Android device

Nowadays almost 9 out of 10 people are carrying an android and there is no wonder as to why.

Androids are the leading manufacturer of the phones all over world.

I know there will be apple users as well, reading the article and Apple products are no doubt fine and classy but the thing is not everyone can afford it.

But that is not the case with the androids, anyone can buy it and due to this it is more common to the people.

Moreover, it is seen that Androids are comparatively easier to operate as compared to the Apple.

Well, this article is not about perks of Androids over Apple, it is based on one of the common problems faced by any android user. So how to solve or cope up with the problem, this article talks about it.

We all know that initially when the phone is fresh and new, it works with a speed of light, not literally though, but really fast.

What happens after a year a so?

Why aren’t they still that fast?

You all must have faced that phase where your phone starts to hangs a bit or maybe gets very heated.

Why is this so?

What are the reasons behind it?

Even though it gets what can be the possible solution to this problem?

Well there are certain solutions or tweaks by which you can really boost your device.

In this article I will be discussing about these methods that will help you to boost your phone and it might turn into the back age’s speed which it posed at the time of buy.

All you need to do is just follow me with this article and you will get all the desired solutions.


Androids at times might get slow and even cause time delay issues. You might even face that the phone getting hanged after an excess use or probably the keyboard displays after some time. All this is due to the problem of android, when it gets over drained or can say over used.

The battery cannot hold it and eventually leads to the problem like these.

However don’t worry at all as these problems are really small and can be fixed by really quick and easy methods.

Now before moving to the prevention, you all might be wondering about the causes.

As to why this problem occurs?

Let us find out in the next section.

Causes of the problem

Now what could be the possible causes that has led to the slowing of your android smartphone?

They might be:

  • Over battery drainage
  • Storage space
  • Background running processes
  • System hasn’t updated
  • And many more

Now that you have a knowledge of the causes of the problem. It’s time to look upon the remedies that is the possible solutions by which you can cure your android.

Solutions to boost android’s device

The solutions listed down below are very easy and simple to execute that will help boost your android smartphone.

  1. Updating your device
  2. Installing a custom ROM
  3. Clearing cached data
  4. Turning off auto sync
  5. Neglect task killers
  6. Browsing faster
  7. Overclocking
  8. Switching to SKIA
  9. Background services
  10. GPU rendering
  11. Reducing the animations
  12. Clearing of the home screen
  13. Uninstall the less used app

Updating your device

Probably the first step you should do is to update your device. It is really important to make your device up to date. It is pretty much evident that androids releases its updates very soon in order to fix their bugs, a skin patch, an updated UI. They never delays any bugs or problem, as soon as they fix, releases a new update for their users.

If you haven’t updates your system then you should it first as this might just help in speeding of your device like it was before. Now how to update your device or how to check if your device is updated or not. Follow these steps to do the same:

Step 1: go to the setting option in your smartphone

Step 2: click on the option called as about device

Step 3: after doing so click on the software update option

If it need to get updated then it will automatically update your phone but if it is already updated then it will show you the notification stating the version of the current software which you are using in your smartphone. Sometimes small changes like these can make big differences and this might turn to be the cure of the problem.

Installing a custom ROM

On the off chance that Google or your bearer isn’t being approaching with refreshes or updates, introducing a custom ROM might be the arrangement. This is basically introducing a custom form of Android.

It will let you introduce mods worked by the network to give better execution or more highlights, or make the hop to the most recent adaptation of Android when your gadget no longer authoritatively supports it.

But like said everything has an equal and opposite reaction.

Thus, there is a characteristic hazard while doing this. You should root, which has an undeniable possibility of bricking your gadget.

Some applications (like banking applications) won’t work out of the case.

You may void your guarantee.

In any case, in case you’re certain about your tech aptitudes or you’re messing with an old or extra gadget, this strategy can infuse new life into an old contraption and truly speed it up.

Though there is a chance of some apps failure by rooting your device but if it gets successful then, it will give you a new life to your android’s smartphone.

Clearing cached data

As well all are aware of the functioning of cached data, it is information of your apps and help them boot up quite quickly. Due to this it help to speed up your android.

The work is done to make your phone work faster but at times it also has negative effect when the cache become bloated, which means when it takes up unnecessary space of your device. Due to this the speed of the phone gets very low and might even cause your device to get hanged. What to do in order to eradicate this problem?

You can remove the cached data by following these steps:

Step 1: open the app info option in your smartphone

Step 2: after this open the storage option

Step 3: click on the clear cache

And by this you have successfully cleared the cache.

Turing off auto-sync

If you are carrying a modern generation android smartphone, which I am sure you guys are.

Then in that case you will relate to this very quickly. We all have seen that at the beginning of the phone, everything goes smooth and silky but when you start any download, the process tends to slow down a bit or probably when any of the apps is downloaded the same thing is repeated.

Well why this is so?

Why do they occur?

Something comparable happens constantly in the background when your applications adjust.

Head into the Accounts menu in your settings and you’ll discover the choice “Automatically sync data” is set to on.

You most likely would prefer not to change this, except if you have an old gadget only for gaming or perusing.

By choosing individual applications from the rundown, you ought to have the option to kill some separately or adjust their settings in their own menus.

Be aware of the applications you are introducing and overlooking that may be adjusting out of sight.

Inquire as to whether applications need to match up each half hour, or whether once a day would get the job done. Take a right choice step and hence choose wisely after all it is your smartphone, working slowly or getting hanged will cause trouble for you.

Neglect task killers

Task killer is same as it sounds, someone who basically identifies the culprit and inform the owner about it.

Exactly same is its working. If some or quite a few apps are troubling you by slowing down your device speed or by heating the phone, then in that case you need to identify those apps which are doing the same.

The best of all is to find that app and then uninstall it.

