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Top 10*Best Nintendo 3DS (NES) Emulators For Android, Windows PC

Short Notes:
An emulator is a piece of software that lets you play games on your computer that were originally designed to be played on a different platform. You can download emulators for the nes best 3ds emulator for pcs citra! is an open source emulator. It works with high performance and heavy graphics speed for which user gets attracted by it best 3ds emulator desmume is a free emulator for pc. It works on c++ 2010 runtime. Features of ideas free ware it is an open-source project which built over the base of mupen64+. It works best with android devices as the proof it can even run on phones as old as android 2. Retroarch is one of the popular nintendo 3ds emulator works best for android and also for pcs. It works by emulating an r4 3ds flash memory fceux is the most popular and well-known cross-platform emulator. It has various features like video recording, full screen and joystick support for players and debuggers it supports nes and nsf formats, with mappers and sound channels handled by external files. It also runs without administrative access. Emulation cores are most advanced and vba-m can act as a stand-alone emulator or a module for retroarch. It supports gameboy advance games and has a huge number of. …
It’s no secret that mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular every year.
Just about every mobile device comes with some sort of gaming platform, whether it’s a built-in emulator or a full-fledged game console.
But, there are times when playing mobile games just isn’t enough, and you want to take it to the next level. That’s where emulators come in.
An emulator is a piece of software that lets you play games on your computer that were originally designed to be played on a different platform.
For example, you can download emulators for the NES, SNES, Game Boy, and other popular consoles that were popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Is boredom hitting you?

or are you the Game lover?

Or are you the Tech Geeker who would like to plunge into Technology?

If Yes then you landed in the right place!

In this Gaming World, The Nintendo 3ds emulator enables us to play your classic games like Super Mario, Pokémon, Top Gun, Base Wars, etc.

Are you wondering to know clearly about Emulator?


An Emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system(called the guest).

In your Gaming context, What the Emulator does is that it enables a console to imitate the video game console of hardware.

So, you can play all the games on your emulating platform and can get the feeling of using hardware.

And Nintendo!

One of the well known Japanese multinational companies.

Yeah As you already know it is one of the world’s largest video game companies.


Nintendo produced and released a gaming console became popular as “Nintendo 3DS Emulator” in 2011.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator will display stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses and makes you feel excited while playing the Game.

Want to use them! Then wait, Let us say the Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators which allow Nintendo DS games to run on your android device or PC. And the best thing with these emulators is that they need fewer resources, and they consume minimal phone resources.

Now we understood about Nintendo 3DS Emulator.

Looking to know best Nintendo 3ds emulators right!

Here we go…..

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PCs

First, we will let you know the top 5 best Nintendo 3Ds emulator for your PCs afterward we will also give the best Nintendo 3Ds emulator for your Android.

Citra Emulator for PCs


Citra! The popular 3ds Emulator which allows you to get access to 3ds games and works with high performance and heavy Graphics speed for which user gets attracted by it. The best thing with this Citra Emulator is that it is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. And Its an open Source and offers maximum features when compared to other 3DS Emulators in the market.

We’ll list you down some popular features of the Best 3DS Emulators to make you understand easily.

Features of Citra

  • Open source Emulating platform
  • User –Friendly Interface
  • High Performance & heavy Graphics Speed
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

NeonDS! Best 3Ds Emulator


NeonDS is also a well-known Emulator that runs on Windows and allows you to play some 3ds games.

There are many websites and apps which allow you to download NeonDS free of cost. The one we suggest Softonic where you can download it free of cost. It takes less space and it is lightly weighted on hardware part when compared to other Nintendo 3DS Emulators.

Features of NeonDS

  • Available on Softonic for free
  • Open-source platform
  • Application is light weighted-Consumes less space

NO$GBA! Best 3Ds Emulator


NO$GBA is the Game Boy Advance Nintendo DS/DS Lite Emulator available only for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is capable of running commercials, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Games such as Pokémon Diamond at full speed.

You can download it free of cost but very often Programmers will update this Emulator to make it Efficient.

So, If you would like to stay updated you need to pay for the updates which are not so expensive. And one more thing is that if a new update release then the previous update becomes free!

Features of NO$GBA

  • Free ware.
  • Full speed for Commercial Games.
  • It has a multiplayer function.

R4 3DS Emulator


R4 3DS Emulator is also One of the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Windows which is available free of cost. It is also known as the 3DS R4 Flash Card Emulator. We call this as best due to its impressive design.

But, It is compatible in DS mode only. So that it only supports new 3DS games. After opening the emulator it will ask you to insert a cartridge, You don’t need to physically insert a cartridge into your PC, Its just for effect.

Features of R43DS Emulator

  • Available for Free.
  • Impressive Design
  • Works as Flash Card.

