At a glance all the terms mentioned in the title will feel familiar.

After all most of the time we encounter them in our daily computing lifes.

You all will see that today’s topic for the article is also somewhat frequently asked question by various users as which is the best HTML to GIF converter?

However, many times it remain unsolved due to lack of clarity in the user’s mind.

Moreover limited amount of choices can be the another reason for the same.

Therefore I will be telling you top 10 online HTML to GIF converter and help you to clear wavy thoughts in your mind.

All you need to do is follow me with this article.

What is HTML to GIF converter?

Probably the first question that will arise before why do we use is what exactly this converter is?

Well as the name suggests it is all about converting HTML to GIF format with the help of online converter available.

The conversation basically gives an embedded image of GIF file which will not allow the user to edit the text.

Why do we need to use?

HTML represents Hypertext Markup Language.

HTML is the standard markup language for creating electronic applications and pages. Internet Consortium created it basically called as W3C.

The components present in the HTML code are the structure components for HTML pages. Internet browsers don’t show the HTML code however just peruses the code and shows the substance what the client should be on the page.

GIF represents Graphics Interchange Format.

GIF is the most extensively utilized picture design beside JPEG. This configuration utilizes the LZW pressure calculation which is possessed by Unisys.

It comprises of absolutely 256 colors which are upheld by GIF records. It is an alternate document position when contrasted with a ton of bitmap designs which are utilized for a similar reason.

Pictures are put away in RGB shading position in GIF record design. This arrangement bolsters up to 8 bits for each pixel for every single picture

Top 10 converters

Coming to the lime of light of the show which is what are the online converters available which can perform this conversion task.

1. Convertio

This online free converter enables the client to change over HTML code to GIF document design at liberated from cost.

It gives the alternative of transferring the code from PC or Dropbox or Google drive and furthermore supports to give legitimately through URL.

Transformation permits up to a limit of 100 MB records to change over into GIF group. Finally the user can legitimately spare the document in his Dropbox or Google drive.

2. Cool utils file converter

This is an online based web converter which changes over HTML document of the client or user to GIF record rapidly. It additionally gives simple changing over choices for the client.

In this, exactly at the hour of transformation client can choose the configuration into which the document must be arranged and furthermore the record which he will transfer.

3. Transloadit

On the off chance that one needs to utilize the converter for an expert organization reason, at that point the client can utilize this online converter.

The unrivaled converter which enables the client to change over the documents with verification.

It likewise permits the mark verification which makes the client information protected and secure. It additionally permits a record size of up to 100 MB.


This is an online based HTML code converter to GIF record design.

This online site enables the client to transfer his code from distributed storage alongside other transfer choices.

The other transfer choices incorporate direct transfer from PC and furthermore through URL. The one of a kind component like upgrade gives this an uncommon fascination.

5. Convert files

This online code converter enables the client to transfer the code from the neighborhood records as it were.

This converter additionally gives the uncommon alternatives to change over the GIF record to different other picture positions. Sending a downloading join legitimately to the client mail id makes this website to some degree secure to change over.

6. All file to all file converter

This is a disconnected PC application which enables the client to change over with no working system.

It is a multi-design converter.

In this, the client can change over an enormous number of diversely organized documents into one GIF design in single use range strategy.

It requires absolute extra room of 11.7 Mb in the client accomplice to introduce and appreciate the administrations. The client can download this by utilizing web indexes or by simply visiting the connection.

7. Eastsea HTML to image converter

It enables the client to change over a HTML page from any URL or neighborhood stockpiling.

This application has the element to change over HTML documents into multi-page PDF records.

The client can without much of a stretch utilize this application as it is a simple UI apparatus.

It likewise bolsters picture watermark and content watermark and cluster change is permitted. The client needs to introduce the application by getting the necessary documents.

8. HTML to image offline converter

The fundamental component of this disconnected converter is that it permits changing over the site pages content legitimately into picture design.

This converter is associated with web voyager which is enabling the application to get to the site pages. The best characteristics of this are quick, User-accommodating and furthermore can get to URL legitimately.

9. Swift converter

Swift Converter is an online based website page converter which changes over a wide range of organizing documents.

It permits a record size of up to 100 Mb to change over into GIF documents.

This site enables just a single choice to transfer the HTML documents that is by perusing into client stockpiling area.

The client can choose the various sorts of yield designs. It is a simple and straightforward approach to change over HTML records.

10. ACA HTML to image converter

This is a Windows form HTML to picture converter that changes over pages to pictures.

The best instrument for the experts like Webmasters, Blogger, and creators. It additionally catches full-length site screen captures and produces thumbnail picture reviews of site pages.


I hope the options provided will help you in order to convert HTML into GIF.

Try any one of the one method out of 10 and I am sure you will be able to achieve your task.