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How to Open UIF File on PC/Mac?

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Uif file is a magiciso cd/dvd image file. It can contain any document, photo, media, video, etc. There are few steps to access these files you can use this app to decode the same uif file. It acts both way i. E. Converting from iso file to uif. This app is free if you are using the older version of windows then you have to download a freeware utility app to mount the iso image file. Magicdisc however, you can get other good programs. …
How to open UIF file?
UIF file is a kind of file created by the User Interface File. Usually the .ui (user interface) file is used by software or game makers to create a user interface. UIF file contains all the controls and images that are shown on the screen. It is used in several applications, including Microsoft Paint, Paint Shop Pro and AutoCAD

There might be several cases where you can download an UIF file.

You might have downloaded a UIF file and now you are wondering how to access the contents. UIF file is a MagicISO CD/DVD image file.

These file can contain any document, photo, media, video, etc. there are few steps to access these files.

For viewing any UIF file, you must first mount it.

If you are, a MAC or Linux operating system user and you have received a UIF file from your friend or colleague.

Definitely, it will not be possible to access the file as any ordinary file in your PC.

This is because the UIF file is a MagicISO copyright version. All UIF file is compatible only for Windows supported devices.

By any means if you get hold of a windows device then try to use that one it will no doubt make your task easier. It converts the UIF file into a ISO file.

For this, you would need a small software named UIF2ISO.

This software will help you to convert UIF file to ISO file.

It works on both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CUI (Command User Interface).

Below are some names of softwares to convert UIF to ISO file and the steps required for doing so.

Varieties of options are available for creating files like CDs and DVDs but we prefer UIF file because it provides you with better encryptions and also it provides you with better quality of compression.

However, due to user convenience we use ISO image file so that all users gets easy access to them.

Well it better to first, convert an UIF file into ISO file rather than directly mounting an UIF file.

Converting an UIF file to an ISO file gives you more precise results than mounting an UIF file o an ISO file.

The list of apps that we provide you in this article does not mean that there are not many varieties.

You can get even more number of app on the internet apart from the list given below.

First, I would recommend you to try these apps first and then change to some other options. These apps are easily accessible and provides optimum results to users.


actually, this app MagicISO is a UIF creating application. Well you can use this app to decode the same UIF file.

This app acts both way i.e. converting from ISO file to UIF file and converting from UIF file to ISO file.


You are right this app is not free of cost pay a little.

But, this application provides you a free trial period which has a limit of 300MB i.e. you can use this app free only upto 300MB.

It very easy to use, you have to first download and install the application after that you can select Decompress UIF file option from Tools menu.

You will be provided with a guide follow it and you will understand how to deal with any UIF file.

In case you have reached the limit of 300MB do not spend money instead use any other third-party app, which is, free and performs the task in the same manner.


This app is also similar to that of MagicISO.

This application is free of cost and it does not have any limit. Once you install the app and open it, it will automatically help you with the steps.

It saves the ISO files in the same directory where the UIF file is stored.

You just have the click the convert button and your file will be converted in just one click. It is super easy and super simple to use.

The above-mentioned apps are for conversion of UIF file to ISO file now we will talk about mounting a file. This process is a bit tricky so read it carefully and follow the steps appropriately.

Mounting of ISO Image

This process of quite easy and you do not have to worry the steps.

You might be asked to install some extra applications or softwares, which completely depends on the Windows version you are using. Let us say if you are using Windows 8 version then you can simply mount the ISO image but clicking on the mount button on the Explorer option.

Whereas if you are using the older version of Windows than you have to download a freeware utility app to mount the ISO image file. According to me, Virtual Clone Drive is the best app for mounting ISO image file.

This app is easily available on the internet you can check out.


However, you can easily get other good programs on the internet, which can perform the task efficiently.

MagicDisc is another program from MagicISO, which is completely free of cost, and it has no limit.

This application supports a wide variety of CD/DVD image formats i.e. BIN, CIF, NRG, IMG, VCD, C2D, PDI, and many more.

Once you install the application, an icon will be automatically created in the system tray.

Open the application by right clicking on the system tray.

One drive will be set automatically, which you can extend upto 15 more drives.

You change the settings according to your convenience.

Search for the ISO file in your My Computer or CD/DVDs.

Copy the link and search it on the application.

You can even create, compress and decompress UIF/ISO files.

Since MagicDisc is a sub branch of MagicISO, hence you do not have to waste time by download both the apps twice.

Just download any one and your work is done.

Both of them are easy to access and work with.


Well here, we come to the end of your topic.

Hope you have enjoyed it.

Always remember to go for G-search before trying on some new applications.

Get hold of a proper knowledge about the topic before try them out. Some of them might be malicious and can even crash your operating system.

You can open UIF file with several programs, the best software that we recommend you is not free but with that you will get best experience. If you want to get this software, we invite you to visit the following link:

You will get various apps on the internet try them id the above-mentioned apps are not working efficiently.

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