Best Apps for FireStick

Best Firestick Apps for Movies, Live Tv and Sports

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Amazon has changed the meaning of tv with its revolutionary product, “amazon firestick” the firestick can be used with any cyberflix is backed as the new terrarium tv. It offers subtitle support, no ad and better streaming the best thing about netflix is that it is never out of fresh content. It has classics like f. R. I. E. Sportsz tv is a paid app, but it a hundred times better than any other free, unstructured, and un. …

Now is the time of revolutions, the time of new technological revolutions that, in its wake, leaves a mark. The latest piece of technology to get revolutionized is the world of home tv entertainment.

The body behind this revolution is AMAZON. Amazon has changed the meaning of tv with its revolutionary product, “Amazon Firestick.” With firestick, you have almost every show and movie on your fingertips.

Just plug the firestick into a tv HDMI port and see as reach beyond the parameters of cable and satellite tv.

The fire stick can be used with any tv with an HDMI port, and with it plugged in, you can stream content over wifi such amazon video, Netflix, youtube, Disney plus, Hulu, and much more.

From Netflix to Amazon to Hulu to Disney more, there much more to tv entertainment, and that is also within your reach with various other amazon fire stick apps to stream the content of your choice at any time of the day.

There is a massive library of apps and perform multiple functions.

Now, from this gigantic library, there are only a few that you need. Most of the apps are the same with different names, and for you to get the best of the similar-looking apps, we have made this list for you.

We have incorporated the best apps to watch movies, sports, and live tv to give the best of home tv entertainment.

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Let’s start with the

Best Apps to Watch Movies and TV Shows

Catmouse Apk

  • Thousand of movies and shows.
  • Ad-free.

Catmouse apk, like any other streaming service, is a host to thousands of movies and tv shows.

The main aspects that make it different from other free services are the ability to provide to ads, which means that catmouse apk is ad-free, and second, it offers the movies that are currently in the public domain. Public domain movies can be simply explained as the movies which no government, organization, or individual owns, and such is common property. If you are looking to watch good movies you can check out Baba HD Movies.

It also allows the user to add their trakt. Tv account to the app.

The public domain movies provide a time capsule to the way videos were created in the old days.

These public domains make up an exciting and entertaining watch and give a valuable sneak peek in a different era of filmmaking as well as in the good old days.

Cyberflix Tv

  • Inbuilt subtitle support.
  • No ad.
  • Rich video quality.

Cyberflix tv is mostly called as a clone of Terrarium tv.

After terrarium tv was dropped from the app store, users have tried to find solace in cyberflix. It offers an interface and operation are quite similar to terrarium tv, and that’s why referred to as a clone or copy of the app.

However, users don’t mind the similarities as long as it satisfies them in the same way as the predecessor.

To live on users’ expectations, cyberflix comes with some improved features like no ad and better streaming quality.

This app also provides more video sources as well as inbuilt support for different subtitles.

All this and being backed as the new terrarium tv, cyberflix deserves a place here.


  • Thousand of channels on a fingertip.
  • Work with MX player.

Like every other streaming service or app mentioned above, UnLockMyTv provides its user thousand of channels on their fingertips. It can even work with the MX player and allows users to add their trakt. Tv account to the app.

It is also known as Cinema clone as to be very similar in the Cinema HD app, and every component of the app works smoothly. The app is also well maintained, and everything works fine.

It is essential to put stress on its working as the users have found that some portions of apps they used did not work correctly or at all. For them, UnLockMyTv is a boon as every part and component works fine and smoothly.

Titanium Tv

  • Unlimited content.
  • Available for different platforms.
  • Can stream in high definition(1080).

Titanium is a great streaming platform that you can use to stream movies and tv shows.

The features that make titanium tv stand out are its content and quality of the stream.

This app offers nearly unlimited video content and the content which can be viewed in high definition(1080) also.

Titanium tv is an excellent alternative for terrarium tv and is available for different platforms like Android, Firestick, Smart Android Tv, and devices.

It is a free app with free streams that are likely to keep you and your loved ones entertained for a long time.


  • New content
  • Amazing quality
  • Massive library

I wouldn’t be a bit wrong if I said Netflix is entertainment.

Netflix has grown from its birth turning into the most popular platform for tv shows and movies.

You need to have a paid subscription to enjoy Netflix, but it does not make it less amazing.

It still is one of the best apps to watch movies and tv shows for firestick.

The best thing about Netflix is that it is never out of fresh content. Netflix makes its original series and houses most movies and tv shows that have been released, making its content library never-ending. It has classics like F.R.I.E.N.D.S streaming on it too, as well as many classic movies.

Another good thing is that one you have subscribed to Netflix on firestick, you can use the same account on any other device. Before starting a paid month, Netflix gives a month for free to know it, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time, but I tell you, you are going to get hooked for sure.

Now come to the sports and live tv


  • Uninterrupted live broadcasts.
  • Access contents from YouTube.
  • A step ahead of cinema HD.

Mobdro is a streaming software that operates the same way as cinema HD by collecting content from internet links.

It can be said to be one step ahead of cinema HD as it provides user access from two different sources so that nothing is lost. Also, mobdro does not offer users its original content.

Mobdro allows its users to stream content from different tv channels such as BBC, cartoon network, and CNN. It also features content from YouTube and webcam.

But when accessing YouTube content, the interface tends to look like YouTube, which does not get down good with some users.

Mobdro provides an uninterrupted live broadcast.

The sports lover welcomed this development with open arms who love to watch matches uninterrupted.

Sling TV

  • First live streaming service
  • cheap

Sling tv is a paid streaming service and was the first live tv launched on the internet and is still among the top apps to watch live tv on firestick. With being the oldest tv live service, it also the cheapest.

Where others may charge up to $40, sling tv provides the same features with approx. $20.

The only problem that comes from choosing the cheapest pack is the inability to streaming on a different device at the same time. You also need a proper internet connection to enjoy uninterrupted live streaming services.

Sling tv is only available in the USA, so the user needs to use a VPN to access sling tv from any place.

Sportz TV IPTV

  • User-friendly interface
  • 8000 live tv channels

Sportz tv IPTV app brings you more than 8000 live tv channels besides other movies and tv shows. It brings live tv, movies and tv show all in one place. Sportz tv is a paid app, but it a hundred times better than any other free, unstructured, and unreliable streaming apps.

All these live tv channels, movies, and tv shows are brought for you for as low as $14.95 per month.

These lets say less than equal to what people typically pay for a single traditional tv channel.

The app is regularly updated and has a very user-friendly interface, which only adds to its quality and quoting quality; it offers high-quality streaming up to 1080p.

ESPN for Fire TV

Simply put, ESPN is a must to have.

That’s it.

If you love to watch sport or just to kill some time, ESPN is to be there on your amazon firestick. It not only provides live streaming of games but also you can opt for on-demand service as well.

ESPN is a dedicated sports channel and covers hundreds of sporting events happening in the world, and with ESPN, all of these events are available for you to watch. ESPN’s working is a little different.

You have to buy passes for the game to want to watch. You can buy one day passes for the event, which ends in one day or monthly or yearly passes for the events which last for a month or a whole year.

ESPN is available in the united states and serval other parts.

But if it isn’t available in your country, you can simply use a VPN to watch it.

Users can also avail themselves to a seven day trial period and can cancel anytime during these seven days.

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