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5 Best FPS Counter Software for Windows

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The fps counter software is a category of software that are used for presenting the frame rate (or simply fps) that is being geforce experience fps counter software is best for nvidia graphics card. You can also optimize your games with gefor the freeware version of fraps is available for windows xp and all other further versions. It has some other fps settings fps counters for mac are available for windows, but for mac you hardly find one. Most of the counters introduced for count it broke the markets as first ever fps counter for mac. It allows you to record your game performance. Xcode is provided by the free developer toll quartz debug. It can be useful in inspecting performance of many applications as well programmers don’t understand why their applications can’t be goal by fraps. It could hook to almost any direct3d if you perform any match, the frame rate will be shown in the top-left of your display. If it is not available graphics update for a game that has a frame rate of 60 per second. Share your valuable comments below. . …

The FPS Counter software is a category of software that are utilized for presenting the frame rate (or simply FPS) that is being achieved by your system for a specific game.

Usually, FPS Counting software are utilized to monitor FPS, and thus, to be used as the determining factor for determining if your system is capable enough to play a specific game.

They are also used to be able to ascertain if the system is able to run a specific game at optimal settings.

When you are playing PC games, then it is really important to get an FPS countertop.

Console players do not need to be concerned about their own FPS. Their framerate is generally locked at 30 or even 60, without the configurations they can alter to increase or reduce it. When console players encounter poor FPS, it may simply mean their strategy is overheating or the match is poorly-optimized, the two items which are most likely from their hands. When PC players experience poor FPS, but there might be some variety of responsible aspects, all fixable. Because of this, it is very good to have an FPS counter when playing your PC games- it makes it possible to diagnose performance with specific preferences and determine what in the sport is providing you with performance issues.

There is lots of FPS counters on the market, but we are just going to pay for the ones that are best.

5 Best FPS Counter Software for Windows

FPS is Frames Per Second that appears in the display while playing any Game or Video. If there are a large number of FPS then your Game or Video will run very smooth but lower FPS will cause your Game to lag and stutter. So, in this post, we present you with 5 Best FPS Counter Software for Windows.

If your computer is not running a game smoothly then obviously you need to:

  1. Get better Graphics card or
  2. Reduce Graphics Settings for Game

This can increase your FPS in your game will run more smoothly than before.

You can know the actual FPS for a particular Game at your Laptop or computer using an FPS Counter Software. Some Graphics card has FPS counter options, you can use them if its available in your Graphics Card.

You can install third-party apps for knowing FPS for your Games.

Now, We are presenting you 5 best FPS Counter Software.

5 Best FPS/Frame Rate Counter Software for Windows 10/8/7

1.GeForce Experience

fps counter

Fps counter software NVIDIA GeForce Graphics is best for NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card. You can also optimize your games with GeForce Experience.

Some of the features of this Software are:

  1. Give Correct FPS for your Games.
  2. Can improve Game FPS by reducing the Graphics Setting of Games.
  3. Update GeForce Graphics Drivers.
  4. Can add Filter to Games such as High Saturation or Brightness etc.
  5. You can set FPS Counter for games that you can position at all four corners of the display.

GeForce Experience fps counter download is available here. It is compatible with Windows 10,8 and 7.

Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience

2. Razer Cortex

fps counter

Basically, it’s a freeware software for Boosting-Game’s performance on your laptop or computer. It boosts the game performance by closing non-essential background software and reducing graphics settings of the game to get high FPS. It is also a very good FPS Counter Software.

Some of the features of this Software are:

  1. Get instant Frames Rate of a Game with its Razer Cortex’s FPS Counter utility.
  2. It also provides FPS chart when you have stopped playing the game. It shows you maximum, minimum and average Frame Rate for your Game during Playtime.
  3. Using it you can boost game performance by closing unnecessary background applications.
  4. It is compatible with Windows 10,8 and 7.

Download Razer Cortex Software

If your PC is slowing down unnecessarily then you can read our following Blog Posts:

3. Dxtory

fps counter

It is also one of the best fps counter program which gives you Snapshots of your Game Play along with FPS.

Some of its features are:

  1. You can record DirectX and OpenGL game clips very easily.
  2. It can provide FPS Counter at the top left corner during GamePlay
  3. You can also customize FPS Counter as per your setting such as you can change the its color etc.
  4. You can set a filter over movie, game or Screenshot Capture as per your color choice
  5. It will work with Universal Windows Platform Games.

Its a paid software that costs about $34.5, but you can also use unregistered Dxtory Software although its functionality will be limited.

Download Dxtory Software for Windows Here

4. RadeonPro

fps counter

It is the best fps counter software for AMD Graphics Card. It is equivalent to GeForce Experience for Desktops and Laptops.

Some of the best features of this software are:

  1. Optimize Game’s Graphics and Frame Rates.
  2. Game Clip Recording.
  3. Game Screenshot.
  4. Show FPS Count by selecting FPS counter tab on RadeonPro Settings Window.
  5. Can apply Filter for your games.
  6. It has some other FPS settings such as Dynamic Frame Rate Control and Lock Frame Rate for Game.

