Snapchat Client

You are not alone if you are a Snapchat fan and you are looking for a way to take snaps on your Android or iOS device.

The app is officially available on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, but it is not available on PC or Mac. You can’t use the app on your PC or Mac unless the device you are using is also running Android or iOS.

There are a lot of Snapchat fans who have to use their Android or iOS device as their only camera option. So, what are they to do?

Snapchat is counted amongst the top apps that are used by most of the people.

It provides you with a number of filters and chatting options with friends.

You can add to stories and check out the latest news too!

Sometimes that temporary shares on Snapchat allow you to send a photo or a video to a friend or to anyone else, autosave ten seconds, it’s gone forever, like yeah seriously gone and you can’t see that again unless you replay it.

Even the Stories are only available for twenty-four hours. Once they’re gone, they’re gone—no one can have access to your post or content any longer anymore.

You know that feeling when you wished to secretly capture someone’s Snapchat stories or pictures without letting the sender know about it at all.

Some of these apps given below can help you do that very quickly.

Snapchat Client

Let’s download and save all the Snapchat stories and pics/videos with these awesome Snapchat saver apps android 2019

So, here are the apps that let you download and save all the Snapchat junk in your smartphone!

SaveStory Android

best snapchat saver apps Android

  • This is one of the best Snapchat Saver app. The app is known for its simple, fast and elegant features for taking the best screenshots and screen recordings.
  • You don’t need to root your phone and the best thing is that you will never get the notification that screenshot is captured and you can see it in your gallery directly.
  • This app keeps on taking uninterrupted screenshots and has a feature of HQ recording. This app can also grab an image from recorded videos and is very super fast.
  • The app is super-fast and possesses the feature of HQ recording. You can also trim the video as per your choice. It’s a straightforward app to be used.

SnapBox – save Snapchat snaps & videos iPhone

best snapchat saver apps iPhone

  • In the second place, we have SnapBox. This also a great app and with the help of this app, you can save all the snaps which you get from your friend, just by opening the SnapBox app.
  • This app surely provides a better user experience.
  • You can keep in touch and stay updated very quickly with the touch of just one finger. Receiving the latest notifications is also an essential feature.

It is easy to download this app. You can save all the snap which you want to be in your collection and enjoy!

SnapCrack Free for Snapchat iPhone

best snapchat saver apps iPhone

  • This app helps you to add stickers and even draw on your snaps. Snaps can also be saved to your Photo gallery.
  • And like its primary function is keeping you anonymous as the sender will not know any of it. It’s an excellent app to use.
  • The app provides even more added benefits if you purchase the premium version of it.
  • Interesting doodles and writings can also be done on the snaps, which can be found in the gallery.

Explore more of this app by downloading it!

SnapSaver Android

best snapchat saver apps Android

I would highly recommend you SnapSaver. It is my favorite app because I have used it in the past. It is a natural, intuitive, and straightforward app to use.

  • It has no account ban or locks, plus it has the AutoSave feature.
  • The app works quite well, and you are assured of the good and quality recording of the video. However, there are some issues in the sound section, which are adequately taken care of as of now.
  • This app enjoys a good 4-star rating on the Google Play Store, with competing apps getting just a low rating of 3.3.

Have this fantastic and straightforward app now!

Private Screenshots Android

best snapchat saver apps Android

  • It perfectly keeps you anonymous, with this app you can capture screenshot and also keep them privately in the app itself.
  • This app can take the screenshot secretly without permitting a chat app to detect it, which makes it a fantastic app.
  • This app has some restrictions like it doesn’t generally work with protected apps like Chrome Incognito, Netflix, banking apps, etc. in cases like these, you will only get a blank or black screen.
  • These images can only be accessed by you, and any other app will not have the access or right to use your screenshots.

Snap Save Android

best snapchat saver apps Android

  • One of its most significant features includes recording the videos and screenshot-ting the screen anonymously.
  • Some of the best features can be unlocked by purchasing them in the app itself that is in Snap Save.
  • Like some other apps, this app also doesn’t require any login and registration. This app also has an autosave feature, and it works with chat.
  • This app can also video record if you want, and it doesn’t give you any notification when it captures any screenshot or video, and you can view that in your gallery later.

SnapSave for Snapchat Android

best snapchat saver apps Android

  • This app makes file managing easy for those people who take lots of screenshots.
  • Enjoy chat, video games, screenshots, photos, and everything in just one single app!
  • The app is just full of anything you want in the form of your mobile phone.

SnapGrab Screenshot tool Android

best snapchat saver apps Android

  • This is also an excellent tool, and also this app doesn’t require any login and registration.
  • You can download this online or from the PlayStore. It also has a spectacular autosave feature along with chatting options.
  • It is one of the favorite screen recording apps of the users.

Download this ultimately fantastic app now and take as many screenshots you want without letting another person know at all.

As you probably know, Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows users to send photos, videos, texts, and drawings to friends and family that will disappear a few seconds after the recipient views them. Although Snapchat is available on both Android and iPhone, it is not available on Windows Phone or BlackBerry devices. Luckily, there are several third-party apps that allow you to use your phone with the Snapchat service. This post should discuss the best third-party Snapchat apps that you can use on an Android or iPhone