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Best CPU Cooler for I7 7700K

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The first thing that comes into my mind about heat is the dazzling heat of delicious food when served hot, the surrounding smoke, butter d noctua nh-d14 arctic liquid freezer 360 cpu water cooler cryorig r1 this cooling cooler is one of the most affordable coolers for i7 7700k. It has 6 cooling fans and each of them the cooler uses cp-7 thermal paste which works great. It stands as the best substitute for noctua if you are. …

Introduction to CPU Coolers

Anger, Danger, Fire, hard work all these words are somehow related to heat. When it comes to the heat we all get worked up with a lot of random words up in our mind.

I am a great foodie, the first thing that comes into my mind about heat is the dazzling heat of delicious food when served hot, the surrounding smoke, butter dripping and a lot more.

Oh my god! I am drooling at this current moment. I feel the taste of hot sizzler in my mouth.

My friends and my mates around don’t feel the heat in the same way. My friend who amazes us in astrophysics starts blabbering about ‘SUN’ when we speak about the heat. I need to tell this, I live with a lot of gamers around me, and they are mostly worried about their CPU cooler fan when it comes to heat.

But why do we need to cool all this heat around us?

I need the sizzler in minimal heat since my tongue cannot handle a lot of heat, It would start blistering.

My astrophysicist friend would never like the sun to be cool but still what would happen to our solar system if it cools down?

We will discuss it in another one. Now coming to gamers and other tech freaks, they need to cool their gadgets to function themselves properly. Our brain wouldn’t be able to think properly if we get tensed up, how could a machine work properly?


Our computer may be one of the most powerful and intelligent devices our mankind has ever created but without the support of some parts, it would just stand as a hollow box with wires and chips.

CPU is the most important organ and is also considered as the brain of the computer without which the operating system cannot run.

The CPU fan is one of simplest and stands as the ultimate thing which cools CPU and helps it to work for long hours. The CPU gets easily heated up with excessive work loaded on it. There comes this little device comes inside the case of the CPU cooling every component down.

You need to buy the best cooler for your CPU to enhance its life and let your work proceed without any obstacles. Here are the top coolers for your CPU with the processor of I7 7700K.

  1. NZXT Kraken X72
  2. Noctua NH-D14
  3. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 360 CPU Water Cooler

NZXT Kraken X72

ZXT Kraken X72

One of the coolest looking CPU coolers

Dimensions : 394 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm

No. of fans : 3

Fan RPM: 500-2000 RPM

Kraken X72 being a masterpiece by NZXT stand tops my table and is one among the top-performing AIO(All in One) coolers in the market.

This dazzling cooler comes with a circular block with RGB lighting to give the cooler the ultimate gaming look. It is built with three Aer P120 fans that spin faster than most of the other coolers.

Perform the best in cooling your CPU with the minimal noise possible.

The copper block present at the base of the cooler has some reapplied thermal paste which reduces the excess heat.

There exist two slots on the block: One, a mini-B USB port and the other, a 9-pin port. The best usage of these ports can be done such as the mini-B USB port can be connected with a 9-pin USB 2.0 header cable and the 9-pin port being connected to PWM splitter, which would allow the user to control the fans through the software.

The key feature is reinforced extended tubing. Fine nylon sleeves are added to strengthen the rubber tubing and also acts as a fine protective layer. This protects the Kraken cooler tubes from all the potential damage.

Cooling is even done at a temperature of 50 degrees with an overclocked hexacore processor. It would be able to cool all the octa-core processors.


  • 6-year warranty
  • The block Good looking aesthetics
  • Gaming design
  • Best cooling solutions


  • Comes at a hefty price


Noctua NH D-14

Noctua NH D-14

Dimensions : 150 mm x 160 mm x 135 mm

No. of Fans: 2

Fan RPM: 300-1500 RPM

Noctua is a renowned brand when it comes when it comes to CPU coolers.

Noctua NH D-14 serves as the perfect heat dissipation unit for intel i7 7700K like a hard performing processor. Noctua has always got their brown beefy color.

It’s one of the best cooler fans ever tested.

It comes with a dual radiator system which consists of 6 heat pipes. And this construction occupies more space and has a reasonable rate of heat dissipation.

There are two fans, one of 120 mm(NF-P14) and another 140 mm(NF-P12). This dual fan setup offers full surrounding airflow and provides a noiseless operation with a great performance.

Ram slots have always been undisturbed due to their asymmetrical design. The cooler possesses a bigger surface area and weighs more than all other similar fans.

It comes with a Sec firm @ mounting system attached to it making it compatible with the other sockets. Thermal paste is applied which gives an additional cooling feature to the system.


  • Noiseless Operation
  • Uses NT-H1 thermal paste


  • Quite heavy
  • Comes in a single color shade


ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 360 CPU Water Cooler

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 360 CPU Water CoolerDimensions: 391 mm x 91 mm x 119 mm

No. of Fans: 6

This cool looking CPU cooler is one of the most affordable coolers for i7 7700K.

This cooler cools your CPU efficiently at the least noise possible. This is not as quiet as Noctua but stands as the most cost-effective product under the liquid cooler.

It has 6 cooling fans and each of them being F12 PWM PST cooling fans. Also, a 390 mm radiator with a good-quality water pump makes its cooling performance superior to other liquid fans.

The CNC ensures the smooth running of each unit to perform equally from pin to pin.

The work is designed in such a way that three fans push the air from the radiator and the other three pull the maximum generated heat for cooling down the processor even if you work longer.

It includes an MX-4 thermal paste which improves the overall cooling performance.


  • Cost-efficient
  • Good-quality water pump


  • Bigger to fit into the case

Cryorig R1 Ultimate

Cryorig R1 Ultimate

Dimensions : 140 mm x 168.3 mm x 142.4 mm

No. of fans: 2

Fan RPM: 700-1300 RPM

Cryorig is a company that only builds products for PC overclocked and tech enthusiasts.

Cryorig R1 Ultimate has become their flagship air cooler which fights hard with other king coolers. This cooling is one of the best coolers with good aesthetics and flag always being black.

The tower-like design it possesses might possess most of the space that the case might need.

This cooler can deal with slightly higher temperatures than NH-D14. It uses Direct compress Soldering for an extra 10 % which improves the contact surfaces compared to the traditional soldering and increases the heat conduction. The jet fin acceleration system improves the cooling system.

It includes two XF140 high precision low noise 140 mm PWM fans.

The cooler uses CP-7 thermal paste which works great. It stands as the best substitute for Noctua if you are annoyed by the boring brown color of Noctua.


  • High performance
  • Adjustable fan height


  • Quite noisy fans
  • Will work with lower profile RAM sticks


These are the best CPU coolers that you can use for all the overload work and improve long-lasting gaming performance. When it comes to CPU cooler fans, everyone might think of buying the best one.

Here compatibility, not all the fans are compatible with your CPU case. A lot of free space is required by the cooler fans to circulate the air and pull out the hot air.

Heat could make your experience better, improve your skills, bring the thirst to work hard. But when you are cool, you could feel the oneness in your work.you would bring the best out of your work and understand why you are doing and what you are doing and would be able to think crystal clear about the one you focus on.

This is something that happens with your CPU too. Let it be able to think clearly and bring the best experience for you. Enjoy your work, feel it flow through your blood. Cool every time you get heated up.

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