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60 Most Amazing and Superb Computer Facts that you probably didn’t Knew

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60 most amazing and superb computer facts. We have taken facts from computers but also from other related subjects such as technology and laptops more than 80% of emails sent every day are spams. Only 8% of the total world’s currency is real physical money first gui based operating system was created by xerox and was named “xex alto“. The original created didn’t computer facts mit has developed a computer software that can identify and distinguish between real smile from the smile of frustration. Programa 101 or ‘sega mega drive’ game was so popular that it was sold out before its release. ‘macintosh’ the first hard drive was made and sold by ibm in 1956. It weighed over 1 ton and sized about 2 refrigerators over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Most of the web traffic is not generated by humans, but bots. Only lenovo comes as combination of words “le” and “nevo” only 2 of 500 supercomputers uses windows, while 485 uses. …

60 Most Amazing and Superb Computer Facts

In today’s world computers are everywhere. Many of us can’t live a day without our computer. So this post is dedicated to computers where we will be presenting you Most Interesting and Superb Computer Facts.

There are many interesting computer facts that you would be amazed to read and we hope you will enjoy reading this article. We have taken facts not only from computers but also from other related subjects such as technology and Laptops.

Let’s look at 60 Most Awesome and Superb Computer Facts that you would be amazed to read them.

  1. Charles Babbage who is also called ‘Father of Computers’ invented a computer in 1833 that had many parts that are in modern day computer. But first ‘modern’ computer was made 120 years after that. computer facts
  2. In 1980, World’s first One GigaByte disk drive was made which costs around US$40,000 with a weight of 550 pounds(around 227Kg). Thanks to Electronics engineers who have reduced the size of the Hard Disk from 227Kg to only few grams.
  3. World’s first computer mouse was made of Wood in 1964 by Doug Engelbart. It had only a cord connected to it, and it was interpreted as the tail of the mouse. That’s why it was called as “Mouse” of the facts
  4. Generally, we blink our eyes 20 times a minutes but when it comes to a computer screen, we blink only 7 times a minute. This shows that how concentrated we are when we are doing something on our computer.
  5. Original Macintosh had 47 signatures, which were of each member of Apple’s Macintosh division inside it.
  6. All major computer and software companies such as HP, Google, Microsoft, and Apple started out of garages. And now they have the power to buy whole countries, isn’t that facts
  7. The first removable media was introduced in IBM 1311. It was the size of a big Modern day printer and it had a storage capacity of around 5 facts
  8. In the Standard Qwerty Keyboard, using only the first row,“Typewriter” is the longest word that you can facts
  9. The Dirty Dozen” was the name given to team of 12 engineers who developed IBM’s first computer.
  10. In 1979, world’s first Hard Disk was made which could store upto 5 MB of data. And low now, we can store up to terabytes in our facts
  11. “Windows” Operating System was originally named ‘Interface Manager’ by Microsoft. Microsoft through “Windows” to be more appealing and that’s why they changed the facts
  12. More than 80% of the emails sent every day are Spams.
  13. Bill Gate, the founder of Microsoft Cooperation was a College Drop Out. His House was designed using a Macintosh facts
  14. “00000000”, was the password for the computer control of Nuclear Missiles in USA for almost 8 years.
  15. Only 8% of the total world’s currency is real physical money. Rest exits in computers only in the form of Digital Money only.
  16. More than 1 Million Domain Names are registered every month. You can understand the massive expansion of internet using this fact.
  17. World first Microprocessor made for calculator by Intel was Model facts
  18. You might have seen CAPTCHA in many websites? Its full form is “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.computer facts
  19. In 1936, Russians were the first to invent a computer that could be used in Water.
  20. Sweden is the country where more than 75% of the population are Internet Users. Isn’t these computer facts awesome.
  21. Do you know which was the first Domain Name registered over the internet? It was named, ‘’, first domain name registered over the internet.
  22. The first actual computer “bug” was a Moth which was stuck in a computer named Harvard Mark II in 1947.
  23. Amazon, which was originally a Printed Book Seller Company, now sells more E-Books than the printed books. Thanks to Amazon kindle for making reading E-Book so comfortable.
  24. Do you know? which came first Email or World Wide Web. The answer is Email, first email was sent in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson while first World Wide Web was created in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee.
  25. You know how many damages a Virus can do, damage in terms of money. MyDoom was the fastest-spreading virus ever created on the internet. It did total damage of $38 Billion all around the world. However, now Antivirus software has improved a lot and chance of no detecting this kind of virus is negligible.
  26. A virus named “ILOVEYOU” is one of the most dangerous virus ever created. It could replicate itself and would finally crash the system. How users were affected by this was:
    1. Users got a email, which was in the form of love letter from secret person.
    2. The user, when clicked on the attachment, then magic happens.
    3. Boom, your system is corrupted. So, in future beware of these kinds of fake emails.
  27. You know, first GUI based Operating System was created by Xerox and was named “Xerox Alto“. Then, Apple copied this concept and today we have Apple Macintosh computer. The original created didn’t succeed as much as the people who copied the idea. That’s why the saying goes, “Good Artists Create and Great Artists Steal“.computer facts
  28. 9 out of 10 Supercomputers run on Linux, this clearly demonstrates its power and efficiency. You can have a look at the articles called “Linux Mint vs Ubuntu“. If you want to get into Computer programming world, definitely try a try to facts
  29. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter and all other tech giants are powered by Linux OS. It’s the best OS ever designed but the thing is it’s not as user-friendly as Windows OS but in terms of efficiency and customization, it leads other Operating Sytems everytime.
  30. The first website to introduce the concept of “Web Banner Advertisement” was and now its called facts

