Why Traditional Marketing Is Still a Thing?

Modern businesses know that good advertising and a strong online presence are of utmost importance today.

Considering the high competition in the market, companies constantly have to find new ways to survive in the harsh digital world.

So they use different digital marketing strategies to promote their products and services. These can give excellent results if planned and carried out thoughtfully.

But it seems that modern companies pay too much attention to technology. Internet advertising somehow overshadowed traditional marketing, meaning many businesses forget classic advertising methods like TV and newspaper ads, using handouts, etc. But as seen on https://magneticmarketing.com/blog/the-ultimate-showdown-social-media-marketing-vs-traditional-marketing, it shouldn’t be that way.

Although pushed to the foreground, traditional marketing isn’t dead. On the contrary, it still has so much to offer.

Offline advertising methods have many benefits and can significantly boost your sales and profits. You just have to know how to use these “old-fashioned” techniques to your advantage.

Great for Local Advertising

Traditional marketing refers not only to traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio, and newspapers but also personal interaction with customers. It most often implies promotional materials and techniques that enable companies to “connect” with the audience at the local level.

Although many companies operate globally, they shouldn’t lose sight of their local audience. There are many ways to gain regional brand recognition, such as advertising in local newspapers or channels, billboards, distributing handouts, or organizing various local events to engage local people and interest them in your product, service, or brand.

For example, some customers still prefer to shop in a nearby store rather than online. That’s your chance to reach out and interact with them by organizing promotions and tastings, presentation of a new product, etc. In this way, you can connect with the local customers on a personal level. And since people tend to relate with brands they “feel,” this can be a sure path to success.

Wide Reach

Although digitization is advancing at an incredible speed, traditional marketing still plays an important role in advertising. Don’t forget that a large number of people of different ages, interests, and habits still like to watch TV and buy newspapers. You can tackle their attention by publishing advertisements in magazines and prime-time. Here are some tips on creating an effective TV commercial.

Unlike digital advertising channels that require potential consumers to have Internet access, traditional marketing use already-established and widely-presented advertising channels like TV and newspapers. When you decide to advertise in an “old-fashioned” way, you do that indirectly.

In this case, consumers aren’t looking for you, like when they browse the Internet. Simply, you’re available to them whenever they watch their favorite TV show or read their favorite magazine, as they can run onto your ad even when they don’t have that intent. In this way, you can reach many people in a short time, even those who aren’t your target group, at least not by parameters.


Online market is quite competitive, so your content must always be up-to-date and trendy to get the customers’ attention. If you fail to do so, they can forget about you in no time. So you have to invest in your online promotion strategies and produce new, engaging content all the time.

On the other hand, a successful traditional marketing campaign can go a long way. If you have a catchy ad, an easy-to-remember tagline, or a memorable jingle, people can recall it for a long time. Simply, we tend to remember unusual and amusing content, and if you’re ad is like that, they’ll stay in customers’ minds for a while.

If you have an ad in a magazine, it will remain there until the magazine is recycled. If you have printed flyers or pamphlets, they will last a long time. An impressive billboard will stay in people’s minds longer than any online ad, which you will probably forget in a few seconds.

Even if people find you ad annoying, they still remember it, which is good. In fact, there’s a great chance they’ll tell others about it and thus awaken their attention. And if their interest is awakened, they look out for your company, brand, or product. It means your customer base can increase without additional effort because word-of-mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. Even when it’s not full of praise.

Established Trust

Digitization has been present for several decades, and it has brought many benefits for those who use it to promote their business, but also for end customers. Still, the Internet and modern technologies have also brought doubt. Although digital marketing can do wonders for your business, it doesn’t always represent it in the best possible light.

We have witnessed many online scams, fake ads, and fly-by-night online businesses that lure naive consumers with “incredible offers.” The reason for so many fraudulent activities on the Internet is the ease and affordability of advertising on digital media. So people have good reasons to doubt everything they find online.

On the other hand, traditional marketing doesn’t offer that much room for scammers. Simply put, this way of business promotion requires significant budget and the use of established media. That’s why your business looks more trustworthy and dependable.

Better Interaction

Nowadays, there’s an increasing trend towards the digitization of everything. But many still find tangible things irreplaceable and more trustworthy. For example, some people enjoy reading newspapers than scrolling through social networks. And if they belong to your target group, traditional marketing is your best ally to reach them.

The older audience mostly belongs to those who “resist” digitization and prefer to choose something that allows them to have direct contact, either directly with the product and service or with those who advertise it. Traditional marketing and its techniques enable your audience to establish a real connection with your business.

On the following source, learn more about the importance of building relationships with customers:


Traditional marketing methods such as advertising at promotional booths, fair displays, and handout distribution give your audience the chance to experience your brand or product in person. They can see the sales person, try the product or service, ask direct questions, get information, etc. Such a tactic has great success with a specific audience because it removes their doubts.

Great Add-On to Digital Marketing

Many companies think they have to choose between traditional and digital marketing. They don’t have to, but a significant factor is a budget. If it limits them to opt for a single promotion way, they must choose carefully. The audience they want to reach is also great importance for this decision. Businesses must know customers habits and behaviors to know how to approach them.

Yet, the truth is that traditional and digital marketing can actually complement and work together very well. Let’s say you’re just starting out your retail business. There’s not much chance that people will search your company or product on the Internet, because they still don’t know about you.

But if you place an ad in prime-time or popular magazine, you can spread the word about your business and direct viewers to interact with you. You can create the ad content around your website or social media page, thus boosting people’s interest to get to know more about you. That way, you encourage two-way communication and interaction, which can eventually lead to favorable actions.

When to Use Traditional Marketing

The decision of how to promote your business depends on many factors, which you can read about at this link. Critical things to consider are the audience you want to reach and your budget. If you want to source a local audience or those who don’t use the Internet, traditional methods are your way to go.

Also, if you want to achieve more lasting results, that is, to have an advertising campaign that will be remembered for a long time, TV and newspaper ads and tangible promotional material are much better choices than pop-ups, reels, and stories on social media. They certainly last longer than online ads and thus have an extended effect on your target audience.

Last but not least factor to consider is your marketing budget. It has already been said that digital marketing is an affordable way to promote a business, and that’s a perk that most new companies will take advantage of. They generally have limited budgets, so they must use those funds in the best possible way.

Still, if your budget allows, traditional advertising methods should be a part of your marketing plan. They will add to your credibility because they have a long history and are still being used, despite the increasing prevalence of digital marketing.

Traditional marketing isn’t something you should neglect, despite the pressure of digitization. It has a wide reach, tangible presence, and local targeting capabilities can help you establish brand recognition and gain a broad customer base. For more permanent results, you can incorporate traditional marketing methods alongside digital efforts to maximize their reach and customer engagement.

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