Download RadeonPro Program Here

5. Fraps FPS Counter

fps counter

Fraps can be used for taking Screenshots and Video Clips of a Gameplay. It can also be used to add an FPS counter to DirectX and OpenGL games.

Using Fraps you can:

  1. Set FPS Counter to display in any corner of the screen
  2. Capture Snapshots that include FPS Counter during a GamePlay

It is available for Windows XP and all other further versions.

The registered version of Fraps costs $37 on their website, but its freeware version is also available but it has limited functionality, for example, you can’t record videos for a very long time but you will get FPS Counter features in it.

Fraps Download

6. MSI Afterburner

msi-afterburner-logo (1) (1)

MSI Afterburner is a program that’s largely called a graphics card overclocking utility. It must, therefore, come as no surprise that it’s an FPS countertop. After all the better way to verify overclocking than to inspect the shift in sport FPS. And the best part is that this program is totally free.

MSI Afterburner lets you exhibit your FPS in any part of your display together with other functionality aspects like fever, clock rate, and voltage that enable you to understand the ramifications of your overclocking activity. Additionally, it enables numerous customizations such ascertaining which aspects show up on your screen as well as includes skins which you could use to modify its general look.

To trigger the FPS counter in MSI Afterburner, go to preferences and click the monitoring tab. Click on Frame speed then choose it to display in the overlay display display. The frame rate will be shown on the upper left corner of the display.


Steam Were you aware Steam comes with an FPS counter?

It is true!

On your Steam Overlay (triggered by pressing Shift+Tab) by default, then it is possible to trigger a straightforward FPS counter which may be put at any of the four corners onto your display. You could even place a high-contrast color (bright green) if you are having difficulty seeing it. This may have little-to-no functionality punishment – no longer than triggering your Steam overlay, to start with, that’s – and may even be used for non-Steam games which you start through Steam. In case a easy and barebones alternative is you require, Steam’s FPS counter is going to do the trick good.


Today we are going to talk about FPS counter for MAC. Are you die-hard Gamer? Do you prefer High-spec games? If “Big Yes” then; this is going to be really helping and interesting one. So, let’s be ready.

download (13).jpg

Like many OS X users, you might also have same problem, especially if you a hard-core Gamer. There are many FPS counter software available for Windows; but for Mac you hardly find one. Most of the counters introduced for Windows don’t work for OS X. But don’t worry; we have found some of the best ones you can use. So, without wasting time; let’s get started.

What is FPS?

So the first and obvious question is what is FPS? If you didn’t know; FPS stands for “Frames Per Second”. FPS is connected with displays. FPS is standard unit derived to measure display output performance. Frame means scans of display screen or you can simply say one image. FPS means number times the frames changes in a second.

For smoother results; Frame rate is kept higher. So, let’s consider any animation video. As, you might know that animation is just a composition of many static images. Now if you move the images one by one too quickly the result seems to be live and flowing. Every movie or video or even games work on the same principle. If the fast the frames move the real the display looks. At the same time the average fps speed of human eye is 150. That means anything above than that can’t be recognized as a change by your eyes.

download (8).jpg

In the beginning era of video games; FPS was really limited around 6-10 FPS. As the time and technology progressed we can now find games having FPS 50-60; even 100 for some Games. And we are still trying to reach the optimal level – 150 FPS (at here you might not be able to differentiate between natural and virtual world). So, more FPS indicated as power and efficiency.

FPS Counters:

So, now we know what FPS is. If you are a gamer FPS is almost your heart. Almost every gamer suffer from a nightmare- “dropped frame rate”. It’s really frustrating as a gamer to see frames being dropped; because a little fluctuation can lead you to clumsy loss from an obvious win-win situation. Well, for low frame rate CPU/GPU is the real culprit. And there are not many options but to update or replace it.

download (15).jpg

Still you can check the quality even before live game. Here comes FPS counters in picture. Steam now and NVIDIA GeForce offers built in fps counters. Even some games now provide in-Game fps counters. If you do some live streams; you might be aware of FRAPS. FRAPS is a game recording software that also allows you to use its fps counter. Fraps is easily the most popular right at now in the market. But the most pitiful thing is that FRAPS ISN’T AVAILABLE FOR Mac. Oh, that’s some sad news. No worries, will have found some best alternatives for it.

Count it:

So, the first contestant is count it. Count it broke the markets as first ever fps counter for Mac. Count it allows you to record your game performance.

Link to Download: http://www.macgamerhq.com/count-it-mac-frame-rate/

After suffering for many years Mac users finally found Count It as a saviour. Count It beta was released almost couple for years earlier and now is rushing over. Count It is a simple to use FPS counter. It doesn’t actually record the FPS or game play; but only show FPS on screen. It also has Graphical statistics results, to make it more readable. It also supports multiple client accounts to manage.

download (12).jpg


Go to the given site: www.macgamerhq.com/count-it-mac-frame-rateDownload the application which matches your specifications.Install it. Open and select add account.

