Person Playing Twitch

It is highly astonishing to know that gamers are unaware

Being an active user of internet and social media, few gamers have the least knowledge about Twitch.

No worries guys I am here to tell you about everything Twitch as well as help you to fix them.

Twitch is an online video streaming service, which is very popular all over the world and is the most available service on the internet today.

This service is becoming more and more popular each and every day.

Gamers and meek have selected this service platform as their career option because it provide great deal of benefits and features which is again very easy and comfortable to work with.

This is also easy for viewer too for accessing videos. This service can run on various platforms like Xbox, windows 10, etc. However sometimes it fails to work properly in your device.

There might be few reasons but do not panic I have solutions to all these issues.

How to Fix Twitch App Not Working on Desktop [Windows]

This service is also available in app version, which few people prefer more than the website service as the app provides you more flexible features than the website.

The communication is also easy in the app rather than in the website.

This app provides you a number of interesting features like chatting, donating money, video chat, voice chat, etc.

This application provide you some flawless features, which is wonderfully organised so that it can be utilised appropriately.

However, it might work improperly at times in your desktop, which can be sorted with some hacks, below are the hacks you should follow.

Reset the Router

Problem might occur if your connection between the router and the application is not working properly.

You have to keep a look on your internet connection; it should be constant at all times. Internet issues can rise due to multiple factors like MAC address issue, IP address issue, or some other technical problem.

Maximum number of times, this issue is caused by the problematic configuration of router, which can be resolved by simply resetting the router configurations carefully.

After you set all the configurations, appropriately, you need to restart your device and yeah your internet issues will be solved.

If you are, still facing issues continuously even after restarting your device, and then kindly contact your ISP.

Check Windows Firewall Setting for Twitch App

Apart from internet issues windows firewall can also cause hindrance in the proper working of Twitch app.

Windows firewall is used by Windows to provide you with superior quality security from any malwares, viruses, etc.

Maximum times Window firewall restricts applications from accessing internet facilities.

Most of the times firewall ask for permission from administrator whether to provide internet access to the application or not.

Follow the steps below to allow internet services from windows firewall:

  1. Type Firewall in the search bar of your start menu.
  2. Click on the very first search list option
  3. Now search for advanced setting and click on it.
  4. Now click on inbound rules from “inbound rules”
  5. Now enable the checkbox “ allow the connection”
  6. Press “Apply” button

Now the Twitch application will work perfectly if the issue is related to Windows firewall security.

Re-Install/Update the Application

If still you are facing issues with the working of the application, then you should try to re-install the application again.

Sometimes it happens that while installing an application failure occurs in the package files while downloading. This error is non-recoverable so you are bound to re-install the application.

Even error can also occur if you are not updated with the latest version of the applications. Keep in mind you should always keep all your apps updated.

Fix Twitch Application Not Working on Xbox

There are players who prefer Xbox rather than application.

Xbox is a gaming brand owned by Microsoft where players make their account to enjoy and play various games more efficiently. This Xbox also helps users to play Twitch application.

The purpose of Xbox is to provide hassle free streaming of online games. It is very easy to handle Xbox both for creators and for viewers.

It provide you with streaming quality without any buffering issues.

1. Check the Reputation of Your Xbox Account

Microsoft prevents any substandard content while live streaming, hence it restricts the usage of online streaming services. Users who have a bad reputation in the community are not allowed to stream live games.

The reputation is marked in terms of merit points, which gets deducted when you use vulgar language, using any kind of double-dealer software, cyber-bullying etc.

We recommend you not to use any hacks while gaming and also keep a check on your account before we start live streaming.

2. Re-Install/Update the Application on the Console

Well if your Xbox account is perfect and still your Twitch application is not running then you should try to re-install the application.

Just uninstall the application from Xbox and then re-install it again.

This any error occurs due to failure in download then it will be fixed by following the above step.

Also, keep your app updated time to time because updating fixes bugs and adds new features to your application. The updates are available according to your console generation.

3. Reset/Update Your Xbox OS

Well this is the final solution to your Twitch malfunction. If all the above hacks fails to correct the proper functioning of the Twitch app then go for this step where you need to reset your Xbox OS. There might be issue with the console also so this step can also fix your problems. You might face some hardware as well as software issues.

However if it is a software issue than you can fix it by resetting your Xbox operating system but if it is an hardware issue then you need to fix it by updating your OS.

While resetting your Software you need to keep in mind that it is set to default configuration only.