Let’s see next 30 other Computer Facts

We hope you would be enjoying these facts about computer history. We will provide you with next 30 unknown facts about computer science/technology below:

  1.  In 1978, a company named Apple Corps(which was a music company owned by Beatles) sued Apple Corporation for Trademark Infringement. Apple Computers had to pay $80,000 to Apple Corps and both settled on condition that Apple Computers would not enter music business and Apple Corps would not enter the Computer facts
  2. The worst breach of U.S Military was when they found a memory stick( This memory stick was affected by Malicious code by some foreign intelligence agency) in the parking lot and plugged into their computers which were connected to US Central Command. From there this virus spread to other systems also. They spend 14 months cleaning the bug. It led to the creation of the “US Cyber Command“. The defense against the attack was called “Operation Buckshot Yankee”.
  3. First Web Browser was created by Sir Time Berners-Lee in 1990 which was named “WorldWideWeb” but later was renamed as “Nexus“. Also first website that went online was made by him, which was called “” and was made for CERN Research Lab in 1990.
  4. The famous movie “Toy Story 2” was accidently deleted from Official Servers. Now, the movie was recovered by with the help of a lady called Susan,who had the movie on her personal facts
  5. John Lasseter(CEO of Pixar) was fired from Disney for promoting Computer Animation.
  6. Three Students in Nevada cracked teachers usernames and password by installing “Keystroke Loggers” on their teachers computers. They charged $300 from students to increase their grades by logging into the Teachers Accounts.
  7. Alan Turing is the “father of Computer Science” and “Artificial Intelligence”. He helped break German Cyphers in World War 2 due to which many millions of lives were saved. He committed suicide because he was forced to goto Hormonal treatment for homosexuality. Pretty sad, ending of a genius’s facts
  8. In September 1956 IBM launched first ‘Super Computer” called 305 RAMAC with Hard Disk(HDD). This HDD weighed over a ton and stored only 5 MB of data.
    computer facts
  9. MIT has developed a Computer Software that can identify and distinguish between real smile from the smile of frustration.
  10. In 1988, the Internet was about to be paralyzed by a computer virus in America. A quick thinker saved the virus from running by quickly pulling the plug off. This can be one of the unknown facts about Computer Technology and also one of the interesting facts about Computer Viruses.
  11. Do you know why ‘computer’ word used for the first time? It was used to describe a human that could do Mathematical Calculations. By this definition, we all are also ‘computers’ :).
  12. Programma 101 or P101 is the first commercial programmable “Desktop Computer” produced by Olivetti, an Italian Manufacturer. In today’s prices it would cost $24,500( Rs. 25,00,000).computer facts
  13. “Williams Tube” was the first available Random-access Storage Device like today’s facts
  14. In 1969, the largest available RAM was of size 1 KB which was made by Intel.
  15. Scroll Lock is the least utilized key on Keyboard and many think it is a completely useless key. What do you think, I think it’s useless, I haven’t used it once in my facts
