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Best Radiator Fans in 2020

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Radiator fans push the air through the radiator core or pull in through. The main job of the radiator fan is to cool the engine and pc down. There are many factors to choose the fans with low fpi may operate better with airflow-optimized fans. A thickness of around 35 m is considered low whereas 50 mm is considered high. This updated nf-f series, fans come in two colors of black and brown shade. They are the best choice one could have on radiator fans. These fans are manufactured in a way to optimize their static pressure. The quiet edition is locked at a lower rpm which makes the work even quieter. Corsair uses. …

Life has been very cold since we were born, we always needed some heat to keep ourselves warm.

But when the heat surpasses the warmth we needed, it becomes irritating. Boiling blood is always unstable.

So we again try to find out a way to cool ourselves down!

“The thing with heat is, no matter how cold you are, no matter how much you need warmth, it always, eventually, becomes too much.” , These words by Victoria Aveyard are completely true.

If this is the condition of the most complex machine on the earth, then definitely all the other machines require an external source to cool them down.

The more it gets heated up, the more malfunctions there will be. Most of us find slow songs or music cool us down.

But can songs cool machines too?

Of Course Not!

They need coolants to cool them down. All the machines have their own cooling systems.

Even Computers which are considered as one of the greatest inventions of all time need a coolant to avoid malfunctioning. Radiator fans serve as their slow songs to cool them down.

When I start speaking about some device or try to introduce a device through my words. The first thing I hear from all is “Tell me the best products!”, “Where could I find them?”, “How long would they work?”.

Anyone who just wants to know the best radiator fans can skip all these paragraphs and move on to the product details.

Let’s know first, what is the radiator fan?

Radiator fans push the air through the radiator core or pull in through. It cools the antifreeze which circulates through all the blocks and reduces the engine temperature. The main job of the radiator fan is to cool the engine and PC down.

All the fans seem to have the same function but their designs and sizes may vary with the requirements. It was a small intro on the radiator fan, but what we need from a radiator fan is sufficient cooling power and as little noise as possible.

There are many more factors to choose the best one among them. Some factors that we need to look out for are:

  • Static pressure and Air Flow
  • Connection type
  • Noise
  • FPI

Static Pressure

When the air gets deflected away due to radiator fins or dust filters. It is the force with which air is expelled and the air can overcome all its obstacles.

When buying a radiator fan, the first thing to consider for proper airflow is how many radiators are you going to fit in the case.

There exists a rule, where we should create 240 mm fan spaces per main-component that needs to be cooled. Then two components may be added to 120 mm of fan space per component.

If you have more radiators and a number of fans, then the components that you need to fix in your case might get lowered in their number.


Cooling radiator’s fins are responsible for eliminating heat from the radiator. The greater the FPI, the greater the surface area for cooling. Higher FPI design defines that higher static pressure is required to penetrate the fins.

The greater the FPI, the greater the noise produced. So fans with lower FPI are preferred. Thick radiators with low FPI may operate better with airflow-optimized fans.

Thick radiators are also preferred over thin since they operate well with any range of RPM. A thickness of around 35 m is considered low whereas 50 mm is considered high.

Connection type

Connection type

Radiator fans can be connected to the motherboard in two ways, either a 3 pin or 4 pins header. But what makes the difference among them?

3-pin connections allow fan speed to be altered by the supplied voltage using fan speed software.

The 4 pin connection is also known as a pulse with modulation signaling connection, which gives finer control to fan speed based on the surroundings and prevents it from stop-starting.

I guess this much information is enough for a buyer to buy a good radiator fan. Let’s now lookout for the best fans in the market.

  1. Noctua NF-F Chromax
  2. Be quiet! Silent wings 3
  3. Corsair ML PRO
  4. Corsair SP – Static Pressure 

Noctua NF-F Chromax

Noctua NF-F Chromax

Size:120 mm,140 mm


RPM(max):1500 RPM

Air Flow:93.4 m3/h

Noise Level: 22.4dB(A)

Static Pressure: 2.61 mm H

This cool looking radiator fan is available in 120 mm and 140 mm versions. Noctua Fans stand as the leading radiator fans in the markets. These are usually available as 4-pin fans with a capacity of 1500 RPM to the max. It produces a noise of only 22 dB.

