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Have you ever experienced those pesky Wii error codes?

As a Wii owner, you may have been brought to tears when you realized that your gaming system had been hacked.

Whether it’s a Wii that is refusing to read disks or has been damaged as a result of a power surge, knowing how to get your system running again is important.

Errors in Nintendo

Error code 51330 is a specific network-related error code of the Nintendo Wii, this error means that the connection is failed, which means the console is not able to connect to the internet access point or the wireless router.

In most of the cases, the root cause of this error is that the router is not providing internet access to the console because of entering an incorrect password or security type for the router or due to configuration of console’s Internet settings.

In some cases, this problem is caused due to some other issue on the access point’s end or wireless interference.

Like error code 51330, there are a ton of similar network-related errors on the Nintendo Wii that have the same causes as error code 51330 and the following solutions can be used if these error codes occur:

Error code 50299

It messes up one’s head when the console is unable to connect to an online service or feature because of the settings for the access point. The console is trying to use have been misconfigured or haven’t been configured at all.

Error code 51030

It can be seen when no wireless network that is in range of the console is configured into it or compatible with it, and the console tries to do anything that requires an internet connection.

Error code 52030

It indicates that the password for the wireless network the console is currently trying to connect to is incorrect. It means that the password may have been changed or was constituted incorrectly on the console.

Error code 52130/51330

Error Code 52130 is seen when a Wii console fails an internet connection test.

Anyone affected by the error code 51330, the cause of the problem exists, and as exist possible solutions to the error.

nintendo switch

Besides, other Wii network-errors such as those described above have the same possible reasons as error code 51330, as they also share standard solutions.

Any solution that you use to try and get rid of error code 51330 can also be used to try and get rid of anyone of a host of other network-related error codes on the Nintendo Wii.

Solutions for the above errors

Solution 1: Restart your Router

The most common cause of internet connectivity issues is when you are trying to access the internet through a wireless access point and there is some problem with the wireless router.

In such cases, the router can be reset by restarting it, and whatever is causing the issue usually gets resolved on its own.

Here’s how you can restart your wireless router:

  1. Turn the Wi-fi router off.
  2. Unplug the router from its power switch.
  3. Wait for around 90-120 seconds for the router to be successfully power cycled.
  4. Plug the router back into its power switch.
  5. Turn the Wi-fi router on.
  6. Connect back to the access point from your Wii and check to see whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 2: Changing the Security Type for Console’s Connection

If your console has an inappropriate internet connection security type configured into it, you might face the error code 51330 every time, you try to connect to the internet via the Wii console.

If this is the case, changing the connection security type to “WPA2-PSK (AES)” will resolve this problem. In order to do this, you need to:

  1. Get in the Wii Menu.
  2. Press the Wii button on the console’s remote.
  3. Select “Wii Settings.”
  4. In the System Settings menu of Wii, use the arrow on right side of the screen to move to the second page, and select the “Internet” option once you’re at the next page.
  5. Select the option “Connection Settings.”
  6. Select the connection profile that you are currently using.
  7. Select “Change Settings.”
  8. Now use the arrow on the right side of the screen to move to the second page, and select the option of “Type of Security.”
  9. Select type of security “WPA2-PSK (AES).” (If the access point to which you are trying to connect to the internet, has a different type of security configuration, select that configuration instead of WPA2-PSK (AES))
  10. Enter the router or access point’s password into the password field that appears and then select OK.
  11. Select Save, then select OK.

Your console will now begin testing the connection using the newly configured security parameters.

Solution 3: Right Password for the Wireless Network

This is the most common cause of the error code 51330, entering the wrong password for the wireless network through which you are trying to access the internet being configured on your Wii console.

If this is the case, simply making sure that the console is using the right password to connect to the access point should get rid of the problem.

For applying this solution, you are going to access your “Wii console’s wireless network settings”,

  1. Select your connection network name.
  2. When you are asked to type in the password for the network, make sure you enter the right password for the network into the provided password field.
  3. Make sure to check the connection to see if you are now having the internet access, once you are done configuring the right password for your network.

Solution 4: Router’s Wireless Mode Is Compatible with Your Wii Console

Nintendo’s Wii console supports the 802.11g and 802.11b wireless formats.

And if your wireless router is using a different wireless mode, you might get into error code 51330 when you are trying to access the internet through the same access point.

Here it turns out that the main cause behind error code 51330 in your case is surely an incompatible wireless mode.

To get the solution to this problem:

Move into your “wireless router’s settings” (instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but can be easily found online or in any of the user’s manual that came with the router), change the wireless mode to the one that is compatible with your Wii console.

Once you are done, simply connect to the access point by the use of your Wii console and check again to see if you can now successfully connect to the internet or not.

The Nintendo Wii was released in 2006 and is no longer in production. However, you can still find used models on sites like Craigslist and eBay, and they are still popular enough to draw scammers who try to sell broken systems to unsuspecting buyers. If you suspect you have one of these broken systems, you can check your Wii error code with a simple cheat code.