  16. You have used Firefox browser and also seen its logo. Most of us think that its a fox, but actually its a Red Panda which lives in the Himalayas and Southwestern China. The English word for Red Panda is ‘Firefox’, that’s where the browser gets its facts
  17. The very first Apple Logo was Sir Issac Newton sitting underneath a tree and Apple is falling and about to hit his facts
  18. You cannot reverse a Bitcoin Transaction if it is initiated. There is no reverse in a transaction, therefore do transfer Bitcoins with facts
  19. The first VCR, made in 1956 was the size of a facts
  20. On 1st April,2005 Nasa played a prank with the world telling that They found water on facts
  21. World first camera took 8 hours to take a single facts
  22. Ubuntu the most famous Linux Distro’s name comes from African Word meaning “I am because of You”. Pretty cool hah.
  23. ‘Sega Mega Drive” Game released in 2010 was so popular that it was sold out before its release.
  24. Apple Lisa was the first commercial computer with GUI(Graphical User Interface) and mouse. It was launched in June facts
  25. ‘Macintosh’ was inspired by an Apple family named “Mcintosh”.computer facts
  26. The Sony PS4 was first released in Europe and Australia on 29th November 2013. After weeks week, it was launched in facts
  27. Radio tool 38 years to reach people of 50 million, while Television took 13 years to ran each audience of 50 Million. Now, iPod took 3 years to reach the audience of 50 Million. You can see the craze of iPods from facts
  28. The first Alarm Clock could ring only at 4 facts
  29. You know Google rents Goats from a company named California Grazing to cut down weeds and grasses.
  30. The Sega Dreamcast was the first console to allow Online Play facts


Yes, we will find some interesting, amazing as well as funny computer facts. So, be ready, we are about to begin.

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The First:

  • The first electronic Computer was “ENIAC” – “Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer”. Built in 1943- 46, it contained 17,500 vacuum tubes and 7,200 diodes. The almost took couple of rooms (1,800 sq. feet) space.

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  • The first computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart, during the 1960s. It was a wooden box that could specify X, Y coordinates. It was later used in Apple’s Lisa computer.
  • The first Hard Drive was made and sold by IBM in 1956. It weighted over 1 TON and sized about 2 refrigerators.
  • The first computer virus was named “Creeper”. It was developed back in 1982. Named after Scooby-doo character it displayed message “I’m creeper. Catch me if you can”.
  • The first Antivirus “Reaper” was developed to fight back “Creeper”.


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  • Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented Google back in 1996.
  • Google was first named “BACKRUB”, but actually patented as “Google”. Google comes from word “Googol”- means 1 followed by 100 zeros.
  • Google’s first office was a rented Garage. The woman Santa Margarita Ave who rented her garage was later named as CEO of YouTube.
  • Gmail was launched on 1st April, 2004. As it was an April fool’s Day, many people miscounted it as a hoax. But, since then it has been a regular part of billions of people’s breakfast.
  • Google has bunch of Goats in the campus. They are used not only as pets but natural Lawn-trimmers.


