WowWee Chippies

The best part of my life was my childhood.

Everyone cared for me a lot. No stress, No tension, No workload, and no studies and Job. Enjoying running between rooms and playing all day long.

Toys were my life those days. My dad used to buy me a lot of toys, but I was always miserable handling them. The best of all which made me aww was the remote control car. It was cool because I controlled it through the remote.

I sound like a moron right. Then it was the turn of the RC copter, flying it the whole day and I broke it on the second day. I cried a lot but my parents didn’t shout at me.

Those were the days when we were always cared for and cuddled. I miss those days a lot. Nostalgia: This word shows reality on time.

Time changes everything and when I see some kids around me using phones all day, I remember my days with tears in my eyes. Everyone would like their child to experience the same kind of happy childhood.

But isn’t the android and video games ruining their childhood?

I feel like gifting all this generation’s kid with Remote controlled toys.

Remote controlled toys have gone like 10 steps higher than they were in recent years. They have improved its durability, looks, features and invented a lot of new products which not only entertains kids but also make them learn.

Children love pets with them. They get attached to animals because animals don’t speak, don’t order and come around and around.

Who would hate it when two cuties are playing together? What if your pet bites your kid?

These RC giants brought a solution to this: RC pet toys. The one which hyped a lot among them was dog toys. These toys make your kids experience several benefits, giving them a lot of fun. Every parent would buy the best product for their kids.

Here are the best toys that would be a great companion to your kid.

Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy

Dimple Interactive Robot Puppy

The dimple robot dog is a wireless radio-controlled toy. It is the best pet without any responsibilities.

The light and the sound produced act as a special attraction. This product comes with a USB charger.

This robot toy becomes a great mood changer. It has a lot of playing modes which are alphabets and numbers letting your kids learn them.

Controlling it is possible from a distance of 35ft (10.67 m). It comes with a warranty for a year.

WowWee Chippies

WowWee Chippies

This cool looking blue colored dog always seeks to play with you. The best feature is that this dog talks and sings while playing with you.

It is small and the bright LED lights fixed in its eyes make it look even more dazzling. The animated sound it produces steals the hearts of all the kids.

It comes with a built-in detection sensor. Guard mode warns burglars to stay away. Its eyes will turn red and then the alarms will start ringing !

And your kid will never take their hands from it. It is recommended for 4-15 years old.

When you tap on its head it gives you some reaction and to act like a real dog it dances, sneezes, kisses, barks and even wags their tails.

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Products made with high-quality plastic provide a smooth surface to the toy. This toy is programmed in a certain way so that it can interact with others.

It can dance, jump and walk and always move around you. This dog will accompany you the way you want.

This dog has power saving qualities. It would automatically turn off after being idle for 160 seconds. The remote controller allows the toy to move forward and backward and  the dog looks right or left. It comes with four songs and dances to relieve all the stress.

When you touch the head of the dog, the dog makes cute sounds. This dog is also made for patrolling, and they attract through their head spins.

Electronic Pet Dog – Harry

Electronic Pet Dog - Harry

This dog looks cute and anyone would love to hold and cuddle it. Touching its head would activate several actions.

It looks like some Harry Potter fanatic designed this dog thus it is named Harry. It would bark, walk and jump after getting a response from you. It becomes one of the best companions for your kid as they can speak as well.

Songs are pre-installed in this cutie. Touching a particular part of the body stimulates different songs. The special “Bump and goes” features help it to walk and chase.

The robot is 7-inches long and has a 6-inches in height giving you an exact feeling of a puppy pet. You would find a small surprise for yourself.

This toy is recommended for kids from 2 years – 7 years. The sensitive sensors make them more exciting for your little one.

Toysery Interactive Robot Dog

Toysery Interactive Robot Dog

Toysery Robot Dogs will become your kid’s favorite as they have flashing lights and sounds around it. It jumps, runs, barks and walks. The lights are assigned on all four feet of the dog to make it more cute and dazzling.

It changes its direction automatically and could play music while walking around. It helps your kid improve their logical senses in addition to thinking.

Since it’s battery-powered, it works longer than other products of the same type.

Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & badge

Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & badge

This small robot dog comes with a cool badge that converts the pack into super cool wings. This robot dog turns out to be a superhero patrol dog.

If your loved ones love watching cartoons then this try is definitely for them. This toy is an exact copy of the character that comes in the Paw Patrol show. This makes the kid, to feel the show more lively and be more imaginative. It improves their creative thinking skills to a great extent.

Just pressing the badge and the pack turning into the wings is the best part of the toy. This toy can be used by any kid above the age of 3 years.

Modern – depo Rastar Intelligent Robot Dog

Modern – depo Rastar Intelligent Robot Dog

I love the look of this dog. It looks like a ferocious guard and a lovely pet. The white, black and blue color combination of this toy improves its looks.

It can be charged very easily using the USB cable which comes together in the box. This puppy can perform a wide range of movements and too many sound functions.

This can move in any direction and could sing and dance with your kid improving all the auditory senses. Buyers were impressed with the realistic movements of this cutie pie. This toy squats down and stands up like a real dog.

This can be used by kids above the age of 2 years.

Playful pup

Playful pup

This is a highly sensitive dog to both touch and sound. The best thing about this dog is that it responds to sounds. It performs different actions with different touches towards it.

Voice recognition technology to detect your loved one’s voice. Kids can train dogs to like to shake their paws, lie down, roll over and many more, with up to 25 commands.

Kids love this toy for its soft ears, wiggly tail and floppy tongue. These cute appearances make this product even more amazing. This is recommended for kids above 4 years of age.


A new era of toys, a new generation of kids and working parents. Times have changed but the happiness that the kid would get when they play with these toys never changed.

The smile the parents would love to see on their faces is the biggest prize for them. We had a dog when I was young. We named it Shero. It was cute and very humble.

I used to play with it all day after coming back from school. One night it never returned. Just a sense of nostalgia when speaking of puppies. Kids love playing with pups.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”