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11* Best Windows 10 Dark Themes 2021

Short Notes:
Dark themes are useful in many situations and will make your pc look more professional and stylish. There are many dark themes available on the internet if you are not able to get windows 10 official dark theme, you have to manually change the themes of these apps to dark. This theme darkens window from control panel to windows explorer. But it’s not available by default in windows 10 so you have to penumbra 10 theme is one of those windows 10 only themes so no older windows operating system can run this theme. If you are the theme is made for windows 10 users, so if you install the theme in previous versions then your system may break down. You have the theme you downloaded place the downloaded folder into c:windowsresourcesthemes. Activate the theme by placing the theme folder cleodesktop is the developer behind the theme. It deploys a contrasting light gray color. There are six. …

Windows 10 has become very popular now.

If you have a PC with Windows 10 installed, then you will need a dark theme as your Windows 10 PC theme. Dark themes are useful in many situation and will make your PC look more professional and stylish. There are many dark themes available on the Internet. But choosing the best dark theme for your Windows 10 PC is not an easy task.

Every new laptop has Windows 10 installed in it, although there are many themes available for Windows 10 but Windows 10 dark themes are special as they don’t only look cool on our computer also they are eye-friendly i.e they put less strain on our eyes.

Windows 10 dark themes are best suited for rooms where light is very low or its dark.

So, in this article, we present you 10 best Windows 10 dark themes which are free to download and will look awesome on your Laptop or PC.

Many software, Programs and Games only support Windows and many of the computer users use Windows as there primary Operating System Windows is dominating this industry but Nothing is perfect and windows also have a flaw which is lack of themes but recently Microsoft launched new native Dark theme for Windows 10.

No more Eyestrain by that White and Blue theme now we can go dark on our favorite operating system.

But there are many dark themes available on the internet so which one should you get?

Well we are here to solve your problem. In this article we will provide you a list of the “Best Dark Themes for Windows 10”.

So keep on Reading.

We are going to list the themes in decreasing order like “from worst to best” recommendation list.

But always remember there is no “Bad Product” they are all good it just depends on your taste for the product hence the ranking of the list does not really matters.

1. Windows 10 Official Dark Theme

windows 10 dark themes

Microsoft has removed the official native dark theme from Windows 10 for which some users have criticized Windows 10. Although you can set high contrast option to make the theme dark but it’s not pleasant to the eye. In order to enable Windows 10 Official Dark Theme, you have to do Windows 10 Anniversary update. After the update, you can set the dark theme on your device.

Steps to follow to enable Windows 10 Official Dark Theme is:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Personalization
  3. Colors

Now here you can select themes you like. There is an option to select Dark Theme so you can select it. But one problem is that the dark color would not be effective on third-party applications such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Office. For that you have to manually change the themes of these apps to dark. If you are not able to get Windows 10 Anniversary update? No problem, now you have to do some tweaks to enable dark theme.

Let’s look at the tweak we have to perform:

  1. Goto Start and then click on Run or type Windows key + r.
  2. No in Run Command box type regedit (this is for registry edit).
  3. Now in the window that comes, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionThemesPersonalize.
  4. Create a DWORD value named AppsUseLightTheme with value 0.
  5. Goto HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionThemesPersonalize.
  6. Again, create a new DWORD named AppsUseLightTheme and set its value to 0.
  7. Restart your computer.


In old times I mean like before 2017 we could change the Windows 10 to dark mode via registry hack but in the holy year of 2017 Microsoft finally introduced a System wide Windows 10 dark theme.

If you are using the most recent version of Windows 10 then just navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colors and scroll down to the bottom and then set the default app mode to Dark.

The theme is official so it changes the windows system apps and Microsoft store apps. You will need to change other third party apps Manually.

Now after this all Window Apps would be running on the Dark Theme. However, its best to do windows 10-anniversary update and we wouldn’t recommend this as its substitute.

Also if you want to revert back the change so you can delete the new registry entry(AppsUseLightTheme) or you can change its value to 1 for applying Light Theme.

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2. Nocturnal W10 (Best Windows 10 Dark Theme)

windows 10 dark themes

As the name suggests nocturnal, this theme is Dark and you would love using it. This theme is compatible only with Windows 10 and not previous versions such as Windows 7 or 8. Its fast, clean and its dark color looks awesome with Windows 10. The beauty of this theme is that it darkens window from Control Panel to Windows Explorer, i.e each part of your Windows 10 will be changed to Dark. But it’s not available by default in Windows 10 so you have to install it.

