Comparison of Tasker vs Automate

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Tasker is an android automation application designed to perform tasks according to some contexts, for example, application, time, date, location, event or gesture, in any user-defined profiles or tasker vs. Automate pros of tasker creates highly powerful customizable applications tasker can create personalized applications. Tasks can be custom-tailored to meet your specific automate is available as a free version on google play store with in-app purchases available. Includes more than 300 blocks automate asks you to choose between different blocks of the pre both the android applications- tasker and automate perform similar tasks in android devices. Each of them has its own pros and cons, performing incredibly in terms of performance, speed, and. …

Faced with such a dilemma, you may wonder how to decide between Tasker and Automate. Both apps have a fair share of both supporters and detractors, which means you can’t rely on public opinion alone to decide. Luckily for you, that’s what we’re here for. In this article, we’ll take a look at both apps and tell you how they stack up against one another.

What is Tasker?

Tasker is an Android automation application designed to perform tasks or a set of actions according to some contexts, for example, application, time, date, location, event or gesture, in any user-defined profiles or home screen widgets.

This allows immense extended control of your Android device and its capabilities, and that too without performing the system ‘root’. The tasker is capable of performing tasks in any way that you wish.

Some tasks that can be achieved with tasker’s help are:

  • passcode or lock sensitive applications
  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text
  • tracking of a phone with the help of SMS
  • time-lapse photo series
  • various gestures and device motions
  • previously times texts
  • launch of a music application when headphones are connected
  • recording of call times and destinations to the SD Card
  • regular backups
  • changing the Home icon of an application
  • daily changing of wallpaper and home icons
  • random alarm tunes
  • change phone settings
  • recording of battery levels over time to SD Card
  • remapping of buttons

It is directly available as a 7-day trial download or as a retailed play store application.

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What is Automate?

Automate is a free Android application which allows you to automate different tasks on your device, be it either smartphone or tablet.

This application allows you to create automation, or based on any event trigger, such as location, time, automatically changes settings of your device or does some actions. It can also support plug-ins made for other Android applications, like Tasker and Locale.


It is a simple but powerful application that makes it easier for newbies to use this application as they can choose from some options that are already defined. It allows the creation of automation through flowcharts, and it is straightforward to do this, as adding blocks and connecting the dots gets as reasonably simple as anything can get.

Automate has more than 330 blocks, and they can be used along with actions, event triggers, and conditions to perform these tasks:

  • automatic account sync
  • activities performed on apps: start, kill, clear cache, foreground
  • notifications on apps: toggle, priority, visibility, show, hide
  • audio control: device, volume
  • battery level settings
  • Bluetooth settings: connect, disconnect, scan, tethering, toggle
  • call settings: state, dial, incoming, outgoing
  • data usage settings and control
  • various gestures and device motion
  • GPS
  • composing and sending MMS, SMS
  • NFC: scan, write tag
  • Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text
  • UI automation
  • wallpaper settings
  • system language
  • ringtones and pings
  • night mode
  • keyboard settings
  • DND and silent mode
  • E-mail composition and sending
  • camera settings
  • airplane mode
  • storage settings

This application does not have a trial period, and all the features are accessible to everyone.

However, premium unlocks more than 30 blocks.


Tasker vs. Automate

Pros of Tasker

Creates highly powerful customizable applications

Tasker can create personalized applications, efficiently substituting multiple installed applications in your device with tasks that are triggered automatically by Tasker. Another thing to make this experience better is that the tasks can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

Enormously tweakable

Tasker involves a surplus amount of triggers, actions, and parameters, all of which can be used collectively in a remarkable number of ways. Besides, it can follow instructions by accepting scripts.

Able to transform system software

Tasker has root access, and with this benefit, it can easily fiddle with system software. It is highly unlikely for other apps to accomplish at the current moment.

Brilliant plug-in support

Specific hardware usually requires the installation of particular apps. Tasker has some fantastic plug-in support to connect with such hardware. One such example is the plug-in available for the Pebble smartwatch, which allows you to automate tasks that make use of Pebble.

Tasks exported as standalone applications

There may be some workflows that you might have created as standalone applications. Tasker allows you to export them. They can also be shared or can even be placed on the Google Play Store.

Only once purchase

Tasker’s developers do not expect you to pay every time by launching revised apps. The same app is being developed consistently for over a decade.

Cons of Tasker

Awful User Interface

Despite being extremely powerful, the user interface of Tasker is counter-intuitive, perplexing, and just awkward at every step.

Steep Learning Curve

Tasker requires a lot of learning by new users. It is behind in providing documentation and tutorials, which turn out to be vital if you wish to use the advanced features of this app, which have a purpose. The learning curve for using advanced features is very high.

Pros of Automate

Free version

This Android application is available as a free version on Google Play Store with in-app purchases available. The application’s free version permits 30 concurrent ‘blocks’ to run. Other than this, no other limitations on the app’s functionality are established.

Includes more than 300 blocks

Automate asks you to choose between different blocks of the predetermined class, and these blocks are connected over the grid. Automate has more than 330 blocks of various courses that can be used with actions, event triggers, and conditions to perform tasks.

Supports Tasker and Locale plug-ins

Automate supports plug-ins that were designed for Tasker and Locale. Tasker has many brilliant plug-ins designed to help different apps. Automate also has support for those plug-ins.

Simpler than Tasker

It has a gradual learning curve and does not require new users to learn a lot. It has several predefined options that a novice can choose from. As you learn to use the app and grow habitual, you may use expressions, variables, and functions.

Using flowcharts

Flowcharts propose an excellent way of visualizing the logic. Automate provides a spontaneous way of creating them by dragging and adding blocks and then further connecting the dots to create your automated tasks.

Export profiles as launcher home screen icons

According to the features of this app, users can create their profiles. These profiles can then be exported as launcher apps and can be quickly launched from your device’s home screen.

However, these cannot be added to the app drawer.

Cons of Automate

Custom scenes cannot be created

Automate is incapable of creating interactive graphics overlays and dialogues. The application is not so customizable and provides a hindrance.

Export profiles as independent apps cannot be done

Tasker is one of the most popular Android automation apps, and it gives you unprecedented flexibility and control over your device. But it has one major drawback: it’s only available on Android (although there is a Tasker for Mac app coming soon). Automate is a third-party app that brings the same functionality to iOS, and has received rave reviews for its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities. It can do almost anything you can imagine, and the latest version also supports a wide range of smart home devices.

The profiles can only be exported as launcher apps and not as standalone apps in the app drawer of the device.

Both the Android applications- Tasker and Automate perform similar tasks- automation tasks in android devices.

Each of them has its own respective pros and cons, performing incredibly in terms of performance, speed, and other factors.

You can choose anyone according to your requirements and your ease and make your Android device working’s easier.

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