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  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen invented Microsoft back in 1976. Micro-soft is an acronym for Microcomputer- Software.
  • The famous Windows start up sound was composed by popular musician Brian Eno. It was first used in Windows 95.
  • Microsoft holds 48,313 patents; along with the futuristic “Hololens”, many TVs and Tablets also.
  • Microsoft and Apple worked together for years to build Macintosh computer, unless Bill Gates announced to separately build Windows OS.
  • Microsoft launched world’s first ever smart-watch “Datalink 150” back in 1994. Later on Apple launched their first iWatch in 2006.
  • Everyone knows the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft. But not many know that Bill Gates invested $150 Million in Apple to save them from bankruptcy in 1997.
  • The first Microsoft logo looked alike funky “O”, which was named as “Blibbet”.

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  • Microsoft uses code names for their new projects. Some of them are- “Lone star”, “Mojave”, “Vienna”, and “Longhorn”.
  • Alike Google Microsoft Campus has bunch of Rabbits in their campus.


  • World Wide Web was founded by Tim Burners Lee back in 1990.
  • Over 3.2 Billion people currently use internet. Among which 1.7 billion are estimated Asians.
  • Google alone has to process 3 Billion searches every day.
  • Over 200 billion emails are sent every day. 70% from which are spam. Over 2 billion electrons are used to produce a single email. Believe it or not, Emails are also a great source of electronic and carbonic pollution.
  • Over 30,000 websites are hacked every day.
  • Most of the web traffic is not generated by humans, but bots. Almost 2/3 (61%) internet traffic is caused by those internet bots.
  • Only 8% of world’s currency is physical. Remaining is formed in virtual or e-based.
  • It is estimated that over 40 billion gadgets will be connected to internet at the end of 2020. Internet Of Things is going to be a great security issue.
  • is known as Google mirror website. It shows every search result horizontally flipped of regular Google search.

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    revenues around $1 Billion every year.
  • The highest internet speed is noted in South Korea about 22 Mbps. The average internet speed in US is around 8.8 Mbps.
  • Most of the Dark web sites are associated with Drug dealing, Private communications, Political protests, etc. Don’t worry you can’t reach them using normal browsers like Google and Firefox.
  • Facebook can be termed as most famous internet site. Almost 1/4th the world’s population uses Facebook.
  • 72 hours of YouTube video data is uploaded in every minute. You can think about how much storage space is required.
  • The first registered internet domain was “” for free.
  • 5000 hours of video content is uploaded on Facebook every minute.
  • What you search and find on web is only a little portion of whole internet. This is often called as Surface Net. Remaining part is termed as Deep web and Dark web.

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  • IMDb is one of the world’s oldest website, founded back in 1990. The first content on site was a list of “Actresses with beautiful eyes.”

Some Random Facts:



    was the second most installed application in 1995. The first one was a video game “DOOM”.
  • A video game went viral on internet called “LOOSE/LOOSE”, which deleted a random file on your system every time you defeated an enemy.
  • Mosaic was the first internet browser.
  • CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.”
  • The average computer users blink only 7 times a minute. The overall rate is 20 blinks.
  • The first microprocessor was developed by Intel and was named 4004. It was designed for a calculator.
  • Lenovo comes as combination of words “Le” and “Nevo”. Le means Legend and Novo means New.
  • The regular computer worker’s hands run 20 km everyday in average.
  • The first bug in a computer was dead Moth. That short-circuited a relay of Harvard Mark- II in 1947.
  • The first word spoken by a computer was “LO”. That had to be “Login”, but computer halted just after speaking couple of letters.
  • Linux is the most powerful OS. Don’t you believe? Only 2 of 500 supercomputers uses Windows, while 485 of them uses Linux.
  • The US’s nuclear tipped missile’s password was ‘00000000’ for 8 years.

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Believe it or not; if there exist a computer as powerful as human brain, that could do 38,000 trillion (38*1015) operations per second. The storage capacity would be 3580 Terabytes. So, never underestimate your-self; even the best super computers of the current world don’t stand anywhere near by you.

So, it was all from our side. Hope you enjoyed the facts. Meet you again right at here. Till then Good Bye and Have a nice day.

We hope you loved these 60 interesting computer facts.

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