First, you have to download these four third-party applications. These are:

  1. Classic Shell
  2. UXStyle
  3. Win Aero
  4. OldNewExplorer

After Downloading them, you can use the official guide(which is given at theme download page) to install the Nocturnal W10 theme. After downloading the theme, you have to install font named Sans Semibold. This font is added to the Nocturnal W10 theme so if you don’t install this font then the theme would not give the best experience. This is one of the best Windows 10 Dark Themes. Do give it a try.

Visit Nocturnal W10 Official Theme Website here.

This theme is the arguably the most complex to install. This theme is a Windows nly theme it will not work on the older version of the operating system.


You will need four software to install this theme and they are as follows

  • OldNewExplorer
  • Classic Shell
  • UXThemePatcher
  • Blank.TFF

After installing all the above mentioned tools you will need to run Blank.REG then Copy the theme folder to “%windir%/Resources/Themes” When ready, patch your system using UXThemePatcher.

After all the complex process the most easy step is just to navigate as follows Settings > personalization > Themes and finally chose your theme and enjoy your new theme.

3. Dark/Gray Official Windows 10 Dark Theme

windows 10 dark themes

Although this theme is not available by default in Windows Themes option. You can Download this theme here. You have to paste the Downloaded files to %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsThemes. Now you can select this theme and enjoy Windows 10 dark theme. Best thing is that it changes everything to Dark color including all applications such as File Explorer, My Computer, and all other applications. The theme is not completely dark but its light gray in color. You may install it if you don’t like dark themes to be completely black.

4. Penumbra 10 Windows 10 Dark Edition

windows 10 dark themes

This theme is for Windows 10 only and not for previous Windows Versions.

This theme uses non-varying contrast and doesn’t have any unpleasant colors on the theme. So you would love this theme. But this is not Windows 10 default theme, so you have to download some third-party applications to install and run this theme.

Cation: There can be some problems with the theme such as text not visible, so it is advised to take a System Restore point.

Steps to install Penumbra 10 theme are:

  1. Download and install UXStyle Patch.
  2. Open the tool and using this Disable Ribbon UI.
  3. Download Penumbra 10 Theme and then copy ‘Visual Style’ folder into “C:WindowsResourcesThemes”.
  4. Now you can set Penumbra 10 theme via Right Click on Desktop > click Personalize option > Goto Themes > Then Theme Settings. From here from the available themes, select Penumbra W10 and Apply it.

This theme is also one of those Windows 10 only theme so no older windows operating system can run this theme.


If you are one of those guys who don’t like or hate jarring contrasts or unpleasant colors anywhere on your screen then this theme is tailor made for you.

Now you have to go through another complex procedures but before that you have to download these three files.

  • The UXThemePatcher
  • OldNewExplorer
  • The theme itself

Now then roll up your sleeves and get ready for another round of coffee and follow these steps

First install “Open Sans font” don’t worry it is included in the theme folder you downloaded. Next install UXThemePatcher and then finally install OldNewExplorer.

Next, Let’s do something easy let’s copy the theme’s “Visual Style” folder to “%windir%/Resources/Themes”. Hang in there now go ahead and reboot your computer.

Now take a deep breath and navigate to Settings > personalization > Themes and select your theme and done. You can now enjoy your theme.

If you still have some energy and you want something more from this theme then go ahead and customize it you can do it by changing Taskbar’s color and opacity. The tool is available on theme’s DeviantArt page.

5. Ades Dark Theme – Dark Windows 10 Themes

windows 10 dark themes

Ades Dark Theme is one of the most awesome Windows 10 Dark Themes. It is not completely dark but a mixture of grey and some light dark or soft colors. But still, it is good for getting rid of eye-strains and is soothing to eyes. The theme contains a mixture of Soft Blue, Green and Grey color combinations in various parts of the Screen. You can look at how awesome this theme looks in the Ades Dark Theme Screenshot given below.

The theme is made for Windows 10 users, so if you install the theme in previous Windows versions then you may experience some issues. Good thing is that installation of this theme is very easy.

Steps to download and install the theme:

  1. Download Ades theme here.
  2. Recommended: Make a System Restore Point ( As if you install the wrong version of theme then your system may Break Down)
  3. You have to use UXThemePatcher a third-party tool for patching to install third-party themes.
  4. Open the tool and using this Disable Ribbon UI.
  5. From the downloaded theme, copy ‘Visual Style’ folder into “C:WindowsResourcesThemes”.
  6. Now you can set Ades Dark theme via Right Click on Desktop > click Personalize option > Goto Themes > Then Theme Settings. From here from the available themes, select Ades Dark Theme and Apply it.

