Best Video Enhancement Software in 2022

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Video enhancer software is available on android phones, windows, mac, etc. You can upscale the video resolution to 1080 hd or 4k. Remove unwanted noise to get adobe premiere pro is widely used and powerful video enhancing software. It can increase the quality of video in so many ways. You need to get familiar with the software first to know you can upscale 480p to 720p or 1080p, convert from sd to an hd video. You can also add watermarks, subtitles or covert the you can either double the speed of the video or slow down the video. This article lists the best video enhancing software for you. . …

Videos can speak more than words or pictures.

Videos bring joy and happiness to your life.

You capture lifetime memories in it.

But what if the video you have shoot is in poor quality?

It cannot be worse than you find any old video blurry and shaky.

The question arises; can we improve the quality of the video?

If yes then how.

The first variant you can choose is to send your files to video editing services, describe your demands, and wait till experts will make all the needed corrections. Or, you can try editing videos on your own.

There are many video enhancer software developed just to resolve this issue.

You can use this software on android phones, windows, Mac, etc.

This article will give you a list of best video enhancer software lists which you can use to increase the quality of your videos.

These are available online easily. S

o let’s get started.

1. Aiseesoft Video Enhancer

Aiseesoft is professional video enhancer software available for both Windows and Mac. It is the combination of video enhancer and video converter tool. It is available for free for Windows and Mac operating system. Key features of Aiseesoft:

1) You can easily upscale the video resolution to 1080 HD or 4K.

2) You can remove unwanted noise to get a clear vision of the video.

3) Aiseesoft can also optimize the brightness and contrast of the video. This feature is applied automatically if the software finds the video dull.

4) You can also crop, rotate, flip and add watermark to the video easily with the help of tools.

5) The most important feature, it can reduce the video shaking to get a stable video.

Steps to enhance the video on computer

S1. Add video to the aiseesoft video enhancer-

open the software on your laptop, click add file option to import the video files for editing or enhancing.

S2. Enhancing in 4 ways

Search for “Video enhance” option in the main interface for enhancing video.

You will find four options to improve the video, first upscale resolution where you can increase the quality of video to HD.

Second is Optimize brightness and contrast which is a dedicated section for making your video color more enjoyable.

Third is remove video noise which gives a clear video after editing.

And the last is reduces video shaking which assists you to adjust the whole frame moves and get a stable video.

S3. Edit and export

after editing and enhancing the video quality, you can use the other tools to edit your video file like adding watermarks, rotating, crop or adding effects, etc. After editing click on convert to export the video. Your video will be saved after this step.


2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is widely used and powerful video enhancing software.

It can increase the quality of video in so many ways.

You must have noticed many Youtubers and bloggers use this software for editing their vlogs and videos.

It is a professional video editing software.

You need to get familiar with the software first to know about all the tools due to the wide range of functions in it.

Adobe premiere has very smooth editing tools. Key features of adobe premiere pro are:

a) You can handle simultaneous projects in it.

b) It consists of many motion graphics templates to create a creative video.

c) It has an option for VR editing, VR rotate sphere and VR audio editing. You can add multiple effects to the video and make it worth watching.

d) There are many transition templates available. You can also try its video titling and graphics.

e) It supports multiple format files like OGM, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MKV etc.

f) It has labels, Libraries and type tool to help you out while editing.

g) You can publish the video directly. You will get direct publishing option once you are done editing the video.


Adobe premiere’s interface allows users to add their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the video.

The developers of adobe premiere take care of the updates to make it more responsive and user-friendly with time. the virtual reality support is an all-time favourite of users.

VR is trending nowadays. The software also works with other Adobe products for a smooth workflow for users.

If you are working in a team for a project, you can easily connect to your partners to discuss any points. You can connect to them through Microsoft team integration which is n the software itself.

You can open one or more projects together and switch between them according to our need. It gives the user a hassle-free editing experience. It has its active customer support team which will help you in the best possible way. You can either talk to them on the phone or chat with them online to get help.

Adobe premiere is premium software but it gives free trial to users to have an idea about it before purchasing. It offers a special discount to students, schools and universities. This software is recommended to all users for professional editing experience.

3. FonePaw video converter ultimate

It tops the list because of its easy to use features and user-friendly nature. FonePaw video is a perfect choice for users who are less techie. You can easily get familiar with the software without any training. Enhancing can be done in easy steps. First add the video to the FonePaw video enhancer where you can do following editing:

a) Upscale the video resolution without losing the original quality. You can upscale 480p to 720p or 1080p, convert from SD to an HD video.

b) You can easily reduce the unwanted noise from the video by using the tools available in it.

c) Generally, average phone cameras do not capture a bright video. Here in FonePaw, you can brighten the video to make a dull video a colourful one.

d) You can crop the videos, rotate them and flip too. Videos taken from the wrong angle can be easily fixed with this tool. You can also add watermarks, subtitles or covert the video to different formats like OGM, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MKV etc.

e) The video stabilizer will fix all your shaky shots easily by adjusting the frames.

4. Avidemux

Avidemux is one of the finest video quality fixer available for most common platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has great tools for improving the videos. It is available for free for users and is quite easy to handle. It supports videos of different file formats. Multithreading is the highlight of this software. The other key features are:

1. It supports video as well as audio files while editing.

2. It can stabilize the video, reduce the noise, improve the brightness, and balance the shaky videos and adding filters to the videos.

3. It can also merge the videos of different file formats and convert them to HD resolution. It can convert from 480p to 1080p resolution.

4. It also adjusts the speed of the video. You can either double the speed of the video or slow down the video.


Here, we come to the last part of this article.

This article lists out the best video enhancing software for you and can be used on your phone or PC.

You can try out any of the recommended software listed above to improve your video.

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