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Best Genteral Knowledge Apps For Android

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General knowledge applications for your android device will play a vital role in this situation. The student can study even when they’re out of this app is provided to users of all ages with a stunning user interface. It provides instant results for a lot of useful information it comes with an open device interface for people of all ages. It contains a vast amount of problem-solving patterns and plenty. …

A man who is educated and honest will know what is happening in their country.

There are many intelligent people who love to learn something new and more for self-satisfaction or passion.

On the other hand, you often have to participate in many exams where a part of general knowledge is a must to get a good job or qualification.

Therefore, an app that includes a huge source of current affairs-related information is very useful for all of them.

General knowledge applications for your Android device will play a vital role in this situation.

The student can study even when they’re out of home, travelling, and even when they don’t have books to learn with the aid of these apps.

Android’s general knowledge applications save the cost of purchasing hard books.

General Knowledge

So here’s a list of best general knowledge apps.

From the list, you can read more about these apps and choose one or more to suit your test and needs. 

Top 7 General Knowledge Apps For Android User


Wikipedia is one of the most common websites for non-profits. It’s also available free of charge on the Google Play store. It provides general knowledge of the whole world.

In 280 different languages, Wikipedia contains 32 million articles.

When you’re looking for some information about specific facts, it usually appears before you that Wikipedia is the first place. It is the most popular site for storing information and it has released its application for android users.

It also shows the position in the Google Maps section. This app also makes it possible to check for facilities and to pick a summary from wiki info.

It needs Android 4.0 and Android’s higher version.

This app has been downloaded by about 50 million people.

Daily Hunt

Daily Hunt is another common application in all Android’s general knowledge apps that provides helpful information on daily news and on current affairs.

It also regularly features e-books, daily news. One consumer can choose a lot of different types as well. Daily Hunt is one of the best ways to increase visibility in general. It contains versions of Android 2.0 and higher. This app has been downloaded by about 50 million users.


Are you are interested in continuous self-improvement through learning new things every day?
then Curiosity is the best app to meet your needs. This app allows you to learn more than you can imagine.

This offers various ways of learning new things, not just the conventional feedback of reading; it also provides multimedia tools that are more intuitive. This app is provided to users of all ages with a stunning user interface with a clear and open framework.

Exploring it is simple and provides instant results for a lot of useful information. You can easily enjoy numerous essays, short notes, and posts. This app allows you to learn from the video lessons of many creators of educational content.

It provides over 5000 + articles and millions of imaginable educational videos of any subject. It can be completely personalized with personal preferences and everything is available in plain English.


Would you like to expand your knowledge of this huge world?

Then try the TED. It is a free and credible source of knowledge that may work better to address all your curiosity.

TED puts together millions of talks from different corners of the world on various topics, such as science, education, history, philosophy, psychology, etc.

Simply search for your subject and get one out of a million TED talks.

With any of the 100 languages, you will enjoy it. You can listen to newly launched podcasts and video streamings from TED to extend your recognition line as well as download video and audio talks to listen or enjoy while offline.


QuizUp is another useful general knowledge software that provides quiz games for Android phones.

It is an incompatible program for immediately obtaining information or answering any general knowledge-based questions.

Here it’s very easy and quick to check for your doubts or questions and so get the answers.

And, to get over the quizzes, it’s like the most important helping hand.

This includes a lot of subjects to choose from.

Meeting with and interacting with new people is like a mirror. The app’s gaming choice is like inspiration and will attract you. You can play with millions of players and compete with them. It’s even more interesting to learn when playing games.


Wolfarmalpha will be a great companion to you if you are in Math and it’s a world of the equation. It is a great math support app that you can download from the PlayStore.

This app comes with an open device interface for people of all ages. It is developed from work by many renowned analysts and mathematicians to provide any solutions and answers in the shortest possible time. It can meet any student or research fellow’s needs.

It contains a vast amount of problem-solving patterns and plenty of answers algorithms. This software offers examples and statistical questions along with its immense mathematical set.

Problems with possible solutions for physics-related equations can be found.

It also offers circuits and acoustics of engineering subjects along with the problems of other subjects such as chemistry, astronomy, etc. This is a complete solution to any equational and mathematical problems and comes with a small subscription fee for a large number of premium services.

Quora App

Would you like to find a general knowledge Q&A feature for your Android device?

Experiment with Quora.

It is one of the most popular quiz answer software that you can enjoy improving your brain activity and ability. It responds very easily and from any subject, you will find answers to questions.

For this purpose, Quora is the most popular platform for acquiring knowledge and sharing.

A search engine that responds quickly and helps you find relevant and specific information.

First-hand knowledge is available to you from scholars. You can quickly share the information with other people.

Relevant subjects categorize knowledge and posts. There are tons of problem-solving available and how to type articles.


Every educated person should be aware of what is happening in the world.

Maintaining general knowledge in all fields is very important.

This can help you feel more confident in your conversation and support it better.

For multiple purposes, we use the smartphone.

We can also use it for educational purposes in addition to entertainment.

Above mentioned are the best android apps available to improve your general knowledge and also for exam purposes.

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