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Different SnapChat Ghosts Meaning & Secrets

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Snapchat is expanding rapidly all over various countries with a huge amount of positive impact on users. It has approximately 200 million active users and is far different than twitter. Snapchat ghost with v-sign and a star whenever you see a ghost with fingers crossed to form a v sign, a winked eye and tongue coming out slightly remember snapchat ghost with a glass this ghost shows that your friend is annoyed and offended by you because you have not responded to their snaps. Content this ghost means that your snaps soothe. …

Well in the world of WhatsApp and Facebook, we come up with another unique application known as Snapchat.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning behind Snapchat ghosts.

Snapchat is expanding rapidly all over various countries with a huge amount of positive impact on users. It has approximately 200 million active users. It is far different than twitter.

As you know, Snapchat is a picture sharing app, which allows users to send pictures to their friends that will disappear after a few seconds. Some of these pictures are called “Stories” and these are made to last longer, but that doesn’t mean they are always memorable.

According to me, the unique feature of Snapchat that makes it so popular among people is that every message and snap are deleted automatically from sender’s as well as receiver’s phone after a certain time span where the time span can be decided by the sender and receiver.

Another feature is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook or Instagram where the post in statuses are visible only for 24hours.

In addition, another remarkable feature of Snapchat is the presence of Geofilters, Trophies, and filters for our selfies, which has definitely made it even more interesting. In 2016, Snapchat introduced the most interesting feature of WHITE SNAPCHAT GHOST that appears beside the friend list.

Before starting let me make an honest confession that the actual meaning of Snapchat ghost is not made officially so whatever meaning is interpreted through these faces are made by individuals and it is not authenticated.

This article mainly focuses on Snapchat application in social media and the Ghosts emoji meaning.

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How to See the Snapchat Ghosts?

Now that you have a basic knowledge of Snapchat let us go through the procedures of how to see these interesting Snapchat ghost in your app, follow these steps to see the Snapchat Ghosts, all you need is to compile the steps below.

  1. Open your Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. Now find and click on “GHOST” icon present on the right top corner of your screen.
  3. Now click on the “Added Me” button.
  4. Now you can be able to access all the different types of ghost. You can now enjoy the kind of relationship you share with your friends, partners, and closed ones.

Snapchat Ghosts and Meaning

If are also a die-hard fan of Snapchat just like millions of others, who use Snapchat 24×7 to stay in touch with their closed ones. For them, this article is helpful because it is important to know what does Snapchat Ghost means.

Here is the list, which will solve your queries.

1. Snapchat Ghost with V-Sign and a Star

Whenever you see a Snapchat ghost with fingers crossed to form a V sign, a winked eye and tongue coming out slightly remember it resembles a highly energetic person who is always looking for party and fun.

2. Snapchat with Blue Bubble Gum

This symbol is to express offense to someone when something you did or said offends a person.

3. Snapchat Ghost Smiling Face with Hearts Coming out from Eyes

This is an affectionate symbol where you try to express your love towards someone. It can be your best friend, spouse, partner, cousins or any SnapChat friend.

4. Snapchat Black Ghost

It means the contact no longer uses the app and has deleted his or her account.

5.   Snapchat Ghost Rock On

This symbol speaks about a rocking gesture and relationship between you and your contact. It also means that you and your friend is on hit.

6.  Snapchat Ghost with Tears


It is to mean that you are too happy and your tears are rolling down from your eye to express your happiness. It implies that you are so happy that tears are bursting out.

7. Snapchat Ghost with an Angry Face


It shows your anger with eyebrows wrinkled and a scowling face. It shows you are furious and frustrated with a particular person.

8. The Snapchat Ghost That Comes with the Shock Expression


This ghost indicates that you have blocked this friend or is someone blocks you from his or her list this expression will appear on his or her list instead of yours.

9.   The Snapchat Ghost of “I Do Not Know”


This shows the IDK, i.e. I DON’T KNOW. This means your friend is hesitating to forward snaps or the relationship you have.

10. Snapchat Ghost with the Joyful Feature

This is a joyful Snapchat ghost, which describes that your friend loves to shares millions of snaps with you daily and vice versa. The person enjoys your company and your snaps.

11.  Snapchat Ghost with a Glass


This shows the interest of the other person when they add you first in your list and they are in turn waiting for you to add them too.

12. The Snapchat Ghost with a Crying Face


This ghost shows that your friend is annoyed and offended by you because you have not responded to their snaps.

13. That Snapchat Ghost of Ultimate Surprise

This ghost shows a stunning reaction of surprise when your snaps are simply amazing to your friend and they always react a WOW! To your snaps.

14. Content

This ghost means that your snaps soothe your contact list i.e. your friends, partners, colleagues or relatives.


Snapchat is a very interesting application, which can make you addicted to it. The interesting features of snapping and Snapchat ghosts have helped this app to become a complete success.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and it has cleared your doubts regarding Snapchat Ghosts.

Well, as we all know, there are many different types of Snapchat ghost icon. They each have different meanings, but we won’t be looking at each one in this post. Instead we will be concentrating on the different Snapchat ghosts and how they came to be. When Snapchat was first created, the ghost icon was used to mean “Sent”. The ghost icon was referred to as the “Sent” icon. The ghost icon is used as a means of communication.

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