CRDOWNLOAD File Extension in Chrome(All Questions Answered)

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A crdownload file extension in google chrome is used to denote a partially downloaded file. When a download is finished it then “. Crdownload” extension is if your file is completely downloaded then file is showing error when user cancelled downloading of a file when user pause or stop the download. You can pause your download and if you have a file called “mymusic. Mp3”, then you can rename it to “my music. Mp3”. But it’s not. …

CRDOWNLOAD File Extension in Chrome(All Questions Answered)

If you use Google Chrome then you might have come across .crdownload extension file. You might be wondering what is it and what is it used for. In this post, we will be answering all your queries related to .crdownload file extension in Google Chrome Browser. We will cover in detail all the questions and hopefully, you will enjoy reading this article.

So, What is a .crdownload file?


A CRDOWNLOAD file extension in Google Chrome is used to denote a partially downloaded file. Therefore, whenever Google Chrome is downloading the file, it first saves the partially downloaded file into “.crdownload” extension and when a download is finished it then “.crdownload” extension is removed from it. Now if your file is not downloaded properly then the file name will have “.crdownload” as an extension, therefore, we can infer from it that file is not properly downloaded.

Some Web Browsers may store the currently downloading files in a different folder, then it moves to your specified location. But Chrome will store it in your location directly.

Examples of CRDOWNLOAD file?

Suppose you are downloading file named abc.pdf, now before complete download, its filename would be abc.pdf.crdownload.

Basically the format of CRDOWNLOAD file is:


Why Chrome creates CRDOWNLOAD file?

You may think that why is Google Chrome creating .crdownload file while downloading files. I mean there must be some reason for it. This is just for indicating that the file isn’t finished downloading yet. Suppose you download filename: abc.pdf. Now first while downloading the file Chrome will create “abc.pdf.crdownload” file which will increase in size as file progresses to download. After the file is downloaded, Chrome renames the file as “abc.pdf”.

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If you have canceled your download in Chrome, then .crdownload file will automatically be deleted.

When is CRDOWNLOAD file Created?

Although there can by many conditions when CRDOWNLOAD file is created. Following are some of the most common conditions:

    • Internet Connection Problem


  • Google Chrome Browser Crashed during file Download
  • If your file is completely downloaded then File is showing error
  • When User Cancelled Downloading of a file
  • When User Pause or Stop the download of a file

What if .CRDOWNLOAD file is still around in your Downloads Folder ?

That means file is currently being downloaded or some error occurred while downloading the file. If your download stopped due to network problem or server problem, you can pause your download and resume later. But remember don’t delete the .CRDOWNLOAD file associated with it. When you click resume, then your remaining file will be downloaded.

But things are not very smooth always, sometimes your file may not resume(there can be many reasons). So the only option you have is to RESTART your download again.

When can a CRDOWNLOAD File be Deleted?

Although you may delete it anytime but it is obvious that you don’t delete any in-progress downloads, otherwise you download will stop and you don’t want that.

But there may be some .crdownload files lying around in your Downloads Folder. These would be failed downloads files, so definitely you can delete them.

For Example, You have “abc1.pdf” in your Downloads Folder, and “abc.pdf.crdownload” file is also there so you can understand that “abc.pdf” file download was failed, therefore you can delete this “abc.pdf.crdownload” file.

How to Delete CRDOWNLOAD File?

There are 2 ways to delete a .crodownload file.

  • Google Chrome Automatically deletes the file, if you cancel your current download in Chrome.
  • You Go to Downloads folder and then see CRDOWNLOAD file and try to delete it. If it is showing error message “This action can’t be Completed Right Now”. Then you have to Close your Chrome Browser and then delete the file. File will be deleted.

Caution: If you delete your in-progress downloads crdownload files then those downloads will get canceled. Then you would have to Download them again.

Can we Open a CRDOWNLOAD File?

These files cannot be opened in a program as these are not standard files but are files associated with Google Chrome Web Browser downloads.

However, if the file is downloaded partially then you may try to rename the file by removing “CRDOWNLOAD” from its extension.

For Example: if you have a file called “mymusic.mp3.crdownload”, and the download was interrupted or failed. As there is not CRDOWNLOAD Player, So now you can rename it to “mymusic.mp3”.Now this renamed file might run properly up to which it has been downloaded. But it’s not a guarantee that it will run properly.

Depending on how long the file will take to download (like if you’re currently downloading a large video file), you can actually open the CRDOWNLOAD file in the program that will eventually be used to open the file, even though the whole thing isn’t yet saved to your computer.

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Which file we can expect to run in “.CRDOWNLOAD” format?

Mostly, MP3 and video files may run. You can use VLC media player to run them but other types of files such as Images, Documents, Archives, etc won’t work. You have to completely download them again.

Can We Convert a CRDOWNLOAD File?

Basically, there isn’t an official CRDOWNLOAD file converter. But you can remove “.crdownload” extension from your file and then try to convert that file in appropriate software.

For Example: If you have a video file, then you may use video converter for it. Otherwise, you may use the file converter associated with the type of file you are using.


Conclusion – What a CRDOWNLOAD File?

Well, I think you would have understood it by now. But still, I’ll summarize the whole concept in brief. CRDOWNLOAD file is:

  • Any File which Google Chrome is currently downloading or in progress Download
  • Any File which Google Chrome has failed to download
  • A partially downloaded file

You should regularly delete .crdownload files associated with failed downloads as they might clutter up over time in your Downloads Folder.

However, if You find that every downloaded file has .crdownload extension associated with it. Then, either your network doesn’t work well or your Chrome Browser has a Bug. In case your Network is good, then you try reinstalling Chrome with Latest Version to resolve the issue.


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