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How To Learn French By Playing Video Games?

Forget your boring high school foreign language classes.

Whether you’re looking to tackle French for the first time or simply dust off your long-neglected skills, you might want to consider French video games instead of a language learning app.

Video games are a fun and immersive way to learn, especially if you’re already a gamer and are familiar with the lingo.

However, there are some important things to consider before you game your way to French fluency. The first is what games are most effective. The second is whether you want to buy French video games or stream them.

And the third is whether you want to use a French proxy or VPN to access region-restricted content.

Keep reading to discover the finer details of video gaming for language development.

Why Are Video Games Effective Tools For Language Learning?

Remember your elementary and middle school days, when you would play math games or social studies trivia before big tests? Games are a proven way to develop mastery over skills and knowledge, and interactive games like video games are by far the best at helping you retain what you have learned. That is great for general knowledge, but how on earth can video games teach specific skills?

Video Games Are Educational

Most online games for French language learners are educational and teach vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. These are great games for true beginners or those of us whose high school days are a distant memory. If you’re looking for fluency practice, you have to go deeper than these games, though they are a good tool to use if you want to reinforce skills before testing fluency.

Video Games Are Interactive

Some adventure-based games feature storytelling and decision-making. Engaging with this type of games forces you to practice reading, listening, and comprehension and then ask you to make choices based on your understanding. Other games like RPGs, or role-playing games, are the perfect way to practice listening and speaking as you work with teammates to solve quests.

Video Games Provide Immersion

You want to speak French like a native, but you lack the time and money for an actual French language intensive? Why not try video games? Yes, playing games entirely in French will throw you into the deep end, but you can make the process easier by switching the language settings in a game you already play and know well. Additionally, because you can play with anyone from anywhere in the world, your listening skills will increase rapidly.

If you want a truly French experience, look for actual games made in French. Yes, playing them will be more of a challenge, but you have to test your skills somewhere, right? And better to flub up a game than to get lost in a strange city! You can also visit French gaming forums or watch videos of French gamers for peak reading and listening fluency.

Where Can You Get French Video Games?

Where to find video games in French largely depends on what kind of games you want to play. Actual French educational games designed for language learners are a great introduction to video games, especially if you’re a gaming newbie. These games are available on easily-accessible websites for streaming or digital purchase. Just be careful, though; at some sites like Steam, using a proxy or VPN to play games outside of certain countries may get you kicked off the site.

Do You Need a Proxy To Play French Video Games?

It depends. Most AAA video games offer French language support out of the box. However, the best way to perfect your language skills is active communication. If you want to play your favorite multiplayer game with players from France, there’s only one way to do it safely. With a reliable France proxy, you can connect to your favorite video game like any other player from France, regardless of your location!

Final Thoughts

There are as many ways to learn a foreign language as there are people wanting to learn. Some language learners are fine doing rote classroom work, but most people need a little more excitement in their lessons. From basic learning games to conquering virtual worlds while communicating with other native speakers, video games offer a great way to learn.

With games, you can practice listening, reading, and speaking in a fast-paced environment not unlike what you would find in France. Besides, video games are also more fun, which increases your chances of doing well!

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