At a glance, it might look as an allientated word. Something to which we aren’t much familiar but that’s isn’t the case.

If you all look carefully at the topic, you might see something very relatable or something you have previously encountered with.

Yes, it’s an error statement which occur on your tv screen due to various reasons.

The error is annoying as it interrupts your tv-ing experience and you wonder, now what?

I assume most of the readers could relate to this problem as this is something which is faced by many of us.

The only question that arises after seeing this error message is what now?

How to fix this?

Thereby I will be telling you some of the methods in order to fix comcast ref code S0a00.

Go with me with the article and follow each and every steps and you might solve the problem on your own.

What is comcast?

Comcast is very renowned cable service provider in the world. It is the biggest compensation TV specialist organization and furthermore one of the most utilized ISP in the USA.

It gives numerous media transmission benefits and is headquartered in Philadelphia. Xfinity is likewise their auxiliary and is very famous too. It basically provides:

  • cables for the tv
  • Internet with descent speed
  • Home and telephone security


Now the next question that arises is why this problem occur.

What are the reasons?

Let’s see

1. External loading

As per the reports this problem occured only at the prime time, when a lot of users are using the same network at the same time.

External loading is something which is uncontrollable and has very minute loop holes in order to fix them.

2. Activation problem

This issue is caused because of an issue with your enactment.

In the event that your TV Box hasn’t been activated at this point or is pending initiation, this issue may be caused.

It is ideal to contact the client assistance and check if your enactment has been handled or not.

3. TV issue

The TV setup might be out of order due to which loading of some channels might be causing this issue.

Therefore it is suggested to first check the cable box of the tv.

4. Loose links

In the event that the links aren’t connected effectively to the link box or the TV, this issue may be activated. It is ideal to check for any free links or flawed links which may be the reason for the blunder.

Solutions to fix the problem

After having knowledge about comcast and understanding the reasons behind the problem.

Now it’s time to see what are the possible solutions in order to overcome this issue.

However there aren’t much solutions but few of them listed might solve it.

  1. Power cycling
  2. Checking coaxial cable wires
  3. Customer support

1. Power cycling

On the off chance that there are sure issues with the gadgets engaged with the association, they may be because of a startup glitch or degenerate dispatch designs.

Hence, in this progression, we will be totally Power Cycling the gadgets by removing their capacity and disposing of all the put away power

Step 1: unplug the power from the tv, cable box

Step 2: press and hold power button for around 10 sec.

Step 3: plug in the power supply and connect the cables(if detached)

Step 4: wait for the device to load and see if the problem is solved or not.

2. Checking coaxial cable wires

Step 1: unplug the power from the tv, cable box

Step 2: remove the coaxial cables from the setup box

Step 3: re-plug in the cables and check if they are properly connected or not

Step 4: start your system again and see if the problem is fixed or not.

3. Customer support

If any of the mentioned methods didn’t work then it’s better to call at customer service as they will provide you the required solution apart from the mentioned one.

They might even send examiners in order to evaluate the problem and come up with the necessary solution.


I hope the solutions provided might solve comcast ref code S0a00 problem and you will be able to re enjoy your television experience.

You all must have seen the solutions provided are very baic and there is nothing much hard or complex to do in order to solve this problem.

However, customer support might take bit of your time but in the end you will be able to access your television with ease and comfort.