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Best Apps to Fix a Blurry Picture in Android

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Apps like these are designed to fix blurry pictures on your android. It’s very easy for a professional photographer to click amazing pictures focus blurred images are created when you focus on an area and move your camera for recomposing the shot. The fix photo blur adobe photoshop: most widely used app to fix blurry pictures is now carried or delivered via the creative cloud. The monthly subscription for there are some ways to remove the blur by doing it online. You don’t need to uninstall any app. It’s much. …

Android camera apps are great, but one of their most frequent uses is to fix blurry pictures.

If you’re taking pictures with your Android and notice that they’re blurry, you can find apps to help fix the pictures. In fact, you can even find apps to fix blurry pictures on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apps like these are designed to fix blurry pictures on your Android by cropping them and resizing them to specific dimensions.

It’s very easy for a professional photographer to click amazing pictures but there are many times when an amazing picture gets wasted because it’s blurry. There can be various reasons for it for example something was moving very fast , camera is shaking etc.

Grabbing up your camera and starting to click pictures is easy but you need to do a lot more than that. There are some things that are required to capture a good picture, like watching the light , using flash outdoors , proper focus , clarity etc.

It gets a little frustrating than when you’re capturing a special moment on your camera and you discover that the picture you took is blurry. In order to capture your cherished moments in life may at times leave you disappointed if your camera leaves you with blurry pictures.

For you , here I’m defining some types of blur –

Types of Image blur

Motion blur

Motion blur is the evident streaking of a mast moving object like an animation or a film. Its outcome is observed when the image that is being recorded modifies during the recording of single exposure.

Defocused blur

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Defocus blur is a loss of sharpness that takes place due to the combined light over an aperture with a nonzero area, where the light initiator is off of the image focal plane.

Gaussian blur

Gaussian blur is a extensively used effect in graphics software, usually to decrease image noise and reduce detail. It is the product of blurring an image by a Gaussian function.

Causes of blurry images

Blurry images can be caused by a number of things. It’s a sort of nightmare for all those who love to click pictures. To fix or edit the blurry photos, one must know the causes for it. It is because some precautions can be taken, next time you click a great picture.

Improper holding of camera

If you are holding the camera with a firm grip then it will help you avoid the camera shake. Holding camera still is the main requirement while taking a photograph.

Dirty lens

Your photographs would be blurred if you have a dirty lens. Fingerprints or dust gets settled on the camera then the image will be blurred.


Blurred images are created when you focus on an area and move your camera or the object from its place for recomposing the shot.  Blurred images are produced when you focus on an area and move your camera for recomposing the defined mark.

There are some apps that can help fix the blur. These apps are mentioned below –

The Fix Photo Blur app

The fix photo blur app is available in Google play store and very easy to use. The only thing that is required is to move the Fix Blur slider to lessen the blur on your pictures. It is an easy to use application. It also affects the quality of picture in some way or other. The fix photo blur also allows you to compare the original and the edited picture so that you can instantly see the difference in pictures.

What the app usually does is quite simple and easy and goes by as the name suggests.

I would suggest you to Download the app and give it a try.

SmartDeblur: Simplest App to Fix Blurry Pictures

This application supports a simplistic set of accommodation, but it gets the main job done. It gives an online tutorial which is very handy because it tells how to use the app the correct way. The pro version of SmartDeblur has command line options.

It shows original option that is helpful in deblurring the comparisons. The only disadvantage is that it is not a smartphone application. Although it can be downloaded on windows and mac. It can also undo Gaussian blur and also has the ability to restore motion blurs in images.

PaintShop Pro: Powerful Alternative to Photoshop

PaintShop Pro has many significant features and tweaks as Photoshop but a fraction of it costs. It also supports most RAW camera images and requires no monthly subscription. The only difficulty that one faces is that with so many features , it will take some time to learn.

It can be downloaded for windows.

Adobe Photoshop: Most Widely Used App to Fix Blurry Pictures

Adobe Photoshop is now carried or delivered via the creative cloud. It has a lot of features which creates a lot of interest among its users. It has an industry standard for picture manipulation. The monthly subscription for adobe Photoshop can be quiet costly. Any user can buy an economical photography package which also includes lightroom CC and lightroom classic CC.

There are a few disadvantages like it’s quite expensive, complicated interface and a high learning curve. Whereas on other hand, you can make small edits with ease and it is used to take standard pictures to a professional level.

Photo Lemur: Quickest Way to Fix Photo Blur

It is a simple and easy to go app. You can test it by downloading the free version. It’s loaded with a lot of features and it also comes with plugins for Photoshop , apple photos and Lightroom. All the features are quite interesting but sometimes the users have to provide their email id in order to download it and have access to it.

Its exclusive features include natural light correction , color recovery as it is required and face retouching are some of the impressive features.

Adobe Lightroom: Best Photo Editing App for Photographers

As the name says, it is one of the best editing apps for blurred pictures or for correcting the images. It is available in windows , mac, iOS , android etc. It is a lot easier to use the product and cheaper than Photoshop.

You can create memes, borders etc. It’s a lot of fun to use this app.


It’s an impressive app to use. It is an android based application used by many people. There are a lot of exquisite features like filtering options , tone up the image to a certain level with brightness and contrast etc. you can easily edit high resolution changes. You are able to highlight undeniable areas keeping other parts blurred.

It is a photo editing app that allows you to give your photos the traditional blur effect you get from the SLR cameras.


It is one of the most recognized photo editing apps that brightens up the image and gives it a different type of shine and makes it look dynamic. It also brings clarity by sharpening the image, supports enhancing of the image and has enormous number of photo filtering options and tools.

It is available for iOS devices in apple store.

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There are also some ways to remove the blur by doing it online. You don’t need to uninstall any app. It’s much easier to do it online too.

There are many excellent tools to make the blurry images sharp but those are not free sometimes. So these were the couple of methods and apps that can be used to fix the blur by increasing and decreasing the contrast or sharpening of the image etc. Most of these things will be offering a wide range of editing tools, and others will focus specifically on sharpening. So you can apt for whatever app you need for any specificity

If you have been using an Android device, you must have come across a time in your life when you have taken a great picture and when you look at it later, you realize that it is not as great as you thought it was. This is especially likely if the image is not very close up. This problem is caused by your camera phone’s inability to focus and adjust to the conditions at the time of the photo. However, there are a few ways to fix this problem on your Android device.
There are a few different ways to better your photo taking skills on your Android.

I would advise you all to give these apps a try and share your experience.

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