gaming fatique

Gaming fatigue means when a person is playing some sort of video game and after hours of playing it, they become sleepy, bored, their eyes become heavy or start hurting and their hands and back start to ache.

Gaming can have many positive sides like it can help the areas of brain responsible for spatial navigation, problem-solving, memory formation and even fine motor skills of the hands etc. but at the same time gaming can also generate gaming fatigue.

Playing these brainy and brain – teasing game can slow down the degree of mental decline or mental decay along with the natural aging process of a human.

Any person who would want to take a break from gaming or to overcome gaming fatigue will get something to eat or maybe drink some water or energy drink or maybe even take a nature walk for some time.

Some time or the other we get bored by repeatedly doing the same work or even the most cherished hobby or interest again and again, and gaming is no exception in that case.

Gaming fatigue can happen due to many reasons including whether if you are not interested in whatsoever new game is in the trend or if you are bored with your most wanted or favorite old hobby.

But it doesn’t mean that you will never be interested in that again if you are not feeling good right now.

Some of these tips can comfort you re-ignite your urge or just make it over and done with the lazy or sluggish time until you get excited about another new game.

Playing a Classic Can Be like Visiting an Old Friend

You can try revisiting the favorite old games if the modern era games are the ones responsible for your boredom. Games like Portal , legend of Zelda , Super Mario Bros. are the classics.

These games have been played like a dozen of times already and beating the top score once again gives you the chills like it’s your first time.

These favorites will definitely remind you of the happy old times and why you fell in love with them in the first place even if they lack the graphics of a new game.

Revitalize Your Interest With a New Game Genre

If your favorite games are starting to feel a little dull and repetitive, then maybe it’s time to try something totally different and out of the box.

Indie games are great for this, as they frequently throw several game conventions out the window, but branching out into the other AAA genres is also a great way to fight off dullness and boredom.

Gaming for too long can have its effects

Everything in limit is good , but going off the limit can be dangerous and harmful which could also turn a good thing into a bad one.

Sometimes it also happens that people completely attach to gaming just like bees to honey and they rarely do something else. Studies and analysis show that gaming might be a temporary distraction for some people who may be unhappy with other things in life.

Signs that you are playing in an unhealthy way

  1. If they have an obsession with games
  2. Taking zero or no interest in other activities
  3. Repeatedly and regularly playing video games for six to eight hours non-stop
  4. Habitually staying up very late to play video games which on a regular basis leads to feeling very exhausted the next day
  5. There are cases where attempts to stop playing have failed, need regular attention
  6. Withdrawal symptoms when not playing
  7. Continued overuse/playing even though negative influences are understood
  8. Using games as a way of relieving anxiety or guilt
  9. The person feels the need to play game everyday in order to maintain satisfaction
  10. Avoiding personal responsibilities or commitments so that gaming can continue

Symptoms of gaming fatigue

If someone classifies with five out of the above ten signs, which may have what is called gaming disorder, that can lead to gaming fatigue with symptoms such as:

    • Easily become bored
    • Always feeling sleepy
    • Your eyes start to pain/hurt or become heavy
    • Your hands and back start to ache because of sitting for too long
    • Migraines due to intense concentration in game


Here’s the way how you can handle it

After spending hours playing games, the right break in the perfect timing can be a lot of help to you and you feel re-energized and more balanced than ever.

A break, at the right time, not only avoids gaming sickness, gaming fatigue, exhaustion/burnout and mental fatigue but it will also help you to rest your eyes, makes you full of energy and helps you regain your focus.

You can always use a break to disconnect from continuous playing games and enjoy :

  • Eating something healthy like fruits – apples , bananas, pears, nuts that gives you energy in the form of glucose and not just munching on some junk food like pizza and burgers.
  • If you are a fan of chocolates then try dark chocolate, a square of dark chocolate helps to regulate levels of the stress hormone cortisol and stabilizes the metabolism in body
  • Always keep drinking water in break time
  • Maybe go outside and do some exercise (you can take a walk, climb up stairs, dance, do yoga, or simply stretch out yourself – just do something that gets your blood flowing).

You’ll feel a lot better and your energy levels will touch up the sky and you will be energized, refreshed and ready for another game challenge.

How it’s helpful

A rapidly growing body of research shows us that playing video games can be beneficial and positive for general cognitive skills as well as countering the cognitive effects of aging and also neurological sickness.

The motion gaming has the potential to help autistic children with –

  • Motor skills
  • Memory
  • Facial recognition
  • Social integration

I hope you found this article helpful.