Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps all around the world. It is much different from twitter which is also quite popular in the social networking apps.

Both apps have some amazing features. But what are the differences between the two?

In today’s digital world, if someone hasn’t heard about Snapchat or Twitter, then that person can be considered to be living under a rock. These two platforms are widely used across the globe and both have some differences and similarities. Here are the differences.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is an advanced camera. It is a type of camera that connects people all over the world. You can try on a new look or swap faces. You can even play a game.


Just tap on your face and you’re done. It’s simple and fun.

Moreover, you can add or check locations. A cool feature of this app is that it lets you create your own mini version with lots of stickers depending on your mood.

These mini versions are- BITMOJI (your own emoji for every mood) and FRIENDMOJI (emoji for every friendship).

You can also try out different chipmunk voices through the app. You can check different contents by opening DISCOVER. You can also start a voice or video call with up to 15 friends! So altogether you can live in the moment.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking service where you tweet or rather check tweets.

It’s easy and fun as well!

You can follow people all around the world and get informed about the latest news like entertainment, sports, politics, and whatnot. Finding out what topics and hashtags are trending in real-time is so simple.

You can share photos, videos, GIFs and memes.

Also, it lets you communicate with the world by like, share or even retweet of your own. You need to get registered to tweet. Originally it was restricted to 140 characters but was doubled to 280 characters except for Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages.­


Twitter is a free microblogging service that allows members to publish short messages known as “tweets”.
Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets users exchange pictures and videos called “snaps”. It is the fastest way to share a moment.



Twitter is an online social media platform whereas Snapchat is a messaging app.


Twitter is the first place where news is broken, several protests unfold, users can comment on the ongoing sports or TV shows and also voice their opinions about the things that happen far away from the country they live in! Twitter is more about sharing serious stuff across the globe, such as news.

Snapchat is more intimate and fun. The app was developed to connect people with their friends. If you want to tell your friends what you are doing, you just have to send them a “Snap” or share a photo/video via “Stories”.

Twitter is more about sharing serious elements like news, personal opinions, any ongoing issue, and serious stuff across the globe. More importance is given to #hashtags and texts.

Snapchat is more personal and fun. It allows a user to send pictures and videos to friends individually or user can upload pictures and videos as their “stories”.


 Twitter has multiple features like:

  •  Native Gif search
  •  Go live button
  •  Uncropped image
  •  Anti-harassment features

Snapchat includes

  •  Scores
  • Snapcode
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Snapstreaks
  • Location updates

Daily Users

As of February 2019, Twitter has about 126 million daily active users and Snapchat has about 186 million daily active users which are 48% more than that of the former.

Life of Shared Data

A tweet lasts forever on Twitter (until the user deletes it). A person can view the tweets in the order they are posted. The newer ones are displayed on the top and push the older ones down.

Now comes the most unique feature of Snapchat, which is “self-destruction”. The age of snap is 24hrs, after which it vanishes. This makes the users post snaps or stories without hesitance as it ensures that their digital data is not going to online permanently.

A tweet can last forever if not deleted. A person can see tweets according to the dates. The new ones will be on top and the old one will be at the bottom.
A user can view snap only twice and after which it will disappear and published content consists of stories (pictures& videos) only lasts 24 hours. Chat history gets deleted immediately after you read it.

Form of Communication

C:UserslenovoPicturesScreenshotsScreenshot (1838).png




On Twitter, the emphasis is made on the text. It is known as a micro-blogging platform.

Formerly, the characters limit was 140, but it was stifling, hence now the characters limit is 280.

Snapchat, on the other hand, is all about photos and visual content. The photos/videos sent on to specific people on Snapchat are called snaps and those sent to everyone in the contact list are called “stories”.

Public or Private?

Twitter is public by default and makes users ponder over the stuff they want to post. Twitter is an open chatroom for the whole world where anyone can interact with the person they wish to (unless the particular person has their account to private).

Snapchat was designed to be private. It works a lot like the way humans communicate face to face.

For e.g., you see a friend, wish her “Good morning” and leave for the office and then the moment disappears. This is exactly how Snapchat works as it defies the norms of the internet to document everything digitally.

You can get to almost everything that is going on in the world on Twitter; on Snapchat you can get to know anything going on in the life of your friends.

User Base

Twitter’s user base is a lot smaller than Snapchat.

Twitter announced their daily active users in February 2019 as 126 million and Snapchat has about 186 million daily active users which are 48% more than twitter.

Age Group

The users of Twitter are of the same age or older than those using Snapchat. This is because Snapchat appeals more to the younger age group.

Roughly 46% of the twitter users are on the platform daily. 37% of Twitter users are between the age of 18-29 years old, 25% of users are between 30-49 years old.
50% of snapchat users are under 25 years old. Largest snapchat age demographic is 18-24 years old, this age group makes 37% of snapchat users and 25-34 years old makeup about 26% of snapchatters.