DeSmuME! Best 3Ds Emulator


DeSmuME is another best known Nintendo DS Emulator available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Wii, and Amiga OS 4. It is a free Emulator for PC and is very simple and easy to use. DeSmuME is a CPU demanding app. You should definitely have Visual C++ 2010 before downloading the DeSmuMe Emulator as it works on C++ 2010 runtime. It also has the option of Multiple displays.

Features of DeSmuME

    • Open Source Software
    • Compatible with all popular Operating systems.


  • Multiple display Windows.

IDeas! Best 3DS Emulator


IDeas is also in the best Nintendo Emulator List because of its features it offers like dual-screen Processing mode. It can run commercial games like Mario 64 DS and Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. You can download on at no


Features of IDeas

  • Free ware
  • Multiple screen processing.
  • Now, Moving on to Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator for Android…

2. Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android

Drastic DS Emulator


It is one of the fastest Nintendo 3DS Emulators for Android devices by which you can play the games at full speed. It gives you a nice game experience by enhancing the 3D Graphics by 2 times.

Pausing the game is common but here you can save the game and restore it later to again play the game at any time with a quick save option.

It also allows users to synchronize to save files with Google Drive so that you can access that game in other devices which we call multi-device gaming. And It fully supports add-on controllers. It is ad-free and has attractive features with awesome Graphics.

As everyone says “Nothing attractive comes for free”, That is the reason Drastic is not free and comes at the price of approximately $10

Features of Drastic DS Emulator

NDS4 Emulator for Android


NDS4 is a Nintendo 3ds Emulator which enables you to play Nintendo 3ds games on your Android devices. It is the bit old emulator that offers various features such as saving and loading states and OUYA game console.

This Emulator comes with a performance tweak that helps you to play the games faster and gives you a smooth experience while playing the game.

Features of NDS4

  • OUYA game console
  • Saves and loads the states
  • Supports various game formats.



MegaN64 is the Nintendo 3DS Emulator works best with Android devices. It is an open-source project which built over the base of Mupen64+.To make it better programmers modified the original code and made specific improvements for popular phones like Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S4.

We already know that it works best with Android devices as the proof it can even run on phones as old as Android 2.0 without any issues.

Features of MegaN64

  • Open-source project
  • Works with Older versions(Android 2.0)

NDS Boy! Best 3DS Emulator


NDS Boy is also one of the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator which works for the phones with at least 2GB RAM and quad-core CPU. It allows you to resize the screen and it supports portrait as well as Landscape for user comforts. And It is compatible with different gaming file formats like .nds, .zip, .rar and .7z.

The best feature of this NDS Boy is it auto saves the game for every specified amount of time. So, Even if your game crashes, You don’t need to play the game all over again, you can continue the game from which Emulator lets the game to load from the recent save. This makes the player don’t feel sad even if the device hangs or crashes at any moment while playing the game.

Features of NDS Boy

  • Adjustable display settings
  • Auto saves the Game
  • Support many game files

My Boy! Free-GBA Emulator


My Boy! It is one of the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator available on the Google Play Store at no cost. Its biggest claim is that it is the only Emulator that supports link cable emulation.

The most ultimate feature is its ability to increase its speed of the game by 16 times which makes My Boy as users favorite emulating software. It supports old Android versions namely Android 2.0 too and runs the games without crashes and lagging the game.

With pro-version My Boy you can block the ads and unlock more features and with this, you can synchronize your game data with Google Drive and you can play the same game on different devices. You’ll also be able to map your own keys for playing at your ease and it supports external controllers such as MOGA.

Features of My Boy

  • Free Emulating Software
  • Link Cable Emulation
  • Game Speed increases by 16 times
  • Multi-Device Gaming



Last but not Least! It is also one of the popular Nintendo 3DS Emulator Works best for Android and also for PCs. It works by emulating an R4 3DS flash memory.

It is an open-source project and it is available free of cost on Google Play Store. It is complex to use for beginners as it was developed for class platform support. RetroArch has advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, next-frame response times and many more!

Features of RetroArch:

  • Polished interface
  • Cross-platform
  • Expanding app library
  • Multi-Language Support

Best NES Emulators for Windows

We can all agree with one thing, NES games have a special place in our hearts. Even though Nintendo is trying to do away with it by making Ultra HD versions of the same games, we can’t really seem to get over this nostalgia.

So, people have asked if they can play their favorite NES on modern platforms, and the answer is stunning yes. Few people have taken upon themselves to make a platform that can run NES games on modern Windows and we will be looking into it.

So, what are emulators?

Like PlayStation or Xbox, Game consoles use their own architectures, processors and even their own proprietary extensions. It is not possible to have all the consoles.

So these emulators are small programs that convert codes running on one architecture on another. It is usually the PC, which majorly runs Windows. They are made by enthusiast programmers, who try to port console gaming over to the desktop.

