Well Instagram is somewhat similar to Facebook except some of the features are missing.

However, Instagram is wonderful with some beautiful filters.

With these Instagram, filters you can really make you are your pictures and statuses attractive.

I have been using Instagram for past 5 years and it is wonderful to use.

You can update your profile pictures, statuses. You can follow other people on Instagram.

It not exactly similar to that of Facebook, you do not exactly send a friend request to your friends rather than you just follow your friend and in return, they can to follow you if they want.

You can even make your account private so that others will not be able to see your statuses.

Unless they request to become a follower and you give the permission.

However, the features that Instagram provides you on your statuses update is just amazing.

You can apply background songs, gifs, animations, etc. you can reshape your pictures in status.

Along with this, it comes up with few more advantages similar to that of Facebook & WhatsApp.

However, today we will discuss about how to download your profile picture from Instagram so that you can use it in other places also.

To provide security to your account Instagram restricts you and others to download your profile pictures, videos and statuses.

However sometimes we want to download our Instagram pictures but we are unable to do so.

In order to get your profile picture downloaded in your phone we have come up with few methods and solutions so that by following these steps you can easily download your profile pictures.

By following these steps, you can even preview your profile pictures on Instagram using the official app of Instagram.

Well to view your as well as someone else’s profile picture you will not require any third party app. It is not necessary to use any third party app for just viewing profile picture.

However if you want to download profile picture, videos and statuses then you can use third party apps to do so. It is questionable that why Instagram did not provide users with the feature of viewing profile picture.

People often find it annoying that they are unable to view profile pictures on Instagram. Even people desperately wants this features incorporated in Instagram. The small icon size display of profile picture does not allows user to view the profile picture properly.

Below is a tutorial on how to download someone’s Instagram profile picture by simply copying the link of the profile picture.

You have to paste the link on the web browser. You can do this by using any third party app but I would rather prefer the manual method of doing this task. The manual method is very easy and works successfully.

Download Instagram Profile Picture on Pc

This method allows you to download any profile picture in your PC without any third party app.

Step 1: Open any Instagram account and open the profile, right-click on the profile picture.

Copy the image address.

Step 2: Now paste this URL link on your browser just remove ‘s150x150/’ from the link.

Step 3: Now simply follow the steps that you use while downloading any picture from chrome.

Follow the same step to download the profile picture also.

And yeah!

It is done.

This is the simplest method you can ever find on the internet.

Download Instagram Profile Picture on Android

The above method allows you to download profile picture in PC but the steps below will help you to get the profile picture in your android phones.

However, you need to download few apps so that you can download the profile picture.

The first app goes like this:

1. Insta Profile Pic Zoom & Save

Well if you do not have Instagram but you want to download your friend’s or someone else’s profile picture then you can definitely use the app. This app lets you download the profile picture in full HD quality.

This app is completely free of cost, which lets you download Instagram profile picture without your Instagram app.

You need to get the profile picture and enter the GET PROFILE PICTURE BUTTON.

This app will search for the picture all over the Instagram and download within seconds.

You click the save button at the top-right corner of the app.

The app is user-friendly with just 3 MB in size.

You can check the downloaded pictures in top-right corner of the home-screen where you will find a gallery icon.

2. Instagram Big Profile Photo

Well now, it often happens that we could not recognize someone by seeing the tiny profile picture of Instagram. Hence, we have come up with this app where you can enlarge the profile picture.

To do so you just have to copy the URL link of the profile picture and done. Just open Instagram Big Profile Picture app and paste the copied link. The app will then search for the picture and will download it for you in enlarged size. The quality of the picture is also in HD quality.

While the most amazing fact about this app is, it is of just 10MB.

You can easily download it from the PlayStore or Web Brower links.

3. Profile Picture Download for Instagram

The next app that we come up with is a high rated app with 4.5 rating.

This app is quite popular among all Instagram users, which is much similar to the above-mentioned INSTA PROFILE PIC ZOOM AND SAVE you do not need to have the Instagram app on your phone. This app provide you with some amazing features.

This app is of only 3MB.

Here in this app you do not have to copy any profile URL.

You just have to download this app and search the user profile with their appropriate User ID.

Once you search the ID, you will get the account where you can download the profile picture.


Therefore, we have come to the end of this article. Hope you have enjoyed it and got the perfect solution for your problems.