Now you are ready to give it a try.


  • Select “Running…”
  • Select the game and press “Add”
  • Press “Start” button in the toolbar.
  • A spinner icon will be shown on the screen.
  • After some seconds you will find the FPS at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • If you want to record your performance, open Preferences Recording Record Frame Rate Always.
  • You can also open some games from Count It library.


Xcode is another alternative. Xcode is provided by Mac OS X’s free developer toll Quartz Debug. Xcode packages can be downloaded easily on Mac. It can be useful in inspecting performance of many applications as well as many games as well. All you need is just a developer login. And then you can get real time FPS and other data very easily.

images (2).jpg

Setup for live monitoring of FPS:

  • Go to the given site: https://developer.apple.com/downloads/index.action
  • Login with an associated developer account Apple ID
  • If you do not have an Apple developer account; first go and create one. It’s totally free.
  • Now open “Graphic Tools”
  • Search and download the version which matches your version of Mac OS X and system specifications.
  • Now go to Graphic tools mounted image and open the app called “Quartz Debug”
  • Go to the “Window” menu “FrameMeter”
  • It will show the live FPS and CPU monitor

Now you are able see live FPS and other onscreen activities. Apart from this Quartz debug can also be used for many helpful activities. You can search and try it to manage display and retina options. CPU management option is also given by Quartz Debug.

So, finally we have seen couple of alternatives to use for Mac OS. Now you can easily find and record your Frames Per Second (FPS) for your Game. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get it.

How FRAPS and other FPS counter work?

Can you describe to me FRAPS and similar applications work to acquire the FPS of a match window?

I mean, I tried several VNC applications (for sport streaming from 1 PC to another) and FRAPS (OBS Studio job and so forth ) seems to work just on Splashtop and Steam flows but does not work at all the bulk of VNC applications flows.

I spoke to a programmers of these VNC applications and they do not understand why their applications can not be goal by FRAPS (along with other FPS counters). Thus, do you guys tell me what’s missing in order that they can make it utilize their softwares such as Splashtop and Steam channels?


It’s my perception that it could hook to almost any Direct3d driven window so that it is dependent upon the way VNC is making the material. That said, you *must * have the ability to target a particular window using OBS and record some exhibited content inside window.

I truly appreciate your help!
This directx matter was what I believed, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for clarifying. I tried using the OBS, it actually can capture any window, however in this manner it can’t catch the FPS…

Display FPS in Games With NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Then you are able to take advantage of this GeForce Experience applications for assessing the frame speed of your matches, In case you’ve got an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. The program can be downloaded at no cost from the organization’s GeForce site .

Just follow the steps below to enable the FPS counter in minutes As Soon as You’ve installed the program:

Click here “Overlays” so as to get into the section in which the choice to enable/disable that the FPS counter is situated.

Well, that is pretty much it. As soon as a match opens up, you will instantly see the FPS counter.

Display FPS in Games With MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is whatever graphics card you are using an application which may be used by everybody. The program can be downloaded at no cost from the organization’s official site . Throughout the installation procedure, be sure to’ve checked the boxes to Rivatuner Statistics Server along with MSI Afterburner, as the applications function to show the frame rate. Just follow the steps below to enable the FPS counter in a jiffy As Soon as You’re done with the setup:

Click here on this at which you will find 3 boxes, and have a peek. Check the box for “Display in On-Screen Screen” and click on OK to save the preferences. Also, you will also have the ability to allow this On-Screen Display choice for different factors including CPU temperature, CPU Usage, GPU temperature, GPU Usage, RAM use and more, which makes this kind of multipurpose tool to look at the operation virtually every vital element on your system.

As soon as you’re done with this, you want to be certain the Rivatuner Statistics server can also be opened in the desktop, since if it is not available, the frame speed simply won’t appear on your display. Also, Make Sure That the Display On-Screen Screen has been switched ON from the Program.

Well, that is pretty much the entire procedure. From today on, if you conduct any match, the frame rate details (along with many other info, if you have enabled it) will be exhibited in the top-left of your display.

Assessing FPS in Games With Fraps

This really is a school method using by people to look at the frame rate of their game with simplicity. All you have to do is download the program from the official site and execute it. Open any match and the frame rate will be shown in the corner of this display in colour, by default. The situation can be corrected in the program.

We highly advise you to look at the frame rate of your game from time to time for diagnosing any problem which you may be facing in your system whether it is software-related or hardware. Well, we are glad we can provide you three approaches to look at your frame speed, although one. Fraps is the ideal choice if you’re searching to display FPS, however MSI Afterburner takes the cake in regards to complete personalization and capacity to inspect temperature and the operation of essential hardware in your PC.

So, which one of those software are?

Do let us know simply by dropping a couple of words from the comments section below.

So, these were some of the best available FPS Counter Software for Windows.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

FPS or Frames per second is a very important element of gaming. In general, FPS means how many times per second a game’s graphics update. For example, if you are playing a game that has a frame rate of 60 per second, then that means that the graphics update for that game 60 times each second.

Do share your valuable comments below.

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