Alcatel OneTouch TracFone Phone

What is a Tracfone?

A Tracphone or Tracfone is known as a prepaid phone that allows you and gives you the accessibility of a contract plan without the commitment. Tracphones have gained a immence popularity in the past few months as more people are ending their two-year contracts with their cell phone providers and switching to prepaid plans.

To find out everything about TrackFones follow us along with the article.

How Do Tracphones Work No commitment

Tracphone has many features, and one of them is that it is entirely paid upfront, and there are no contracts to deal with at all. Even the unwanted commitment that the TracFones have removed many cell phone providers that are forced on their customers, and they no more penalize you for not using your phone.


Along with the best features, it has some disadvantages too.

One of the other downsides is generally worse than no nights and weekends is TracFone’s lousy customer services.

Many users find it to be unhelpful, useless, or just simply rude. Many people find customer service to be a big deal, although they can overlook many features at the same time.

The Top rated 4 best TracFone Smartphone Reviews

Samsung Galaxy J7 sky pro smartphone – Best Android Tracfone

Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro TracFone Smartphone

If you are looking for Samsung with a service of TracFone, then the next phone that is going to be reviewed by me is Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro, is a great choice.


This Tracfone comes with an internal storage space of 16 GB, which can store quite a lot of data.

However, there’s also an option for expansion with the help of a microSD card if you require it.

There’s a total of 8gb of space available for music, photos, videos that you record even if the pre-installed apps take some of the areas of internal memory.


This phone has 2 cameras in total that produce great pictures.

The back camera enables us to take pictures of our surroundings, whereas the front camera or the selfie camera also has great features, and many of your friends can fit into it because of the full functionality.

Even the videos are of excellent quality and give you a high definition playback, which is crisp and vivid. But some of the bad features of it include that its volume is not the loudest and the charger also doesn’t work correctly sometimes.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro – Best TracFone Smartphone with Airtime Bundle

Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro TracFone Review

So now comes the other Tracfone, which is Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro. It was launched in the year 2007 as an update of the earlier model Samsung Galaxy J3; it was designed to give users a more user – friendly experience.


To most user’s surprise, when it comes to the storage capacity, we will find that it has a total space of 16gb along with the 5gb operating system, which is pre-installed.

It makes it quite clear that there will be ample space for the pictures and videos and other apps and files that you want to store on your phone.


There are plenty of options available with its front and back camera for taking pics and videos.

Both cameras have great features like the front camera is slightly less impressive because it has a two-megapixel design, while the back has a five-megapixel design.

There are creative filters, flash, and 4x zoom and also a pro mode in which you can customize photos as per your need. The video quality, along with all this, is also quite excellent. The only con is that the screen fades very quickly if it’s not active or touched.

LG Fiesta 2 – Best TracFone Smartphone with Camera

LG Fiesta TracFone Review

This phone stands out as one of the best phones.


The Fiesta 2 comes with 16GB of storage space, and about 10GB is usable, which is very impressive for anyone that plans on great video, photo or app storage.


The front has a 5MP camera, while the back 13MP camera is much more impressive than anyone could even think.

There is also a face detection mode that can improve the quality of the images taken by the person.

If you like to record videos with your phone, videos will be taken in full HD mode, which means that the video playback will be of the highest quality.

The disadvantage it bears is that the screen resolution is minimal. It could have been higher.

Alcatel OneTouch Tracfone – Best Android Phone with Triple Minutes for Life

Alcatel OneTouch TracFone Phone


This smartphone has 4GB of internal memory. Half of the memory can be used to store apps, pictures, and online downloads. This means that you’ll be able to use the storage for things like the Android operating system, and also use a microSD card to store things like your favorite apps, pictures, and videos as well.


If you like to take a lot of pictures then this camera is adequate for light photography. For selfies, you can expect a 3MP performance. These cameras are able to record video at a high-definition resolution of 720p.

With this type of performance, you’ll be able to see some of the finer details of your shots with ease.

The con is that Alcatel is clearly not planning on updating this phone’s firmware and the second one is that for some reason, it can’t read 64GB micro SD cards.

I hope that the products that suit your lifestyle and that what we’ve covered above would have really helped you find a TracFone. The products that I selected are all great and feature-rich.

TracFone is a great option for just about anybody – a wide selection of handsets that really can make your talking, surfing, app usage, and texting much easier and convenient.