It works by simulating behaviors of the hardware of the given console in the PC. The program will create an environment where the application will run. It will emulate the hardware signals as well, just to fill the programs that they are running on the native systems.

Some emulators require fast processors so that one virtual component can communicate with another as quickly as possible to give smoother gameplay.


FCEUX is a cross-platform emulator, evolved from the original FCE Ultra Emulator.
FCEUX is the most popular and well-known emulator foe its simplicity.

It has various features like video recording, full screen and joystick support for players and debuggers, ROM hacking tools for developers. FCEUX can also load UNF, NSF, FDS, RAR, ZIP and GZ formats, besides the regular NES files.

All this makes FCEUX a must-try.


The most another popular emulator after FCEUX is RetroArch. It acts as a full-fledged Operating System with a massive amount of customization and tweaks available under the hood. This software can play huge number of games of different platforms using “Cores”, which are basically different emulators.

Games are called Collections, which can be searched from directory. Each core has its own tweaks and switching between OpenGL and Vulkan drivers. It could be overwhelming for novice users, but there are detailed guides that can help you to setup.

Nestopia UE

Nestopia UE is RetroArch emulator for those gamers who don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up RetroArch.

Though it offers some features, but not as granular as RetroArch. It autodetects PAL and NTSC games and provides GUI configuration. Additionally, you will get Cheat Engine and support for all major operating systems.


It is one of the best emulator those who like to open a ROM and go on playing their favorite ROM without any hassle, as it is the easiest one to use. It doesn’t have any complicated setup.

Some of the features. The features include gamepad support, controlling sound levels and adjusting screen size. It provides NES ROMs support.


NESbox is the most modern NES emulator, providing support for UWP for Windows 10. Additionally, you can play NES games on the browser or try its EXE or its UWP app. It uses Universal Emulator as its engine, which can play multiple titles like NES, Sega, Super Nintendo and GameBoy. It has the ability to search games on the internet, keyboard support, touch support, and Xbox controller support so that you are covered on every device.


It could be the most reliable NES emulator for Windows. It is an open-source Win32 NES emulator, which is designed to emulate NES down to its hardware. It supports NES and NSF formats, with mappers and sound channels handled by external files. It has Game Genie support, customized controllers, game recording and debugger. It also runs without Administrative access.


Higan is another emulator which can emulate multiple console variants like GameBoy, Super GameBoy and many more. This started where Bsnes left. Its emulation cores are most advanced and well developed. With support in all popular platforms, it is sure to satisfy your gaming needs.


It is a Super Nintendo Entertainment Emulator or SNES in short. It is a module from RetroArch, which handles SNES games. It is a fork of Higan, which aims to restore which were removed and provide a performance improvement over Higan. It provides features like Screenshots, Cheating, Remapping, Rewinding games and Core options.

Also, it is an Open source.


It is one of the most successful emulators. It can handle the latest titles like Super Famicom, which other emulators fail to do. It has many options, like audio and video tuning, cheating and multiplayer support. It is available as an engine with RetroArch. But, one downside is it doesn’t have BIOS support, which makes a number of games supported by it relatively low.


It is an SNES emulation engine that is developed in the same time frame when NES games are launched. It began development in 1997, and it has flavors of 90s. Though it cannot handle newer titles, smoothly runs old classic NES games. It supports most SNES expansion chips, cheats support and ability to record gameplay.

Project 64

It is the most compatible NES emulators out there. It doesn’t require BIOS and all plug-ins to run a game is setup out of the box, so that you could get it up and running with minimal tweaking. Additionally, you can customize the screen aspect ratio for maximum immersive.


Dolphin is the only emulator to support Gamecube and Wii, and able to outshine the consoles it is trying to emulate by a huge margin. It supports native 1080p support, it has a simple interface to import games, supporting DVD and ISO formats for the games and V-Sync support. It provides various enhancements and hacks and supports Wii controllers too.


Vba-m can act as a stand-alone emulator or a module for RetroArch.

It supports GameBoy Advance games and has a huge number of settings to tweak to his or her liking. It requires Microsoft DirectX to work comfortably. It supports GameBoy, GameBoy color. Joystick support, printer Emulation, Hacking and debugging tools, full-screen support and audio and video recording, make this emulator quite handy to use.


There are millions of smartphone users around the globe using Android and iPhones. The reason they are so popular is that they are pocket sized computers that run on Android. The main reason for their popularity is that it has applications like music, video, social networking, games, business and many other applications which makes them more usable. Although the Android phones have a lot of applications, but still it is not complete as compared to PC. So for this reason, the developers of Android phones have developed different emulators for different games.

Now you have known the best Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PCs as well as for Android devices.

Choose the Emulator which can satisfy all your needs and make your days enjoyable by playing classic games on your Emulator.

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