In twitter, a user can like a tweet, reply, and retweet.

In SnapChat a user can not like a snap or write any comment but can reply to a snap. Absence of likes and comments make snapchat more fun and judgment-free.

Searching for People

Twitter is about following and Snapchat is about friending. To search for someone on Twitter one has to type that particular person’s username in the search box. C:UserslenovoDocumentsUntitled1.png


Twitter is about following people, they can be friends, celebrities, politicians, etc which a user can find very easily as they have a huge number of following.



Snapstreak exists! Twitter-streak? No.

Snapchat is more personal and it is hard to find people because you need their exact usernames. Most of the users follow their friends and family. For searching a person on Snapchat, one can simply scan through the contact list, search the username or use the snapcode.


People are forced to send their friend/friends snaps in a 24 hr window in order to maintain the snapstreak and If they don’t the snapstreak plummets to zero. This keeps the users engaged; also, these snap streaks are fun! The fire emoji besides a snapstreak indicates the two friends have consecutively snapped each other. Twitter doesn’t have twitter streaks or anything of that sort where people could tweet to each other in a 24 hours window.

Now, let’s take a look at the similarities between these two platforms.



From 2019, Twitter has also introduced a camera interface in the app, the effect of which makes the images or videos shared resemble snapchat stories.


Even though Twitter is a public platform by default users can set the account to private, to share their opinions/posts with their friends only. Snapchat is also a private app.

Twitter is a public platform and users can post anything. It is an open chatroom as anybody can reply/retweet from anywhere in the world.
Snapchat was designed to be private. Users can send text messages/pictures/videos to each other personally.

What Can You Share

Users can share pictures, videos, links, GIFs or text on both the platforms.

Group Chat of twitter

Group chat of Snapchat


Group chat of Twitter

Both Twitter and Snapchat have a group chat room feature where users can chat privately with the group members.

Blocking People

A user can block other users on snapchat and twitter as well.

Blocking people on Snapchat


Blocking people on Twitter

The number of bullies on Twitter are numerous!

The trend can be seen in Snapchat also.

But one can block these trolls easily on both the networks.

Difference between SnapChat & Twitter

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Page promotion





Twitter is suitable for those users who want to spread a word regarding serious issues and make the world aware of the problems as twitter reach the masses.

Snapchat is personal and fun and is suitable for those users who just want to share their moments with their friends and family. It is just an unprofessional way to share something.

Are you social savvy?

Wondering what are the differences and similarities between snapchat and twitter?


You have come across the right article reviewing the differences and similarities.

So let’s get started.

So now the question arises what are the similarities between these two apps?
The best part is both snapchat and twitter are free platforms.

So you need not worry about payment.

Just go the PlayStore, search for the apps, download.

That’s it! You’re all done.

Both are beneficial for business marketing. In the case of twitter, just a small tweet is enough to promote your business.

As for snapchat, it can be effective in forming global marketing strategies as well.
For all those social savvy people around, you can post your real-time updates through both the platforms. All you need to do is a tweet or snap!

Lastly, you can share your thoughts with GIFs through both the platforms. More than 100 million people use GIFs these days. This makes people more engaged in twitter and snapchat.

You have now understood the similarities between the two apps.

Let’s now differentiate between the two. The weight of the differences is a lot more than the similarities.

Both provide very different services to different types of users. So let’s not waste any further time and get started.

According to the sources, the number of active daily users of snapchat has grown to 150 million. Whereas the estimated number of users of Twitter has grown to 140 users. This proves snapchat has attained success in the social media business! Whereas Twitter is still having trouble with gaining users.

Users look forward to sharing mechanism which is widely present in snapchat. Whereas, Twitter doesn’t allow this mechanism.

The snaps (shared photos and videos) last only 24 hours whereas, on twitter, the tweets do not have any deadline as such (except if you delete it).

Fourth, finding people in snapchat is much more difficult compared to twitter. You have to know the snapcodes or the exact name of the user. But when it comes to twitter, just typing of the name is enough.

The add revenue of twitter is $791 million, up 23 percent. As for snapchat, it is 99 percent of the total revenue of $390 million. Thus, the revenue growth of twitter is vast as compared to snapchat.

Thus, it is clear that both snap and twitter are struggling to gain users. The differences and similarities between the two in 2019 ends here. Hope it gets further improvements in future so as to attract more users. If you have further points let us know in the comments section. Till then #tweet, #snap and have fun!

What is Snapchat ? Snapchat is a photo messaging app that is designed as an alternative to SMS or MMS. Snapchat allows users to share photos and videos with their friends and family. These photos and videos are known as “snaps”. The app is mainly used for its ability to send photo messages that are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time.

Both social networking sites are better and different in their own way and are being used by people for different purposes.