6 Free Online OCR Tools – Tests & Reviews

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The top six online images to text converter tools can help you in reliable and accurate conversions. Ocr is a featured technique you can convert up to ten images or scanned files to word in one go with the help of this tool. Ocr the tool cannot translate or edit files like other tools mentioned in this list. You need to enter the image or scanned files in the tool. …

If you want to convert text-rich images to an editable textual format, then you have landed in the right place.

In this brief article, we would tell you about the top six online images to text converter tools that can help you in reliable and accurate conversions. OCR, which is also known as optical character recognition service, is a featured technique that can help you in changing images to text using AI and advanced algorithms.

It is very hard to find reliable ocr tools on the internet, and this is why we have listed the reliable and accurate ones in this post!

Best OCR online tools found in 2020

Not all of the ocr online tools are reliable and easy to use. This is the reason we have handpicked these six tools for you guys. You can read about them and select the one that suits you the most!

Image to Text converter by SearchEngineReports

The image to text converter by Searchenginereports.net is one of the best conversion services you can find online these days. Anyone can use this free online ocr tool and the most premium thing about this ocr converter is its clean and understandable interface. The working of this image to text converter is quite simple, and you need some basic understanding of the web to use it on your browser. You can easily upload the text-rich images in ocr online upload box, and you can also paste the URL of an image that is published online. This image to text Ocr converter also has integrations with dropbox so you can also get your files from there.

Online OCR

Online OCR is another professional tool that you can find on the web. This ocr service also comes with a neat and clean design.

If you are in search of an extremely simple tool, then this one is the best for you.

The overall interface of this website might look outdated to some of you as it has not been updated or improvised since 2009. But still, the services and operations of this ocr tool are very much reliable and accurate. You can not only convert images but also scanned pdf files to word with this online tool. The tool works in and supports more than 40 languages.


This is another ocr tool ranked on the index of Google. Unlike many other or enhanced tools, this one is free to use. You do not have to pay a single buck to use this tool without any restrictions.

One should know that the interface of this tool is simple but is very much modern so that it would be very appealing to youngsters.

You can convert or change up to ten images or scanned files to word in one go with the assistance of this tool. If you want to enjoy the full-fledged features of the tool, then we would suggest you register your account with it.


This ocr online tool is a relatively modern tool that can help your image to text conversions. This online service can help you cater to all kinds of images and pdf files.

It does not matter what size and what format of the image is. You have to upload the file in the tool, and from there you can easily select the conversion option.

The main feature of the tool, which makes it a pro one is that it can easily convert images to your desired language. You have to select the language in which you want to convert your files, and the tool would get you your desired output in less than seconds!


The i2OCR tool is another free service available on the internet. We want our viewers to know that this tool can also convert an image or a scanned file to an editable format. Not only this but the tool would also help you in editing the file, formatting it and even translating it to another language. To start the conversion process, you have to input the files and select the language in which you want to translate the file.

The tool would, first of all, analyze the text and would tell you about the language in which it already exists. after selecting the desired options, you have to click on the ‘extract text’ button. The tool would get you a word file or will save your text with google docs!

OCR Space

This is a simple tool with a designated feature of only converting recognizable text to the word. The tool cannot translate or edit the files like other tools mentioned in this list but what makes it peculiar from other services is its accuracy and efficiency in conversion.

You need to enter the image or scanned files in the tool and click on the ‘detect orientation’ option. This would help you in finding all the recognizable text on the image. Once the tool has highlighted all the text, you can easily use the extraction options to get it in word or text!

All of these tools are tested and are known to be the finest ones available on the web in 2020.

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