21 Best Google Hangout Easter Eggs to Animate Your Chats

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Google hangouts is an all-in-one chat application that can support instant messaging, video chat, voip calls, and much it is very easy to access hangouts from your gmail account, your smartphone, or any other web-enabled device. Google’s easter eggs are no top-secret to easter eggs and other hidden projects that google hides in their apps. This way, this command has a unique gender separation actions. A male/female emoji popping out of a gift to using the “/roll” command you can roll a random die automatically in chat by default. The command is powerful enough that you can some of them may be old favorites that you already know. For newcomers to the google hangout scene, these can be fun addition. …

Every Google Hangouts user knows that you can play around with your digital doppelgänger by using the various smiley faces and emoticons on the sidebar.

But you may not know that there are a few hidden gems to discover.

Here are some of our favorites, from the silly to the just plain awesome.

We all know that that Google loves to experiment and create new messaging tools for their users while trying to find the perfect and the easiest ones.

Just in the last few years alone, Google has created Android Messages, an SMS and RCS messaging client for Android phones, Google Allo, a WhatsApp-like instant messaging service that only works on smartphones with android operating system, with no web client or tablet support, and Google Duo, a FaceTime-like video chat service.

One of our favourite chat applications from Google is Google Hangouts, an application that can support most of the features of the previous and newer apps above. Hangouts is an all-in-one chat application, which support instant messaging, video chat, VOIP calls, and much more. The app even used to support SMS messaging, though that’s been removed over the past year in an effort to refocus the app for business users primarily. Still, despite the change in spectators, Hangouts is the seamless app for anyone looking to chat with their friends, family, and loved ones around the world.

Hangouts includes a number of secrets, hidden features and much more for chatting with your friends no matter where they are.

One of our favourite features for this chatting app is Google’s animated emoji collection, which is different from any other chatting apps available in play stores;

Google emoji is activated once we use keywords and phrases to immediately activate the animations within our chats. These secrets, or ‘Easter eggs’, are admirable ways to cheer up our chat communications, no matter who you’re talking with. If you are wondering how to activate these tricks, or even what they consist of, read on we have the full guide for you below.

However, before going to the guides for Easter eggs, let us just have a look on what is Google Handout for those who do not have an idea about Hangout application.


If you have not used Google Hangouts before, you are lucky. It is very easy to access Hangouts from your Gmail account, your smartphone, or any other web-enabled device. Once you have activated Google Hangouts and logged in with your Gmail account, you can start a chat with any of your Gmail contacts right from your devices while at home or on the go.

There is a couple of ways to gain access to Google Hangouts from within Google itself.

Start by heading over to your Gmail account, and then tap the grid of icons in the top-right corner of your browser.

There you will see access to a ton of other Google applications.

If Hangouts is not showing, try tapping the “Show More” icon at the bottom of the list.

Once you get the Hangouts icon tap on it and Hangout should load in your respective browsers. Otherwise, you can click here or head to hangouts.google.com to access your Hangouts client from the web.

Accessing this app is much easier when the platform is of any smartphone. On most Android phones, Hangouts is built-in right out of the box—check your app drawer or, on Samsung devices, the included Google folder to see if Hangouts is there.

If that is the issue then you can simply load the application and login with your Google account automatically to load your friends, make video and VOIP calls, and start chatting with active hangout users.

If you have uninstalled or do not have the app on your device, the Android version is available free for download from the Google Play store.

On iOS, you can download the app free from the App Store here.

As with Android, you will have to sign in with your Google account on iOS to use the app.


An Easter egg is a secret technology with unique hidden features or tool including purposefully by developers to give folks looking for some extra content something to find. Easter eggs have been included in video games, DVD, applications, and even operating systems.

The first Easter egg was found in an Atari video game known as Adventure, where programmer Warren Robinett concealed his name within the game in spite of the corporate rules at Atari, at the time of dictating that programmers are not allowed in the credits of the game.

By that time, ample of Easter eggs have already popped up within media. these includes hiding chronologically-edited version of Christopher Nolan’s Memento, a shootable photo of John Romero in Doom 2 (the series he co-created), and Apple hiding the 1984 launch date for the original Macintosh back in 2012 when downloading applications from the Mac App Store.

Google is certainly no stranger to the art form of Easter eggs, specifically on their Android phones. Google Search functionality have frequently concealed special tricks and secrets, like “do a barrel roll” search on desktop which causes the entire screen to rotate 360 degrees.

Each version of Android has built-in separate Easter eggs, stereotypically found by heading into the about section of Android supported phones and tapping on the version number to unlock an included secret.