This is a something which was did by task killers and now somewhat same is adopted by the cached data.

Android gadgets are in reality productive while dealing with their own memory — there’s regularly an explanation applications are kept alive.

Booting an application from nothing takes longer and uses more battery than changing to one that is stopped.

On the off chance that you open an application that requires more memory, Android will consequently kill the least significant ones to let loose space.

Browsing faster

Now this is something related more to browsing thing. If you are facing any speed problem with your browser then inn that case you should try enabling Data Server mode present in the Chrome.

There isn’t any magic it does. It simply compresses the pages which allow lower data usage and eventually ends up in faster speed. This will also lower the image quality go the web page but it will be still readable and understandable.

There is a proper cycle to this network like, the web page at starting sent to the Google for compensation.

After this is done, it is sent to your device. These transferring and receiving is entirely dependent upon the data speed. If the speed is slow then the above process will happen at a slower rate.

Hence, by just enabling Data Saver Mode you can increase the speed of your net.


If you are more interested in boosting games then in that case overclocking is an ideal choice considering the amount of risk involved.

Overclocking is a proven technique utilized by PC gamers to augment equipment execution and it can work similarly well on a cell phone — as long as you have root and a decent overclocking application introduced.

This one additionally conveys some risk factor. OEMs set up limitations on clock speeds which is as it should be. They prevent overheating, battery channel, and potential harm to the smartphone’s internals.

For those not hoping to root, playing in a cool domain can assist with forestalling thermal throttling.

Clearly, remember to check the settings menus of the games themselves! Bringing down the designs settings can frequently make a logy game playable once more.

Switching to SKIA

In the event that you are on Android Nougat or above, you can have a go at swapping the GPU rendering motor to SKIA, which a few clients report diminishes slack in games.

Once more, this is in the Developer Options menu alongside a portion of our different settings to accelerate Android.

While you’re grinding away, you could likewise evaluate Force 4x MSAA.

This is an enemy of associating strategy which won’t make games run quicker, yet it could make them look prettier.

This will deplete battery, be that as it may, and could cause some log jam, so your mileage may differ.

However, there’s no damage in giving these settings a shot.

Background services

Background services are something which are continuously running at the background in order to provide you ease during your multi tasking.

One of the best example is the SMS app that is continuously running at the background.

Whenever any SMS comes, it pops up and shows the notification of the new SMS.

This means even though you are using any other app but regardless of the functioning, it still shows the message received by it.

At times it is a good thing as it keeps you updated as you don’t want to miss out anything important. But the effect is laid on your phone’s speed and also in your battery as well.

Your battery will start to drain out quickly and also might cause heating issue in your battery. So how to stop it?

Access can be granted to only limited no of apps instead of all.

As by this you can help your battery drain less and also pace up speed of your smartphone. How can you do it? Follow the steps:

Step 1: open the developer option in your smartphone

Step 2: look for the option called as Background Check

Here you will see all the apps that has a permission to run in the background and you can select the desired apps which you wants to work at the background and for others turn it off from the setting.

On the off chance that you need to go much further, you could have a go at toying around the with the “background process limit” choice in your menu.

This won’t keep your smartphone from utilizing foundation benefits however will keep it from reserving those administrations.

This could in reality moderate your smartphone down and utilize more battery since it implies each time the administration is required, your smartphone should stack it new.

Moreover, there’s no problem in attempting, particularly on the off chance that you have low RAM.

GPU rendering

GPU rendering will use your smartphone’s graphics processing unit also known as GPU instead of software rendering for some of the 2D elements.

Now the question that arises is how will it help your phone?

It will smooth the animations, faster working of UI rendering that will eventually allow some space for CPU to breath.

But at the same time it should be known that GPU consumes more power than the CPU.

This will lower your battery for around 5 to 15 percent. Hence, the call is you’re if you want to opt for this option or not.

Reducing the animation

This is very small step however it is pretty much effective. Now in order to execute it follow these steps:

Step 1: click on the developer’s option in your smartphone setting

Step 2: click on the option that states Build Number and tap on the option seven times

Step 3: now look at the option for Transition animation scale

If you tap on the off option, the apps will disappear.

Now following these steps won’t really speed up your phone but will surely reduce the time of transition between screens and apps. The transition process will be faster.

Clearing of the home screen

It’s critical to clean your home every so often.

The equivalent is likewise valid for your Android gadget. On the off chance that you have a home screen with a live backdrop that is shrouded in gadgets that show you the news, climate and social channels, you may see a little shiver while progressing between screens.

On the off chance that you’ve empowered something like Bixby’s feed, think about dropping it

Changing to a superior launcher can likewise frequently assist with making things workable. Also one thing can also be done that is by restricting the home screen into one single tab or screen instead of multiple ones. This might not speed your android but will ease you in your searching process.

Consider it as one of the method in order to cure the problem. It might appear to be very small method but you never what works for your phone.

Uninstall the less used app

It is an old school trick yet effective. Uninstalling the less used apps can be considered as one of the method to fix this problem. How?

Whenever you download any app in your device, it occupy certain amount of space regardless how less or how more it occupy. They even run in the background and due to this it degrades the performance of your smartphone.

Thus it is better to uninstall the app which you are using less as why to keep something which is not in use and by releasing the app, you are creating more free space for your device.


I hope the solutions provided for the tweaks by which you can really boost your device performance helped you in order to fix the problem.

As you have seen, all the ways provided are very easy and simple at execution yet effective.

I hope you won’t face any problem in performing the steps.

Moreover, the problem faced by some of the android’s users aren’t too big and can easily be cured by the above mentioned methods without any difficulties.

Rooting can also be considered as one of the way but then it is accompanied with immense amount of after effects, so one should consider it to avoid as far as possible.