HDMI Laptop

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.

The HDMI is an audio/video interface that carries high-definition video signals, multi-channel audio, and control data through a single cable.

HDMI is an international standard which is supported by most HD devices, like TV, Blu-ray, etc. HDMI supports video resolutions up to 4k and 1080p (Full HD).You all have seen many ports on your laptop.

Have you wondered what all can these ports offer to you and also to your work?

How you are able to see the movies on the big screen by connecting a cable to your laptop?

Well, this is done by connecting to the HDMI port.

Now the thing is some of you might know about this port whereas some don’t.

If you belong to the group that does not know much about it yet want to learn, all you need to do is follow me with this article.

Also, the majority of the people don’t know that HDMI can be used as an input as well because they mostly use it for the output purpose only.

Thus if you want to know about it then all you need to do is follow with the article as I will be discussing everything about HDMI so that the one who doesn’t know much about it, gets some knowledge.

Let us get started with our journey.

What is HDMI?

Let us first see what is HDMI?

And after seeing this we will move further.

The full form of HDMI is the High Definition Media Interface.

It is an audio or a video interface that is used to transmit high quality videos without any distortion and compression.

In order to make it easier for you all to get the HDMI, the movies which you see by plugging the cable into the laptop and then the screen is projected on the TV is done all because of the HDMI.

A couple of adjustments of HDMI have been made and sent since the basic appearance of the development, yet all use a comparative connection and connector.

Other than improved sound and video limit, execution, objectives, and concealing spaces, more cutting-edge structures have optional pushed features, for example, 3D, Ethernet data affiliation, and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) developments.

Advantages of HDMI

As you have seen what is basically HDMI, you all must be wondering what could be the possible advantages other than the streaming purpose of HDMI.

Thus your answer to this question will be answered in this section:

  • The transmission of the data is done without any loss and compression of the data. You can even receive the 4k videos apart from the sharing which was not possible in the various video standards. This is one of the greatest benefits of using HDMI.
  • Multiple wiring has always been a great problem as it creates a mess and also confuses a lot as to which wire is for what purpose. moreover, it doesn’t look good either. But HDMI is a single cable for both video and audio purposes. There are no multiple wires required.
  • It is highly compatible like with adapters, formats, and interfaces. We will use adapters in order to accomplish the topic of the article that is the port conversion like HDMI output to input.
  • The security of information is a basic necessity for individuals nowadays. They don’t need their data to be undermined in any capacity. HDMI has a superb encryption framework that permits just the gadgets associated through the link to get the data and some other gadget close by won’t show that information. This issue is available in remote presentation sharing utilizing programming applications that aren’t secure because it is inclined to hacking more than regular information sharing through wires. Now, this is very important as far as security and privacy are concerned about the user.
  • Last but not least, it can display different RGB color options. Due to this, the picture quality enhances, and then a video is bright and full of vibrant colors that were not possible in the previous methods of transferring videos.

Disadvantages of HDMI

Like every coin has two sides, the same goes for the HDMI port as well.

There are certain pros and cons of which we have seen the prons in the above section but here we will some of the disadvantages that are cons of the HDMI. These are:

  • Now the thing is the laptops have output HDMI port by default and in order to convert it into the input the user has to use the adapters. The adapter is quite expensive and it might be possible that your laptop might not have the required hardware to support the adapter.
  • As the video quality is supreme. Therefore communication takes some delay and meanwhile the data transfer you need to see only the black monotonous screen.
  • The versions do play an important role as some of the versions are not supported by every device. So one must sure about the HDMI version.

What is the HDMI output?

The port contained on most PCs is an HDMI yield port.

In simple and straight words, the sound or video from the PC is sent to an outer gadget, for example, a screen or TV with this yield port.

The standard HDMI port has 19 pins altogether and utilizations the Transmission minimized differential signaling (TMDS) convention for information transmission.

The HDMI framework has advanced from form 1.0 in 2002 up till variant 2.1 in 2017 which is the as of now running adaptation. It has a piece pace of 48Gbit/second which is amazingly quick.

How to Change HDMI Output to the Input on the Laptop?

Now coming on to the main question that is how to change HDMI output to the input on the laptop?

These are the ways which are performed without the use of cables and you need not worry about the adapters and the riddles of cables. Let us see how it is done:


This component is bolstered by Windows 8 or more.

The gadget which we need to reflect or expand our presentation on must likewise bolster Mirecast.

The two gadgets must be associated with a similar web association and be in go.

This component can likewise be utilized in cell phones that have Android 4.2 or more working frameworks.

Space desk

First of all, this application can easily be downloaded from the internet and you need not spend hours and effort in order to find the correct file.

After introducing the program, you need to download the drivers for your particular Windows and ensure that the two gadgets that are to be shared are associated with a similar system.

After you have done this, no compelling reason to stress that does my PC have HDMI input or not?

Interface the gadgets remotely and make a mind-blowing most

Home streaming

This feature is ideal for the ones who play games in professional terms. This functional is specifically available on the application like Steam and the best part is it can be downloaded for free.

After the installation is done, select the game that you want to play and click on the stream. After this streaming will display on to the laptop.


I hope by now you all have got sufficient knowledge of the HDMI port and also have seen how advantageous is HDMI.

It reduces the cable involved as it only has a single cable which is sufficient for both transferring and receiving the data.

Also, the transmission of the data is done without any loss and compression of the data and it is highly compatible like with adapters, formats, and interfaces.

Well, there are certain disadvantages but then that can be overruled in front of the perks offered. It is a highly secure form of transmission of data.

Apart from the knowledge of the HDMI, you have even seen as to how to change HDMI output to the input on the laptop?.

The ways listed are easy to execute and can be performed without any difficulties.

This tutorial will teach you how to change HDMI output to input on laptop.

Why do you need to change HDMI output to input? This is helpful for people who wants to use their laptop as a computer monitor.

First of all, you need to know that there are two types of HDMI cables, one is HDMI output cable and the other is HDMI input cable.

HDMI output cable is used to connect your laptop to any TV or Projector and HDMI input cable is used to connect your laptop to a monitor.