Reddit is one of the most popular websites online, and its users, known as redditors, have a love-hate relationship with the website’s design.

On the one hand, the interface is very simple and intuitive to use, yet on the other hand, it’s also very limited in what it can do.

The biggest complaint redditors have with their beloved site is that it’s impossible to change your username and display name, which is a huge letdown for those who want to change their usernames or display names to something cooler.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is an American web content rating, social news aggregation and discussion website.

If you are a registered member then you can submit content to the site such as text, images and links and these things are voted by other members.

Reddit is founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in Medford, Massachusetts.

Reddit is one of the most popular websites which is divided into thousands of smaller subreddits. You have to create an account on Reddit to get all the subreddits. To create a Reddit account you should have to provide Email id, username and password.

Features of Reddit

1. Account Switcher

You can store pairs of username/ password and can be able to switch quickly while browsing Reddit.

2. Show comment, karma

Reddit shows your comments and Reddit came up with karma points to prevent spammers. Users get karma by their comments and links which are up voted or down voted by other users in Reddit.

3. Hide real username

Reddit hides your username and shows your display name to other users of Reddit when you are logged in.

4. Comment Navigator

You can easily find comments by OP, mod etc as Reddit provides a comment navigator tool.

5. Hide all child comments

You can hide all comments except the replies to the OP to make your reading time easier.

6. Reddit filter

Reddit can filter out NSFW content or links by keyword, domain or subreddits.

7. User interface

It adds a number of interface enhancements to Reddit like Subreddit Manager, full comments links etc.

8. Keyboard navigation

Only using the keyboard you can up vote, down vote, hide posts and other major Reddit actions.

9. Never ending Reddit

It gives you never ending stream of Reddit goodness. You can keep scrolling down and contents will load automatically.

10. RES dashboard

Reddit has a fully customizable dashboard that displays content from subreddits, message inbox, user pages and much more.

11. Single click opener

It opens a link and the comments page in new tabs in just one click.

12. Subreddit Manager

You can customize the top bar with your own subreddit shortcuts including the drop down menus of multi reddits and more.

13. User highlighter

It highlights certain users in comment threads such as Admin, OP, and Friends etc.

14. Spam button

For easy reporting, Reddit adds a spam button to posts.

15. Subreddit and user tagger

Reddit adds tags to posts on subreddits. It adds a great deal of customization around users like tagging them, ignoring them and much more.

16. Style tweaks

It provides various kinds of style tweaks to the Reddit interface such as rounded comment boxes, moving the username bar and colorblind friendliness.

17. Comment count and preview

Reddit provides you a live preview of comments and shows how many new comments there are since your last visit as well as provides shortcuts for easier markdown.

What is Reddit Display name?

A Reddit display name is those names which are shown to the general public. Changing username is not possible but you can change your Reddit display name anytime.

How you can change your Reddit username?

Though it is very easy to change your display name in Reddit but changing username in Reddit is difficult but it can be reset.

It is impossible to modify the username of a Reddit account which has already been created to reduce cybercrime on the website.

Once a Reddit account is created the username becomes a unique and constant one.

You can’t change it.

As your username is stored along with your registered email id, you can get back it from your registered email id in case you forgot your username.

If you forgot your username these steps to get back it –

i) Open the link that was sent for verification purpose of your account during registration in Reddit.

ii) You can find your username there, so just follow the link and you are redirected to your account with your forgotten username.

How you can change your Reddit display name?

Reddit display name is that name which is shown to all other Reddit user.

You can put any name as your display name, though the username is unique but the display name can be anything you want.

You can change your Reddit display name anytime as your wish and can change with any name you like. This process is very simple so let’s start.

Step 1:

Open the website on your computer.

Step 2:

At the top of the Reddit home page, click on the login button.

Step 3:

A sign in page will appear. Enter your Reddit username and password there and tap on sign in.

Step 4:

After logged in, click on your Reddit username and go to the user settings from the drop down menu.

Step 5:

Choose the profile option from the user settings page.

Step 6:

Now you can see your profile information and here you can edit your display name and then save your account with this new display name.

How you can create a new username?

It is impossible to change a username in Reddit after it was created.

But don’t mind if you didn’t change your username, you can create a new account with your favorite username.

You can create your new account with the same email id which is already registered with Reddit.

With the same email id, you can keep both the account usernames.

Why you can use Reddit?

Reddit is not actually a social network, it is like a message board where people can follow topics of their interest, post comments, questions and can vote.

For entrepreneurs, Reddit is very interesting, smart discussion from peers all over the world about the topics of your interest like growing your business, social media, real estate, productivity, marketing and many more.


Reddit is a popular online forum where people can post about different things. You can find different topics and people on Reddit.
Reddit users can use different usernames, but when you create an account you can not change the username. However, there is a way to change the username.

Read this article carefully and you can get all information to change Reddit username and display name.

So do it.