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How To Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android?

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Facebook orca is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. But sometimes you get frustrated by seeing a popup message saying pname com facebook orca has stopped facebook orca and facebook katana folders are not virus or malware. There are umpteenth reasons behind the malfunctioning of messenger. Pname com facebook orca folder is used to retrieve deleted messages. It stores all your messenger conversations safe. And that is why it takes so much space. You just need to connect your device with computer or laptop through the usb cable. From there you can directly search for the com facebook orca folder. If you get that error a fff f s. Fs ft. . …

Today everyone these days are crazy about using Facebook. It is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet because its features are not limited only to teenagers or kids.

But sometimes you’ll get frustrated by seeing a popup message saying Pname Com Facebook orca has stopped!

It really irritates you right when you happily seeing memes, tagging friends, scrolling news feed or when you chat with your crush.

Don’t ignore the error message because you’ll get that popup message frequently.

Are you thinking about deleting the com facebook orca folder or uninstall the Facebook app right away to solve this issue?.

No, it is not the correct way to do so.

facebook orca pname com

We should not escape from it temporarily, we should find a way out of it to solve Pname com facebook orca issue permanently.

Now, are you searching for a permanent solution, then we are here to make your facebook journey enjoyable by letting you know everything about facebook orca and will give you the quick steps to solve Pname Com Facebook orca error.

Keep reading to know its importance and how to fix the Pname Com Facebook orca error.

What is Facebook orca?

Fine! before knowing how to solve the issue and its importance let me explain you, what exactly the facebook orca is?

It is a package or folder which is created automatically when you install the facebook messenger app on your Android smartphone. That is why it has Pname (i.e., a Package name) before Facebook orca. You will have this folder on every Android device which has facebook messenger installed.

This folder stores all the images, videos, files, plugins and cache of your facebook messenger app in your device.

Simply the fundamental operation of this folder is to protect the data on the app from smartphone OS carriers and the makers.

Do you want to know the location of com facebook orca folder then go to My files or File Explorer on your device and then device storage/SD card.

There you’ll find Android and in it choose the “data” folder and there you’ll find “com facebook orca” folder.

Here you can see to get a correct picture of the com facebook orca folder.


You got to know what facebook orca and the location of it. Now, We have also noticed com Facebook Katana folder just below the com facebook orca folder.

Let us know what it is!

What is Facebook Katana?

It is also a package or folder which is generated automatically when you install the facebook app on your android smartphone. And once if you uninstall the facebook app it automatically disappears.

Remember that you’ll not find the Pname com facebook orca and facebook katana folders if you use the facebook via Browser.

Here is the folder location:


Are facebook orca and facebook katana virus or malware?

No!! facebook orca and facebook katana folders are not virus or malware. Simply, These are default folders because of which you don’t need to worry about.

Are you ready to delete Facebook Orca folder?


Wait!! I can understand that You are irritated by seeing that popup saying “Pname Com Facebook Orca has stopped” or “Unfortunately facebook has stopped”. But deleting the folder is of no use because it will be generated again if you have facebook app in your android smartphone and it will show you that popup again.

So, first, allow me to explain to you the reasons why you get that popup message again and again

What are the reasons behind the Malfunctioning of Messenger?

In this current digital era, Social media is packed with innumerable apps that include beneficial apps as well as the apps which will slow down your devices. There are umpteenth reasons behind the malfunctioning of applications.

As Facebook is a social networking platform which is a blend of several algorithms and binary functions, it also often come across several problems in its operational status. It’s just that it will not show you the error message without any reason right.

Yeah! here are some main reasons which make Messenger and some other apps to work improperly.

And displays the warning messages to the users.

The reasons might be:

When you use Outdated OS or if you use the application rapidly or when you delete some files unknowingly or if your device is incompatible with the App updates and Accessing the app simultaneously from other applications.

What is the use of com facebook orca folder?

Fine, Thankfully we have known that facebook orca folder is not a virus or malware.

And I am sure you will not delete it after knowing Pname Com Facebook Orca folder use. We know that Facebook conversations make us remember all our memorable moments with our friends, relatives and family members. Let me say a situation where you may think com Facebook orca folder as your almighty.

You had a very important chat with your colleague or you had a very personal chat with your crush on your facebook messenger app.

Unfortunately, you have deleted all your messages when someone tries to see what you are doing or unknowingly your chat missed.

Then, what you’ll do now!!

Don’t worry Pname Com facebook orca folder comes to the rescue.

Yes!! Pname com Facebook orca folder is used to retrieve the deleted messages. It stores all your messenger conversations safe. And that is the reason it takes so much space.

How to use Pname Com Facebook orca Folder to recover deleted messages?

Here are the steps you need to follow to retrieve the messages


Open file manager or file explorer in your android smartphone. This folder will help you to explore all the folders in your device. If you don’t have any of these downloads and install the ES-file explorer from the Google Play Store.



Open the file manager or ES-file explorer app in the device and in that choose SD card or Device storage and there you will find an Android folder. It is the folder which has all the data relating to the Android applications which are present on your mobile phone.

Screenshot_20190622-144819.png IMG-20190622-WA0008.jpg


After choosing the Android folder, You can see the data option there. Click on it!



In the data folder, you can see so many folders relating to the apps installed in your device.

There you can find com Facebook Orca folder which belongs to the facebook messenger app.

Go into that folder and click on it.



In this com Facebook orca folder, you will have some more folders. Search for Cache or files folder in it.



After clicking on cache folder/ files folder click on another folder named “fb_temp”.


It is the folder where you can find all your backup copies of Facebook Messenger are stored.

You can retrieve all the information from both group conversations and individual conversation which you have mistakenly or unknowingly deleted.

That’s it!! how simple it is to recover the deleted messages and you know what! Without file manager app also you can retrieve the deleted messages through your PC.

You just need to connect your device with computer or laptop through the USB cable and directly search for the com facebook orca folder.

From there you can find all your information in “fb_temp” folder.

Now after knowing the use of it, you don’t want to delete it right!

So, let’s solve the Pname Com Facebook Orca Error permanently.

How to fix-Pname Com Facebook Orca Error?

To fix it follow these easy steps


Go to settings in your Android device.



In settings, you can see the application manager or Applications option. There You will have all the information about installing and default applications in your device.



In application manager or applications, search for the facebook app, click on it.



After clicking go to storage and clear the data there.

By deleting the data you are deleting all the information relating to the facebook messenger app.



Now restart the facebook app after you clear the data.


How cool it is to solve that annoying Pname Com facebook orca error within 1 minute or no time.

Are you still getting the same error message?

Yes! You may get it again. Then, to get rid of it you need to uninstall the facebook app and restart your smartphone and install the Facebook app from Google Play Store again.

Now your problem will be resolved permanently.

Till now we have worked on facebook orca and using this we have retrieved deleted messages on Android devices. For iPhone or iPad we have other software like dr.fone-Recover (ios) to recover the deleted messages.


In conclusion, Facebook orca is neither a virus nor a malware. But, Disadvantage of facebook orca is that it takes so much space on your device. If we put that disadvantage aside, it plays a vital role in order to retrieve the deleted messages in the easiest way.

We hope you would no more be worried about mistakenly or unknowingly deleted messages and now you also know how to fix the Pname com facebook orca error if you get that error message.

Now, Just enjoy using Facebook without any issues.

And last but not least “Feel free to comment below”. We are here to help you out!

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