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Best Printers for an Invitation

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You can invite your memory makers with an e-mail or a call or by a video message. A magical card which would recollect all your moments with them printing on paper with sizes of up to 13 by 19 inches can be experienced as long as you have 6-color claria ink. The invitations will be water-resistant, fade it can be connected with any device linked up with air print, google cloud print or the canon print app. It works well both individually and combo cli-251 xl in choose your printer according to your requirements like the size of the paper that you need. Make sure that you always check the quality of the machine’s print. Check the image quality before. …

This world can be fully digitalized, but the feelings and its experiences are something which has always made us different and which could never change from us.

Our identity has always been dependent on our near and dear ones. We live with them, love them, smile together, laugh together, cry aloud, hang out with them, how could we miss our most lively moments without them. Wherever they are we would invite them to take a moment into a special memory.

Would you ever invite your memory makers with an e-mail or a call or by a video message?

Inviting you through a video message would be great. Instead, you can use an antique method which would make them long to see you, which would want them to make another wonderful memory with you.

Yeah, You are right, it’s through invitation cards. A magical card which would recollect all your moments with them, A card with few random words that mean a lot to your ones. The card would be even more special if you created them.

I am not joking!

You could print your magical words. There are dozens of printing services out there, they have a lot of samples and you just choose one among them. Those might not be the correct ones for your dear ones.

It’s a one-time investment as most of your memorable days come once in a year, parties very frequently, menu cards and many more. Print the way you want to achieve the exact look and feel.

Printing cards is not like just printing poems and images. You cannot force a card stock into a regular printer and end up repairing it. Instead of forcing the regular printer, why don’t you buy a printer which could do so? If you are in a hurry to buy one here are the links to the best ones:

Epson Artisan 1430 Ink jet Printer:

Epson Artisan 1430 Ink jet Printer

This card stock printer stands number one since it features wireless printing and can be connected to several devices through Wi-Fi. Many users can have access to it at the same time. It is seen as unique for its border-less printing of any high definition photos even over large-sized papers.

You can print on paper with sizes of up to 13 by 19 inches. The benefits of light correction and advanced color printing can be experienced as long as you have 6-color Claria ink.

All the prints will last four times longer than any other regular lab prints. The invitations will be water-resistant, faded, smudge resistant and even scratch-free. The image quality produced by this printer goes up to 5760 x 1440 dpi resolution.

It possesses individual ink cartridges and you only have to place or replace them whenever a particular color is needed. Print with wide grain-free and sharp fonts up to 13 inches (33.02 cm).


  • The ink droplets are as small as 1.5 picoliters.
  • Usage of individual ink cartridges
  • Offers swish gradation within the prints
  • Grain-free texts and images
  • Able to recreate accurate skin tones


  • Branding issues may occur while printing.

After reading the features and pros anyone would feel to print their invitations themselves. Grain-free prints with effective use of cartridges are something that everyone needs and since this printer is made for card stock. It may be considered the best printer of 2020.


Canon Pixma ix6820 Wireless Printer:

Canon Pixma ix6820 Wireless Printer

The printer uses PIXMA printing solutions, Google Cloud Print and Air Print to print beautiful border-less creations. No more than 36 seconds are taken for photos that are of size 4” by 6”.

The printer is a small compact one with dimensions of 6.3 inches (16 cm) in height, 23.0 inches (58.42 cm) in width and 12.3 inches (31.24 cm) in depth. Lithography ink jet nozzle engineering provides a professional-quality photo. To make this design even better, It’s been provided with 5 individual ink tanks.

Speed matters everywhere, and it prints at speeds of up to 10.4 images per minute for color and 14.5 images per minute for black and white photos.


  • It is quieter than most of the other printers and avoids distractions.
  • It has an auto on/off feature that automatically turns on the printer when something is sent to be printed.


  • Sometimes it tends to be the leakage of inks
  • Frequently gets jammed
  • Uses a lot of ink

Canon ip8720 Wireless Printer:Canon ip8720 Wireless PrinterNo additional drivers are needed for the Canon iP8730 wireless printer. It can be connected with any device linked up with air print, Google cloud print or the Canon print app.

This printer also possesses individual ink tanks which include black, gray, yellow, magenta and cyan.It works well both individually and Combo CLI-251 XL Ink Tank. It provides amazing picture quality.

It is capable of printing border-less photos up to 13 by 19 inches. 9600 by 2400 dpi which gives the finest details of the printed image. It also has a feature known as my image garden which adds features like facial recognition, Special Filters, etc.


  • The six-ink system
  • Don’t get jammed very frequently


  • Uses more ink
  • Highly uneconomical regarding ink usage

Epson Workforce Wf-7620 – Ink jet Printer:

Epson Workforce Wf-7620 – Ink jet Printer

The Epson WF-7620 is a versatile and powerful office printer for card stock. It provides a high-quality black and white text photo. It can print on 11 X 17 plain paper and  11 X 19 card stock border-less.

Card stock can be kept directly on the rear feed tray. Precision Core uses a high-density print chip, this print-chip can generate up to 40 million precise dots per second.


  • Print speeds can be up to 18 ppm in black and up to 10 ppm in color.
  • Mobile printing through Epson Connect option


  • Produce noise while printing.

HP Laser jet 1300 Printers:

HP Laser jet 1300 Printers

The specialty of this printer is that you can find it’s dpi resolution of up to 1200 by 1200. The speed at which it prints at an average of 20 ppm. It takes approximately 8 seconds to print the first page.

It possesses a 16 MB of standard memory with 80 MB of expandable memory. You can print 10000 pages per month. This is a desktop monochrome printer that is network-capable and can be used either as a business or personal setting.

It contains a 133 MHz processor. It has a 250 sheet input tray and has a 10 sheet priority feed.


  • Termed as the best laser card stock printer.
  • Supports a variety of types and sizes of paper.


  • More power consumption.

Looks like we have come to an end of our discussion on the best printers for card stock. Card stock is always challenging work. Your magical words could travel through people’s hearts through your printers as a medium.

Something you need to understand is how to work with Card stock. Choose your printer according to your requirements like the size of the paper that you need.

Make sure that you always check the quality of the machine’s print, always check the image quality before buying. Make sure that it doesn’t consume a lot of ink and also it is easy to maintain.

Looking for a wireless printer would be better, buy the ones with additional software.

Best Way to Maintain a Card stock Printer

  • Your document size matches your card stock size.
  • Update your printer driver regularly.
  • Set the paper orientation correctly.
  • Always use the right paper tray.
  • Turn off all resizing and scaling functions.
  • Load the paper correctly in the printer.

Anyone would love to choose one of these best printers to fly over their own invitations.

“Don’t be someone like stars, who can only be seen in the dark, Instead, be like the Air which can be felt anywhere and at any time.”

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