They are not only super-duper quiet but also stand top in performance. These fans come integrated with Anti-Vibration Silicon pads which suppresses all the noise that is produced when the fan is operating.

This fan is way ahead of all the other fans in the competition. In this updated NF-F series, fans come in two colors of black and brown shade. These fans would be the best choice one could ever have on radiator fans.


  • Silent Operation
  • High static pressure


  • Expensive

Be quiet! Silent wings 3

  • Be quiet! Silent wings 3
  • Size : 120 mm,140 mm
  • Bearing: Fluid Dynamics
  • RPM (max): 1000RPM
  • Air Flow : 101.09 m3/h
  • Noise Level : 15.5dB(A)
  • Static Pressure : 1.8 mm H

This little black giant is one of the premium brands: Be quiet!

They manufacture many computer parts and accessories. They manufacture the most silent radiator fans. Silent Wings 3 may be far away from Noctua but when it comes to buying a cheaper one with the second-best features.

It would be a great option.

It has an extraordinary speed of 1600 RPM, with an airflow of 77.57 CFM with normal static pressure. Even at its highest RPM, it produces a minimum amount of noise.


  • High static pressure
  • Silent operation
  • Great Airflow


  • A little expensive

Corsair ML PRO

Corsair ML PRO

  • Size: 120 mm,140 mm
  • Bearing : Magnetic Levitation
  • RPM (max): 2400 RPM
  • Air Flow : 75 m3/h
  • Noise Level : 37 dB(A)
  • Static Pressure : 4.2 mm H

Corsair is a well-known brand known by gamers and tech maniacs. They manufacture all gaming assets.

Their products are the coolest looking products available on the market. These cool designers manufacture cooling products.

Doesn’t it sound even cooler!

This ML- Series uses magnetic-levitation bearings to reduce the amount of friction and controls the production of noise. These fans can also be mounted onto air coolers, It would be seen as a solution for the radiators and will be liquid cooling.

These are present in two variants 140 mm and 120 mm. Both of them run at 400-1200 RPM.

With a static pressure of 1.27 mm-H2.

Produces less noise at low to mid RPM but is louder at higher RPM.

You can even buy an additional light controller to customize the lighting. These fans provide a good cooling solution for your overworked systems, adds to visual and aesthetics.


  • RGB lighting
  • High static pressure
  • Magnetic Levitation Bearings


  • Expensive
  • Requires Lighting controller

Corsair SP120 and SP140

Corsair SP120

  • Size : 120 mm,140 mm
  • Bearing : Hydraulic
  • RPM(max) : 1400RPM
  • Air Flow : 52 m3/h
  • Noise Level : 26 dB(A)
  • Static Pressure : 1.45 mm H

Here comes Corsair once again. But this one is not from the ML series.

These fans are manufactured in a way to optimize their static pressure.

These are available in 2 variants, one is quiet and the other being performance.

These fans stand as a great option for your case coolant. The quiet edition is locked at a lower RPM which makes the work even quieter.

This SP series fan features PWM(Pulse With Modulation) for increasing the speed of the fan.

The fan blades are designed greatly to maximize the static pressure and reduce the noise produced.

These fans are quite good and fascinating aesthetically and come with the option to customize all their visuals.

Corsair uses rubberized edges for the damping sound. These fans stand as a great choice for liquid cooling. They have good looks hence they stand a good chance against all other products.


  • Inexpensive
  • High Static Pressure
  • Visual customization


  • None

These four products stand as the best of four in the growing market. They might change their position or something new may come in between them.

Choosing the best one for you is always your choice.

Noctua may stand as a formidable opponent for other fans, but it’s quite expensive that not all the buyers may choose it.

After buying you need to maintain the fan properly to maintain its performance and increase its durability.

All these products are available in E-Markets and take your time to read most of the reviews before choosing the product.

Choices are never to made for the right one, they are made for the best option present at that moment!

Never be afraid of choosing the wrong one. Choose the best one for your case and cool them down as a symphony does to your mind.

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