These have small games as a Flappy Bird-take with the Android logo, and most recently with Android Nougat, a cat-collecting minigame that lets you feed virtual pets from within your own notification tray.

Now let us start with what is an Easter egg all about and some tricks to access them easily.


Like so many other Google products, Hangouts is also no top-secret to Easter eggs and other hidden projects that Google hides in their apps for those developers and users looking for the latest fun wink and affirmation. Hangouts’ Easter eggs are especially fun and useful—not only the Easter eggs are cute but also featuring Google’s soon-to-be-discontinued blob emoji collection.

These blob emoji’s are shared among your friends, and other users all around the world. This way, unlike with most other Easter eggs hidden online and in other miscellaneous media products, these tools are not just for you—they can be shared with anyone else.


Ponystream is one of our favourite hidden Easter eggs, because it is so funny and apparently random. Typing ‘/ponystream’ into the chat box allows you to send it as a message with dozens of My Little Pony-lookalikes to run across all over the screen infinitely.

To stop the ponies, type ‘/ponystream’ again. Alternatively, you can also type ‘/ponies’, which will make a single pony, run over your screen before ending. This is certainly the strangest Easter egg hidden in Google Hangouts, but it is also one of our favourites.


Typing “woot” allows an animated blob emoji face to skulk all over the screen and laugh in your face.

Happy Birthday!!: This command has a unique gender separation actions, including a male/female emoji popping out of a gift to surprise the other users, or a cake on a cart pushed by a fox and a small bird for animal lovers.

Happy New Year!

– Like the Happy Birthday!

Command, Happy New Year!

Sends a fox and a goose onto your display to rejoice, accompanied by fireworks.

however, this seems to work only on the first of the year.


This classic command brings another yellow, laughing emoji-like face into view, somewhat similar to that of WhatsApp emoji or emoji in any other app.

Other commands, including “lolol,” also trigger this command.


Instead of forwarding a particular message, your phone will automatically send a text-based kaomoji flipping over a table.

/shydino: if you type is command you will get to see tiny green dinosaur to creep across the chat window and hide behind an equally tiny house.


This command changes the background colour of your chat window. It chooses some random colours, however, so if you do not like the first colour, you will have to keep repeating this process.


sends a horde of pitchfork-carrying people running all over your screen.


– Similar command is somewhat similar to that of woot! Command, woohoo! Gives you a fox and goose who shortly celebrates on your display.


This command can automatically give in your name into the chat. For example, if you write “/me likes this” then your friend on the other end correspondingly receive “(Your Name) likes this”


Gives you a laughing yellow emoji similar to that in WhatsApp.


you can know bring back your all-time favourite and loved Futurama of both Fox and Comedy Central by using this command. Hangouts will automatically send a specific ASCII version of this crab walk.


This is one of our all-time favourites. Though shruggie is now a complete developed emoji, nothing really beats the classic kaomoji sign icon. Type /shruggie to send ¯_ (ツ) _/¯ to your users instead.


This command will show a giggling emoji on the left side of the chat room.


This will trigger a fox and men duck on your display. All this makes your chat more enjoyable.


using the “/roll” command you can roll a random die automatically in chat by default. Using “/roll” you can automatically standard D6, but Google has made this command powerful enough that you can change the die you’re rolling by inputting the name of the die after it.


you can impress your group with a friendly crab icon. Just type V.v.V and hit enter to send a crab to whoever you are having conversions with.

The Konami Code-

this will remind you off old-school video gamers the Konami Code as being a sequence of moves that would grant special powers to a video game character.

Open your chat window and the cursor in your chat to hit the following keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, and the Enter key. This even changes your chat background to a beautiful mountain at the time of hitting the above-mentioned keys.


there is nothing much cuter than a corgi and I can prove you wrong by creating an animated corgi on both sides of the chat. You need to type “/corgis”.


this command allows you to record your Hangouts conversation including your special Easter eggs. However, be very sure to read our guide on how to record a Hangout or you might just want to learn how to share your screen with the other people in your Hangout.


It is very important to remember that whenever you are trying use Easter egg features you need to be very specific while writing the commands because you have the commands in the same way as mentioned above.

If you are missing any small piece of grammar, punctuation, or anything else required to put the command into action, the command will not work.

Finally, it is worth noting that some of these will only work on mobile platforms that supports android, while some will only work on desktop platforms. Keep experimenting and testing all your favourite emoji and keep checking back to see new updates or additional action lists.

As most people know, Google Hangouts are a great way to enjoy a video chat with a group of friends.

However, did you know that there are a number of Google Hangout Easter Eggs that you can use to animate your chats?

Some of them may be old favorites that you already know, but for newcomers to the Google Hangout scene, these can be fun additions to your conversations.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

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