Selfie Stick on Android

A selfie stick a one-legged support for a camera used to have pictures clicked from the front camera of a device.

You take the selfie stick to an arm length or to a length; you are comfortable with and then click random pictures.

The metal attached to the selfie stick is an extensible and adjustable handle, which will help you to have clicks at different distance and angles.

Buying a selfie stick is not sufficient; your device should also have certain features.

If you have brought a selfie stick and your device is incapable of supporting it then this article is the perfect one for you, I am sure you will get the appropriate way to do it.

One of my close friend recently brought a selfie stick from Flipkart and he had an HTC DESIRE 816 device.

When he was all set to click selfies by connection them together, he found that the clicking button on his selfie stick was not working.

Therefore, he started trying it on other devices where it worked perfectly.

Then after lot of research, we found out that the problem is not with the selfie stick but it is the software creating an issue.

To deal with such complications we have come up with some applications, which is available in any app store and they are:

Camera 360 Ultimate

This application is very popular so you can find it from any app store or if you use google play store than you might also get suggestions of this application. It is very simple to access the application as it is just the same as any other camera app. Just install it and you are all set to click selfies using it.

Selfishop Camera

This also works similarly like Camera 360 ultimate.

You will get the application in any app store.

After complete installation, if you are a new user you will get the app tour, which will show the steps to use the application.


Coming up next in the list is one of the most popular in the app store.

This camera application is best for portrait selfies where you get 100+ popular filters with real-time beautify effects. Y

ou also get animated stickers in this application, which you can use in your selfies. This application works very accurately with wonderful face detection and face tracking technology.

This application is quite quick in taking selfies. This application is completely free of cost though ads are included.

Sweet Camera

This application also comes with real-time beauty effects similar to that of BESTIE. You are provided with a huge number of funny faces and emojis.

You can smoothen beautify and edit your selfies with different types of filters. You can even enjoy dyeing your hair without actually having it in real life. You can shape your body in the image like shrinking your waist and various other body editing. You can edit any part of the body in the image using this application. You can get various other features, which helps you modify your selfies.


This application is a real-time application with live filters to add beautifying effects to your selfies. You have animated stickers and thousands of features.

Few of the filters can even crate swapping of faces with your selfie partners. You can even have your private gallery to safely store your pictures from unwanted access. Similar to BESTIE and SWEET CAMERA you also have features, which can edit your hair colour in your selfies.


Yet another on the list is another popular and interesting selfie camera will all the basic features as well as few interesting concepts that can blow your minds off. Meitu Limited, who never fails to surprise its users with its wonderful applications UI, creates this application.

You get a complete skin editor pack in this application. You can remove blemishes, black spots, red eye, etc. from your selfies. You also have auto-retouch feature in it along with some professional editing features, which makes your selfies the best.

Candy Camera

This is quite famous among users and has 3 million and above users. You can search and get the application in any app store or you can use Google PlayStore.

Along with some basic beautifying filters, it also comes with some unique colour filters. You can add stickers as well as modify your selfies.

Similar to the above application you can remove blemishes, black spots, red eye, etc. from your selfies. You also have auto-retouch feature in it along with some professional editing features, which makes your selfies the best.

YouCam Perfect

Well I am sure you have heard about this application before and every selfie lover definitely uses this application.

This application is just the best app for editing your selfies.

This application comes out with a unique concept that is nail art. You can edit your nails in your selfies along with your pictures in the selfies. This is very special and you will not get it in other applications. You can have your collages with different frames.


Just like YouCam Perfect, B612 is also very popular among users.

You can edit your selfies with different skin tones according to your wish.

This application immensely enhances and improves your picture. You can make funny pictures of your friends using various edits and features.

You can add music to your selfies and images.

You can also have boomerangs and short gifs, which have various features. You can play them in loops in numerous times and share in your statuses.

Sweet Selfies

Sweet selfie also comes with wonderful combinations of stickers, emojis, filters, etc. you can make up your own collage using this application.

Along with this, you have various other features like blur, mosaic, portrait mode, etc. the unique feature of this application is that it comes up with teeth-lightening effect, which instantly whitens your dazzling teeth in your selfies. From colouring, your hairs to skin colour correction you can edit anything you want.


With we would conclude our today’s discussion about how to deal with problems with selfie stick that is not working in your android device. Hope you enjoyed the article and will definitely try these app. There are more available on the internet you can surely install them and use them.