Best Ways to Read Deleted Comments from the Reddit Archive

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This is especially the case with the “reddit archive”: a webpage that saves reddit comments in a running archive. Anyone can download the entire archive unreddit probably the greatest advantage of unreddits is its simplicity and convenience. Include “un” to the word reddit in the url of the reddits wayback machine shows a calendar with a circle on dates indicating that screenshots of this post have been taken on those particular days. The more popular the post was, the more reddit. Com has arguably the best, most engaged discussion community on the internet. It’s not easy to catch up on the discussion from older posts unless you’. …

Deleting your Reddit comments is a lot like using the “delete” function on your computer: nobody can see them, but the Internet never forgets. This is especially the case with the “Reddit Archive”: a webpage that saves Reddit comments in a running archive. Anyone can download the entire archive and view any deleted comment. All it takes to do so is an Internet connection and a free Google account.

Have you at any point considered how you can restore Reddit’s deleted posts from the Reddit archive?

In case you’re a Reddit devotee, somebody who is attached to reading long, entrancing strings about various themes, at that point you’ve presumably run over deleted comments at some point.

These clear spaces can kick your interest up an indent.

While a great deal of Reddit comments can be instructive and silly, some can be disagreeable and hostile. The internet can be as pitiless as it very well may be enjoyable.

It’s significant that most Reddit comments are deleted for a valid justification.

They might be hostile or contain derisive, dubious material. It is possible that you should guarantee that these comments don’t contain such substance, or set yourself up to see it regardless of how hostile it might be.

While browsing through Reddit, you more likely than not seen deleted or removed comments that may have stimulated your interest.

Be that as it may, do you realize you can recover the vast majority of these deleted comments with the assistance of third-party tools?


This is the most powerful, accessible, and usable tool in this entire rundown. Chances are that you’ve probably heard about it at some point, yet we’ll let you know exactly how you should utilize it.

Ceddit enables you to browse through Reddit threads, posts and comments as though you were scrolling through Reddit itself. It becomes significantly easier to discover deleted comments.

Furthermore, it additionally distinguishes why the original comment was deleted.

It recovers the deleted comments on a Reddit thread automatically and highlights it in red. Just browse through Ceddit the manner in which you do when utilizing Reddit.

However, it can get repetitive glancing through Ceddit manually. In the event that there’s a specific deleted comment you need to see, pursue these means:

1. Copy and paste the Reddit thread URL into another webpage.

2. Change Reddit’s “R” in the URL into a “C”, changing it into Ceddit.

3. Press enter.


However, there are a few comments that Ceddit will most likely be unable to recover, such as those deleted by Reddit’s auto moderator.


Probably the greatest advantage of Unreddit is its simplicity and convenience. There’s no real interface, only a landing page. Contingent upon what number of comments in the sub-reddit has been deleted, it might set aside some effort to recover them.

It’s anything but difficult to utilize; include “un” to the word Reddit in the URL of the Reddit thread. Unfortunately, while Unreddit might be helpful, it isn’t completely consistent.


In the event that you are interested in reading deleted comments for the purpose of information, at that point ReSavr can be a great resource. ReSavr automatically spares all the deleted comments that are over 1000 characters long.

  1. In view of the theory that longer comments have a higher chance of concealing significant information, ReSavr can assist you with discovering some real gems that you may not see otherwise.
  2. ReSavr extracts all posts with such comments and shows them in its simple to explore the interface. It shows the post title and an all outnumber of words that the deleted comment in it contains.
  3. Interestingly, hovering your mouse cursor over a title shows the preview of the comment to let you quickly skim through and just read the comments that are worth your time.
  4. I checked different deleted comments on ReSavr and huge numbers of them were actually very informative and worth reading.


4. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a web archiving service that takes screenshots of websites and caches them to make it accessible for the world to see. It likewise takes screenshots of Reddit posts, so you can move back in time and see a comment before it got deleted.


However, I won’t recommend you to take Wayback Machine as your primary answer for reading deleted comments on Reddit.

It’ll require a touch of hard work to reveal the exact comment you are searching for – this includes searching through many screenshots of a similar post.

How it works?

Essentially enter the exact URL of the post of which you might want to see deleted comments. Wayback Machine shows a calendar with a circle on dates indicating that screenshots of this post have been taken on those particular days.

Presently you simply need to search for the day when the comment was deleted and see all the screenshots to see the comment. It very well may be really hard when compared to other arrangements.

To effortlessly pinpoint to the deleted comment:

1. Go to Reddit and perceive how long prior the comment was deleted (it will be written alongside it).

2. Now utilize a calculator and a calendar to move back that numerous days from the current day when you are seeing the comment (For instance, on the off chance that it says 67 days old, at that point essentially move 67 days back from the current day and see what is the date on that specific day).

3. When you have the exact day when that comment was deleted essentially move to the exact date in the Wayback Machine.

4. Now hover your mouse cursor over that date and you should see some screenshots with the exact time when they were taken. You now simply need to search for the screenshot that was taken before the comment was deleted.

5. An easier approach to pinpoint the right screenshot is to open the last screenshot of the day and search for the deleted comment. Observe the exact time of cancellation written alongside it in hours.

6. Afterward, move to the screenshot before that specific time and you should see the content of the deleted comment.

7. Wayback Machine takes screenshots dependent on activity on a web link. The more popular the post was, the more screenshots will be taken (for example more chances of reaching the exact comment).

8. Even if the post was not all that popular, it will even now have some screenshots when individuals were commenting on it.

5. Removeddit

  1. is one of the most favorite tools for users. I previously utilized ceddit, however now has switched to another webpage, and the results are not fulfilling.
  2. Removeddit automatically reopens deleted comments, you can even filter them in the event that you just need to read deleted or removed comments.
  3. At the point when you first open, you will be presented with a rundown of Reddit posts and comments that have been deleted.
  4. However, on the off chance that you have to undelete Reddit comments on a specific Reddit post, you can just change to

Reddit has arguably the best, most engaged discussion community on the Internet. And even if you’re not a regular redditor, it’s still a great resource for making sure you never miss any of the most important stories of the day.

The only problem with reddit, however, is that it’s not easy to catch up on the discussion from older posts unless you’re already a reddit user. Fortunately, there are a few ways to read Reddit comments on your own time, even if reddit itself has deleted them.

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