How to Set Up Your TV and Get the Best Picture Possible?

In all honesty, there is no single way to set up the TV and get the best picture quality. Multiple things matter in this regard and work together to bring the best picture possible to you.

Of course, when you sit along with your family for the big match or season finale that you had been anticipating, or the long-awaited movies you wanted to watch so badly, you want to enjoy the finest picture quality that your TV offers.

Unlike the previous times, where you had to dive into the different menus and calibration settings to enhance the picture quality of your TV but the recent TVs offer high picture quality without any advanced calibration adjustments. As long as you are using the right picture quality and have a reliable cable subscription, something like Cox cable TV has high-quality content in store for you. When it comes to better color accuracy and enhanced picture quality, there is much you can do to boost it further and experience the full potential of your TV. You must want to find out how. So here we are with the best tips and tricks to enjoying the best picture quality possible.

Use of Right Sources

Its simple-use higher resolution sources work best when it comes to enjoying better picture quality. If you are conscious about image quality, you need to invest in a good Ultra HD Blu-ray player or a Roku device for instance.

4K broadcast content is quite limited but the world of gaming seems to be ahead in the 4K game. Get a high-performance 4K TV to experience mind-blowing 4K streaming. Hence, the source matters. Make sure you get a high-quality one that suites your picture quality requirements

Ambient Light

Even if you have the right source and a spectacular TV display, do not ignore the importance of ambient lighting. The fact is that LED TVs today have different display responses depending on the ambient light levels available in the room. LCDs screens usually come with a backlit display feature that will work as a torch in a dark room.

Plasma TVs or OLEDs also have self-illuminating screens So if you want to boost the picture quality of your TV display, pay attention to the lightings, and it’s better to place a lamp behind the TV to enjoy better quality.

Good Contrast Levels

Remember those big rectangular CRT TVs back in the times, and how hard it would get to manage their contras levels. But not anymore since in recent times, OLED screens come with infinite contrast. Whichever TV you possess, make sure the contrast levels are optimal.

Figure out the Sharpness Levels

Generally, it is assumed that increasing sharpness levels result in a more crisp and clear image. Well, this might not be true. Sharpness set too high is not going to add more detail to the picture quality rather it might give a blur effect.

Motion Handling and Soap Opera Effect

Motion handling is a major challenge when it comes to the picture performance of LED LCDs. Most manufacturers have customized motion handling features for higher image quality. This means you can adjust the blur and judder by sliders for improved picture display.

Motion Interpolation is also referred to as the soap opera effect.

The motion-smoothing phenomenon creates a smooth motion and some people may like it, some may not. One of the set back of switching off this feature is that you might not be able to catch up with the detailing of a fast-moving scene. Basically, the soap opera effect was designed to get rid of the certain motion blur experienced by modern TV screens.

TV Placement and Seating

The location of your TV and seating matters a lot if you want to experience the best picture.

Wrong positioning of TV or seating can have a negative setback on the viewing experience.

LED LCDs lose much of their contrast and color when the viewing angle is not right.

Thus, the seating should be in line with the TV display. The TV on the other hand should not be mounted very high as it affects the image quality.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned tips and tricks can be a game-changer when it comes to maximizing the picture quality of your TV.

Once you have adjusted the TV according to the above-mentioned suggestions, you will notice a significant improvement in its picture performance, allowing you to explore its maximum picture quality capacity.

There are even paid professional calibrators who can be hired. They offer their services by visiting your house and making sure your TV setting is correct to enjoy the best picture quality. But the above-mentioned settings will well-serve the purpose. Good luck!

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