Best CPU Cooler Apps for Android

Short Notes:
The cpu cooler is designed to protect your system from overheating. It saves battery power and kills unnecessary background running processes. Phone cooling app cools down your phone with a cooling mode. The cooling mode decreases the temperature of the device. It cool it monitors the real-time temperature of your phone and shows it on a unique screen. Cpu cooler auto-detects. …

The CPU cooler is designed to protect your system from damage by reducing the overheat and cool down your Android phone quickly.

Sometimes it improves the efficiency and stability of your system.

There is a bunch of reasons behind your Android phone’s overheating. Like- Using Apps which consume battery very fast, playing games for a long time, etc.

But don’t worry!!

best cpu cooler apps for android

Whatever the reason we will give you some best CPU cooler Apps for Android phones.

Best Phone CPU Cooler Apps for Android

There are a variety of CPU Cooler apps available on the Google Play Store. Some are free, some are paid. But which one is the best in terms of performance and effectiveness? After taking a look at the best apps in the market currently, we’ve selected some. They all work on both phones and tablets, though we’ve only written a short review for phones here.

Cooling Master-Phone Cooler

Cooling Master is a professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that reduces the CPU temperature and cools down your Android phone. It also cleans RAM and increases battery life.

This phone cooler app monitors device temperature and analyzes CPU usage dynamically and it finds the apps which cause overheating then it closes those apps and prevents the overheating. It gives you another feature. It helps you to identify the spam calls.

Size 9.83MB
Ratings 4.5
Downloads 10M+
Price Free

Finally Clean-Booster, CPU Cooler

Finally Clean is a phone cooler app which has multiple features. It works on an optimization algorithm, based on deep learning of Android learning and it boosts, cleans and cools down the CPU. It cleans up the junk files, boosts your phone’s RAM and also cools down your device.

So it saves battery life.

Finally clean gives high working efficiency and improves mobile performance. Finally clean avoid mobile to get freezing, laggy or lack of space. It also provides customized cleaning options.

Size 5.9MB
Ratings 4.8
Downloads 1M+
Price Free

Phone Cool Down-Cooling Master & Battery Cooler

Phone Cool Down app cools down your phone temperature very fast. It saves battery power. It kills the unnecessary background running processes and cleans junk data and temporary files and free-up the cache memory. Therefore it cools down your machine immediately.

Phone cool down app optimizes the system by the processor, cooler and CPU enhancer and boosts phone speed. It gives you a warning when your phone gets overheated. It is one of the best cooling apps, so download it quickly and save your phone.

Size 3.4MB
Ratings 4.6
Downloads 500k+
Price Free

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master (Speed Booster)

Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master App cools down your phone with a cooling mode. The cooling mode decreases the temperature of the device. It cools down your phone with one tap. It gives a reminder when the phone gets overheated.

Phone cooler CPU cooler master analyses automatically and makes a list of telephone heating applications. It controls the temperature in real-time. It is the best CPU cooler for Android.

Size 3.4MB
Ratings 4.5
Downloads 1M+
Price Free

Phone Cooler Master

Phone Cooler Master app closes all app which causes overheating to reduce CPU usage and cools down your device. It displays the temperature on the chart. It prevents overheating and prevents the phone temperature from rising again.

It also has other features –

  • Cleans your cache memory.
  • Increases battery life.
  • Optimizes the speed.
  • Gives real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Displays temperature change curves.
  • Detects overheating dynamically.
Size 5.0MB
Ratings 4.3
Downloads 100K+
Price Free

Phone Cooler Master 2020

Phone Cooler Master 2020 is the best CPU cooler and it cools down your phone temperature. It is a simple, user-friendly Android app. It helps you to measure the temperature of the device. It enhances the overall performance of your device.

It has the following features –

  • Real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Overheating detection.
  • Cools down the device temperature.
  • Prevents overheating.
Size 3.1MB
Ratings 4.5
Downloads 100K+
Price Free

CPU Cooler-Cooling Master, Phone Cleaner Booster

Cooling Master: It detects the heavy battery consuming apps and closes them with your permission and reduces the phone temperature.

Phone Cleaner Booster: It cleans the cache, junk memory and boosts the memory for speed up of your device.

Other functions-

  • Real-time CPU temperature.
  • Speeds up your device.
  • Saves the power of your device.
Size 7.8MB
Ratings 4.6
Downloads 5M+
Price Free

Cooler Master PRO- CPU Cooler- Phone Cooler

Cooler Master PRO is a temperature controlling smartphone cooling app. It cools down your phone by decreasing your CPU usage. It displays phone temperature using live graphs.

It is slightly different from other CPU cooler apps. It works on a special algorithm. It uses the overheating protection algorithm which saves your battery. It is also a battery cooler app.

Size 3.7MB
Ratings 4.5
Downloads 100K+
Price Free

Super Phone Cooler

Super Phone Cooler is a very simple phone cooling and battery cooling app which cools down your device. It tracks the real-time temperature of your phone. It displays the temperature in both graphical and numeric forms and provides you the accurate results every second.

Size 5.3MB
Ratings 4.7
Downloads 10K+
Price Free

Best Phone Cooler

Best Phone Cooler app easily controls the temperature of the phone with cooler master and cools down your device.

It monitors CPU temperature in real-time and shows it on a unique screen. When you click on the “Cool Down” button then CPU cooler auto-detects the overheating apps and controls those apps to reduce the temperature of your Android phone. Another feature of this app is that it can easily convert the temperature unit. Just you have to click on the menu settings to change the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Size 6.3MB
Ratings 4.3
Downloads 100K+
Price Free

If you don’t want to use any cooling apps then you can also do it manually.

    • Keep your phone away from the high-temperature place and keep it in a cool place.
    • Power off your device.




    for a long time.
  • Do not use two or three apps at once.
  • Always use the original charger and data cable. Never use any other charger.


There are a million apps out there that let you monitor your CPU usage, but not many that actually let you control it as well. Today, we’ll be looking at 5 of the best CPU cooler apps for Android that not only show you how hot your phone is running, but also give you options like toggling your CPU frequencies and GPS to save your battery.

A hot phone is never a good thing to have. Overheating may cause permanent damage to your phone.

So what do you think?

Try any one of these apps and protect your phone.