Have you ever wondered how do windows actually work?

Probably the toughest question and quite straight forward as well.

But don’t worry I am not asking to elaborate it.

Do you know that window 10 is currently the most used OS (operating system) in the world of computer? After all it offers various features and options to the users which make it pretty flexible for them.

All this is possible due to the several processes that go behind the screen: to be precise inside the screen.

Among all the process going one of them, we will study in this article which is known as dismhost.exe.

It is very important for the functioning of windows 10.

Some of you might have heard this word first time but don’t worry as I will be starting from A.

All you need to do is follow me with this article.

What is dismhost.exe?

The first and the foremost question after hearing or seeing this word will be what it is all about?

DISM Host Servicing Process is one of the most significant procedures found in Windows 10 that are running in your experience.

DISM Host represents Deployment Image Servicing Management Host and it handles the way toward mounting just as unmounting the Windows Image File when your PC is introducing refreshes.

Because of this explanation, the DISM Host process is continually running out of sight as without it Windows 10 may get undermined while introducing an update.

This procedure handles the mounting and unmounting of Windows 10 all alone without requiring a client’s help.

Additionally, DISM is life deliverer utility in Windows 10/8 and 7, when you have any issue with Windows 10 highlights or applications that quits working, and by utilizing DISM you can reestablish adulterated or erased framework records effectively and reestablish broken usefulness.

Bunches of Windows 10 issues can be fixed by utilizing DISM where SFC (System File Checker) fails to fix.

What causes high CPU and disk usage?

What could be the causes that lead to this problem?

In this sub topic, I will be telling you about the causes which basically are:

While this procedure works with no issues generally, now and then the client may confront issues in Windows 10 because of it.

After Windows has introduced an update, the dismhost.exe procedure may cause high CPU utilization on your PC.

This can be very baffling as it influence the presentation of every single other program introduced on your PC.

Such an issue can be caused due to malware and different infections present in your computer. Malware can utilize the dismhost.exe to complete their tasks which brings about high CPU use.

Aside from that undermined Windows updates or issues with the dismhost.exe procedure itself can likewise bring about high CPU use on Windows 10.

Is it virus or malware?

The perception so formed might be on the negative side about the dismhost.exe as of now. But it is really true? Let’s find the answer to this question as well.

Dismhost.exe is generally found in the temporary files and folder of the windows.

The standard area for dismhost.exe is

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\2E9B2DBD-13AA-4635-8A7F-2DF6476FCAEC\ or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\69868891-5D94-42C8-BD85-3458784BB3DB\

Different areas where you may likewise discover dismhost.exe are Windows/System32/DISM/or C: /Users/Admin/neighborhood settings/temp.

It’s 100% safe Windows executable procedure and not the infection or malware. Antivirus regularly winds up hailing dismhost.exe because of its conduct however it’s progressively like bogus positive and you can securely overlook it.

Ways to fix

This issue can cause high CPU use, fixing it turns out to be very significant. Provided that you don’t fix the dismhost.exe procedure immediately, you will confront a poor figuring experience because of high CPU utilization. However, as this issue can be caused because of various reasons, there is no particular method to fix it. Rather, you need to evaluate various things to effectively fix the dismhoste.exe DISM Host Servicing Process High CPU Usage issue in Windows 10.

By disabling super fetch service in the windows:

Super fetch is a valuable element of Windows 10 as it pre-loads information into your memory. It just trains different procedures on your PC to do so utilizing CPU and memory of your PC.
Step 1: press the window key and R at the same time in order to invoke the run box


Step 2: over here type services.msc and press enter. After which service utility will pop up


Step 3: search for super fetch and right click on it to open the properties


Step 4: inside the properties window, press on the stop super fetch process.

Step 5: select disabled option present next to the startup type


Step 6: click on the ok option and then restart your computer. After doing this it will fix the dismhost.exe problem.

By disabling the BITS in the windows:

BITS represent Background Intelligent Transfer Service which basically moves the Windows Update documents out of sight. Furthermore, this procedure additionally moves the Windows Image which is mounted by the DISM Host Servicing Process.

Step 1: open the services utility from the windows search option


Step 2: search for the background intelligent transfer service option


Step 3: right click on it and open the properties of it

Step 4: select disabled option present next to the startup type


Step 5: click on the ok option and then restart your computer. After doing this it will fix the dismhost.exe problem.

By uninstalling dismhost.exe

By doing so, you can remove the dismhost.exe from your computer.

Step 1: open the control panel

Step 2: then click on the uninstall program option

Step 3: search for the desired program which you want to delete

Step 4: click on the uninstall option


I hope the solution provided above fixes the problem of your dismhost.exe. You all must have seen the solutions provided are very basic and there is nothing much hard or complex to do in order to fix it. However it might take bit of your time but at the end you will be able to access your work with ease and comfort.