a one of its kind. It is a very unique name, a unique name, and there is no particular reason to avoid it.


‘Powell’ is one of the most famous surnames that start with P, not just in the US but the entire world. It is a boy’s name that has a very interesting source of origin which is Welsh. However, ‘Powell’ is patronymic of the name ‘Howell.’

The interesting thing is that it is made up with the prefix ap, which means ‘son of.’ Resulting in a new name that means ‘son of Howell.’ It is a pretty common name that ranks 23rd most frequent surname in wales.


Next, we have ‘Phillips,’ a fairly famous name in the United States. Phillips is a male-given name. It is derived from the Greek word ‘Phillipos,’ which means ‘fond of horses.’

The word ‘Fond’ here means ‘liking,’ ‘lovable,’ or ‘loved.’ So easily, ‘Phillips’ means ‘horse lover.’ However, the name was first used as ‘Philip,’ which later was popularised by the Kings of Macedonia. It would be a nice choice for your baby’s surname, especially if you like horses!


‘Patterson’ is derived from Scottish and Irish. Scotland and Ireland are two origins of this name. It is also a boy’s name which is a famous name in the US right now. It means ‘father’s son’ or ‘son of Patrick.’ Patrick simply means ‘nobleman.’ Overall, ‘Patterson has a straightforward meaning, and it’s quite likable.

However, it was considered Anglicised for the Irish surname that is Ó Casáin in Connacht and Ulster. It’s a good name, and you can prefer it for your baby.


Well, as you might know, ‘Potter’ is one of the most famous names out there that starts with P. So of course, it’s on the list as well. However, Potter is a purely Old English Origin name. It has a pretty cool meaning that is ‘Pot Maker ‘.

After the Norman Conquest in 1066, ‘potter’ was used for a person who made clay or metal storage vessels. Eventually, the number of users of this name kept increasing year to year.


A very interesting name that is of Old English Origin as well. ‘Pittman’ gives you a fresh vibe. The interesting thing is that ‘Pittman’ means just ‘pitman.’

Although you might be wondering what this ‘pit’ means. ‘pit’ is derived from the Latin word ‘pretty, ‘ which means ‘water’ or ‘pool of water. So it turns out to be a ‘waterman,’ which looks rather awesome.


Next, we have a well-known name, ‘Pollard,’ which is pretty famous since the 14th century. The name was first used as a nickname for a person with a large head. However, it is derived from the Middle English word ‘poll,’ which means ‘head,’ with the suffix’s ard.

Another meaning of this name is taken from the process of pollarding the branches of a tree. Thus, there’s some confusion with the correct meaning of this surname by this date.


‘Patel’ is a pretty famous name in India. It’s a good name derived from the Sanskrit word ‘patis.’ Patis refers to the person who owns a piece of land in the economy.

However, the actual meaning of ‘Patel’ is ‘Village Headman,’ which came from different languages like Gujarati, Marathi, and Kannada. Indeed, it’s a powerful name for a boy, and you can prefer it for your baby.


‘Perry’ is another great name and can be used for both boys and girls. It is a pure English name with Old and Middle English origin. It is derived from Middle English per(r), i.e., a word used for a person who lived near a ‘pear tree.’

So we can say that ‘Perry’ means ‘a person who lives near a pear tree.’ It was often used in Ireland after the 17th century and now it is one of the most famous and beautiful surnames in the US.


We are now at the end of our top 10 list of surnames. ‘Perez,’ however, is a surprisingly famous name throughout the world. Indeed, this name is the 7th most common surname ever used. Most commonly, the name is written in English. But in Spanish Origin, it came from the word ‘Pérez’ that means ‘son of person ‘.

The meaning of this name is also considered as ‘son of Peter.’ Though of Hebrew origin, this name is also derived from the word ‘Peretz,’ which means ‘Son of Judah.’ So yeah, ‘Perez’ is a multi-meaning name.


All the names mentioned in this article have significant meanings of Greek, Latin, Scottish, and Irish origin. Though every name has its meaning, some rare names have no meanings but still are pretty famous.

Well, there you have it! Now you can easily choose the surname for your baby.

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