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What is the first thing that you see in a book when you plan on purchasing it?

Well, of course, it is the book cover of that book that would attract or repel you from buying it.

A thumbnail works in a very similar manner; this means that the YouTube thumbnail is just like a book cover that would attract or simply scare away the surfing platform’s traffic.

YouTube thumbnail is the first thing that is noticed by the user; if it is not interesting and attractive, then the user will simply scroll off it.

According to recent reports by YouTube, more than 90% of traffic on their content is delivered because of intriguing thumbnails.

In this two-minute article, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about customizing thumbnails.

After reading this essay, you will see how you can make a thumbnail, important aspects of a thumbnail, and the best modern tools that can help you make YouTube thumbnails, which are also known as YouTube thumbnail maker apps.

How to Create a custom YouTube thumbnail?

People usually think that getting hooked with a popular thumbnail maker app can help them in making an attractive thumbnail, well this is true to some extent, but before you use the best thumbnail maker app for this purpose, you should get yourself familiar with some tips and tricks.

  • Be selective in the subject of the thumbnail.
  • Remove the background of the image that you are adding.
  • Add a sticker to increase the effect of your thumbnail.
  • Spice up your background and contrast.
  • Preview your thumbnail before downloading it.

Best Thumbnail Maker Application

This YouTube thumbnail maker app by Content Arcade Apps can easily help yourself in designing the best thumbnails for your YouTube channel. It is easy to use application that can be downloaded on every android device having updated operating systems.

The working of this thumbnail creator app is simple as soup, and you don’t need any type of experience to create a thumbnail for youtube. The following are some of the features of this YouTube thumbnail maker app.

  • It can create a thumbnail in different dimensions.
  • You can add and customize the text for different types of personalization.
  • You would be equipped with hundreds if not thousands of pre-made templates with this app.
  • You can add unique shapes and symbols with this app.
  • It can enhance the visual application of your thumbnail.
  • It has a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • You can make a thumbnail that can be published and viewed on all kinds of devices, including smartphones!
  • You can create a complete thumbnail in less than five minutes.

Lets have a look at the ingredients, which makes a thumbnail clickable.

What makes a YouTube thumbnail clickable?

There are some elements that people look forward to in a thumbnail that you must always add in yours as well if you want to get the maximum audience to your content. We have handpicked these ingredients, so make sure that you read and understand all about them.

An interesting headline and shot!

You should be aware that the human brain and the human eyes are simply attracted to faces and images more than they are to text on a computer screen. The thumbnails can become even more attractive when you add an image of a person with some dashing expressions. The expressions of the person in the image can simply create an urge in the minds of the audience to find out about the reason behind the expressions or the surprise. Adding these kinds of images would simply help you in targeting every potential viewer on the site.

Big-bold text can do the trick!

When it comes to thumbnails, especially for YouTube, you must make sure that the content is quite visible. Thumbnails are very much smaller in size; thus, you must make at least the font size of the text that you are adding is big and bold so that viewers can read and act upon it. Most of the publishers on YouTube use this trick to attract the audience towards their content.

Adding a sticker effect to the subject!

If you add a sticker to the thumbnail, then it is going to improve the visual aspect of your thumbnail.

When you add a sticker to the thumbnail, then you can simply visually information about the subject in the image. The majority of the YouTubers will use the sticker effect to make their content visible among the audience.

Contrasting different overlays

Contrasting different layouts is very important when it comes to highlighting the text. The main reason behind changing the overlays is so that the text in the thumbnail could stand out. It is yet another way of creating a clickable thumbnail.