Ades Theme

I know what you guys are thinking you guys are thinking that “But a totally dark theme? Isn’t it a little too dark?” and that’s why I have another wonderful theme for you this theme uses many tones of grays and white to make a balanced theme it also uses green which enhances the ‘flavour’ of this theme as you can see in the image below.

You will need UXThemePatcher for this theme to work. But if you like there is an alternative which is to copy the downloaded file directly into “%windir%/Resources/Themes”

To make it look even better, install the developer’s associated icon pack. That will let you apply the cool icons you see in the image above.

6. Hover Dark Aero – Windows 10 Dark Theme

windows 10 dark themes

This theme has dark colors and has a very good fusion of black and gray color. The unique thing about this theme is that it has the translucent look of the menu and title bar. You would fall in love with this theme.

Hover dark Aero

Hover Dark Aero is also developed by Cleodesktop as you can tell by seeing the same icon pack in both themes.

Where Hastpy did not had translucent ribbon this theme includes translucent ribbons. It creates a sleek and visually impressive user Interface which you guys really want.

If you want to recreate the scene in above image then you have to download the creator’s associated theme pack which also contains the icon pack.

There are six different versions of the theme to choose from each has a slightly different feel.

To make the theme work, you will need to make sure you have installed the aforementioned UXThemePatcher.

For using this theme you have to do following steps:

  1. Download PatchUxtheme third-party application and run it.
  2. The theme you downloaded place the downloaded folder into C:WindowsResourcesThemes.
  3. Now you can goto Desktop themes and Activate this theme.

7. Yosemite Dark & Light – Windows 10 dark edition theme

windows 10 dark themes

It is a perfect combination of Light and Dark colors, so the theme is not completely dark. So for people who love absolutely dark themes then this theme is not for them.

Theme installation Steps:

  1. Download and run PatchUxtheme on your system.
  2. Install theme by placing the theme folder into “C:WindowsResourcesThemes”.
  3. Activate the theme Choosing this theme from Desktop Theme option.

8. After Dark Cyan theme

windows 10 dark themes

This theme is one of the best themes created by DevainArt and is specially made for Windows 10. It has Dark and Grey colors, but there will be some places on the screen where you will get the feel of Cyan color, which makes this theme very beautiful and elegant. Anybody who loves Cyan color then this theme would be perfect windows 10 dark theme for him.

Theme Installation Steps:

  1. Download and install PatchUxtheme
  2. Placing the theme folder into “C:WindowsResourcesThemes”.
  3. Choose this theme from Desktop Theme Settings option.

9. Void – Windows 10 dark theme by Devianart

windows 10 dark themes

Although the name is void but this theme is perfect windows 10 dark theme. It has a perfect dark look by combining coral red, gray and black color. All the windows look very beautiful and clean. You can read installation steps at the Theme Download page.

10. Hastpy Windows 10 Dark Edition

windows 10 dark themes

This last Windows 10 dark edition them is also one of the best dark themes you will see. It has a combination of light gray and dark gray which together looks and feels awesome on your computer.

Theme installation is same as After Dark Cyan theme. You have to download and install PatchUxtheme. Then copy the downloaded theme into “C:WindowsResourcesThemes” location and activate the theme by selecting Hastpy theme from Desktop Themes Settings.

You guys may like this one.


The developer behind the theme is Cleodesktop.

It deploys a contrasting light gray color. There are six different versions of the theme available.

To install Hastpy on your system, you need to be running UXThemePatcher. Move all the files in the theme download file %windir%/Resources/Themes folder to get up and running.

11. GreyEve

If you guys did not wanted to do so much hassle just to install a theme then this theme is the best for you. This theme is the most easy to apply.


It is a high contrast theme so you have to check if it suits your needs and taste.To start using this theme just download the theme and then copy it into “[USERNAME]AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsThemes”

Where [USERNAME] is your account or user name. After copying you can change the theme from Settings > personalization > Themes.

Now a Warning

As you can tell by reading some of these themes changes the main system files hence you system might get hurt during the process but there is a simple solution just create a System Restore Point and Backup your work.

And do this Before applying the theme not After applying the theme.

Windows 10 has a dark mode that you can turn on in Settings > Personalization > Colors . It blackens the UI and makes things easier to read at night. You can also download one of many third-party dark themes that let you theme just about any app and setting.

So that would be all in this post about 10 Best Windows 10 Dark Themes. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Say tuned with for more Tech Tips and Tricks.

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