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10 Music Apps that Don’t Use your Wi-Fi

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This article brings you the top ten music apps that don’t demand your wi-fi. Music really holds an integral part in our spotify spotify is the most popular and most demanded music app of all time. The bbc’s playlists adds to your listening a. I powered song suggestion is the centre of attraction of this app. It also allows one to download songs for a minimum monthly if you are a music geek who listens to all kinds of music, read the full list. Jiosaav. …

Are you tired of spending too much of your internet just in listening to some of your heart driving songs?

Fret not! For all the music lovers out there, here is some good news for you all.

This article brings you the top ten music apps that don’t demand your Wi-Fi. Music that not only soothes the soul but also takes away your heart is worth your time.

Be it classical, pop, jazz, rock, or any, music really holds an integral part in our daily lives. Music, whether old or new, is just as relaxing to our ears as rhythmic it is to our feet.

Well, I am quite sure that at least once, we all have in some way or the other been force to move our body in synchronization with the music being played. Music is that one moment which captures everybody’s attention irrespective of their age group.

It would definitely be not wrong to say that music is hidden in every part of this nature. Whether it’s chirping of birds, humming of bees, swiftly moving of leaves, and what not, everything in this world does pacify with its own rhythms. We really understand the importance of music in all our lives and so, after a long struggle, we have on the table the top ten most fascinating music apps that don’t trouble you with daily Wi-Fi problems. We assure you that our efforts indeed make you feel delighted. So what to wait for? Hurry up! Pick your phone and just try out these apps to make your light hearted moments a little more enjoyable. Image result for music apps

Google Play Music

Google Play Music wonderful application that comes already installed in your smartphone doesn’t really need any description of its smart features. Apart from being the fact that it’s one of the best offline music apps, it also has much in store for all the music lovers. From music albums to artists, everything comes before your eyes in this single app. This app comes pre-installed with every smartphone be it android or ios. It allows you to access to any music content without any permission. The only problem with this app is that you are directed to Youtube for a song and it takes more data to play the song. Also in-app song download is not provided. To play this app without internet connection, you will have to download songs from some external site before hand in your sd-card or phone storage.

Sound Cloud

SoundCloud is an awesome music streaming app that contains a never-ending list of music. So come on, signup here and don’t miss out your favorites. What differentiates it from other apps, is the fact that artists can interact via this app.


Deezer is One of the most amazing apps that just requires a little effort of clicking and which presents your favourite music before your eyes. Search for any kind and you will get it. For more special features, subscribe to this app through a paid version and pull out all the maximum benefits as you can.

Wynk Music

 A jaw-dropping app that leaves anyone mesmerized with its heart melting collection of music. Offering a large variety in songs, Wynk Music is really worth trying. All you have to do is to download your favourites and listen to them offline whenever you want. Image result for music apps

Microsoft Groove

To uplift your mood, here we bring this just a nicely built app that doesn’t irritate you with those interrupting ads. Yes! You heard it right. Freely accessible to both Android and ios users, Groove app allows you to stream live radio stations as well. Really simple to use, this should definitely be on your phone.


Here comes another stupefying app Napster wherein the user can download any song of his wish. Consisting of a really big collection of music, it tends to draw one’s attention for sure. So, download your loving songs offline and come to explore more in the world of music.


Spotify is the most popular and the most demanded app that is not only known for its streaming services but also for hosting a 20 million sturdy catalog of tracks is surely going to be the best experience for all. Additionally, the BBC’s Playlists adds to your listening moments. It is free for laptops, computers but requires payment for mobile users. With more than 500 million downloads, Spotify has already become one of the most loved music app of all time. It is probably the only app which contains each and every song out there. The dark theme is mesmerizing and the interface is off the charts. The A.I powered song suggestion is the centre of attraction of this app. It also allows one to download songs for a minimum monthly charge, but it’s worth paying. Trust me guys , today’s music is nothing without Spotify. Just go for it!

Slacker radio

To have an experience like never before, one must try out this app. An outstanding streaming app that enables you to listen to your wishlist offline should be given a try. Play all your songs and enjoy using this app without any internet connection.


Saavn is an American digital distributor of Bollywood, Hollywood or any regional music that brings on the platform the most desired songs is really worth giving a shot. Serving to several users, it never leaves its users disappointed. So, to avail this opportunity of feeling your own songs, try this.


To listen to your heart out, Ganna is the right choice. Search your music by its name, artist, movie or genre and you will definitely find it. To play songs offline anytime and anywhere, make sure that Gaana is already installed in your phones. Image result for musics Interface and layout aside , this app is no less than number 1. It allows you to access to all your favourite music and artists without any charge. IT does shows some ads in between but they are mostly in app ads and not that persistent. Every music lover must have this app. In short , it is the best desi app for Indian music lovers.

8 Tracks

8 Tracks is one of the oldest music app out there. The streaming quality is excellent and interface is catchy.This app contains tons of playlist according to different moods like for study,driving,swimming etc. But the major con of this app is that is only available for ios smartphones and it does contains all the songs out there and skips on various artists too.

Pi music player

Pi Music Player has the best interface ever made for a music app. Also , the streaming quality is better than any music app. It comes with amazing themes and awesome features like music cutter, sleep timer, smart playlist etc. The reason for it’s low rank is the reason that just like google play music, this app too directs you to youtube and again you’ll have to rely on downloading songs from external sites.

Hungama music player

If you are a Bollywood music fan, this is the one for you. Hungama contains almost all the trending songs. The major plus point of this app is that it allows you to download music free of cost unlike other apps. But it does not contains all the artists , especially foreign artists. So, if you are a music geek who listens to all kinds of music, read the full list.


JioSaavn is a great app for music streaming and also they allow you to download the music once you get Saavn pro. It allows you to search artists and music from every corner of the world. One particular and persistent issue that I have been facing with the app is that it crashes and shuts down automatically while playing, and you have to start it all over again. Also, one major con is that it shows a lot of ads and it gets quite irritating after some time. Music in itself is a language. It is the best way to express our emotions and feelings without even using words. Most of us listen to music not only for fun but also use it as a stress buster. Over time, we have created a special bond with music. Why let this connection be disturbed cause of a slow Wi-fi or a lost internet connection. Hope these above-mentioned apps really please and help you deal with the daily problems that you face in downloading your favorite music. Do try some of these apps and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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