Best Card Games for Android in 2022

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There are different categories of card games out there. Cards are available in three varieties. First is your classic card game like poker, spa hearthstone is one of the most popular card games available for the android on play store. You can learn about these players online that and cluedogame clash royale is also popular among users. It is also included with many features which follow the same mechanics some of the games which are developed by them include games such as euchre, spades, solitaire, gin rummy, and hearts this game is modelled to simulate the actual card game. Players have to collect cards then they build decks out of collected cards. Mtg zynga poker is one of the better online poker card games available for android. In this game there are weekly duellinks is a game for two or three players where your goal is to make two lines of five chips on the board. Cribbage is a card game where you aim to play card combinations that add up to 15 or 31. It is notable for the i tried to find out some of the best games which you will definitely love to play. . …

For many people card games can be a way to relax or to killing time while commuting in the morning or unwinding at the end of the day. The reason is that now everything is available online and it can be accessed through your phone.

Isn’t that fantastic?

In some games which are available online, you can connect with friends.

You can play solo games also or you also have option of connecting with random person online.

There is no doubt in this that card games are good source of entertainment for those who know how to play and for those who like to play card games. There are different categories of card games out there.

Majorly cards are available in three varieties. First is your classic card game like Poker, Spades and Solitaire.

Then the other category which is available to us is complex card games such as Hearthstone, Clash Royale and reigns. Final category is of party card games which include Exploding kittens.

I tried my best to list down games from all the categories for better suggestion. Below is the list of card games from all categories. You can enjoy playing these games in free time.

Microsoft Soltaire

Let me tell you one fact Microsoft Solitaire is considered as one of the most popular card games ever and it is also among one of the oldest card games available. It is available from a long time.

I can surely say those who had a computer in the 90’s and 2000’s remember playing Microsoft Solitaire or at least have heard about it. This is a renewed version of that old game.

Game structure includes the original Solitaire game along with four other variants.

It is included with FreeCell, TriPeaks, Spider and Pyramid. In this game along with original game there are some games also which includes daily challenges like Xbox Live achievements. It is integrated with cross-platform support with Windows 10.

It can leave you feeling nostalgic as it also has the original victory animation from the old PC days.

It’s a really good game to play. It is free to play.

However, it consists of in-app purchases for premium features which you get after paying such as no-ads. It is observed and reviewed by many users that it contains ads which can be really annoying while playing games.

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Hearthstone like many other card games is one of the most popular card games available for the android on play store. Along with this game comes a fairly large and loyal following of players.

You can learn about these players online that and you can watch on Twitch or YouTube at your leisure.

This card game is designed to come up with hundreds of cards so that you can build some truly unique decks. It is also included with features that have the ability to make multiple decks. This adds up in creating some variety or versatility into the game.

For smooth running of game always, it gets semi-regular updates to include new content. It is available for multiplayer game mode.

This card game is available for free online on android.

There is in-app purchases included in it. It doesn’t provide you gaming at free of cost. If you want to play your game on your PC then you can do one thing. For playing on PC you can sign up for a account. This way you can play your saved file on your computer also. This game is quite old but as they say old is gold. Therefore I can surely say that it is still pretty good.



Clue is another impressive card game which is actually mobile remake of the classic board game. In this game players have to shuffle about a map. They have to collect clues. Lastly they have to try to guess the killer’s name, weapon of choice, and one more thing that is the place of the murder.

For clues and for getting at destination the players have to collect various cards with the suspects, tools, and locations.

They are then required to play one of each to guess the murderer.

Trust me it is true copy of the original board game which you must have played offline. This is not free and there are additional micro-transactions available in the game as well. For playing the main game you have to pay $1.99.

After that you can start playing the main game. We would like to include something like Uno. Clue may be stretching the definition of card games a little bit and it is not purely card game. But it’s still a good game to play.


Clash Royale

Clash Royale is also popular among users and users love playing it. This card game is very much like Hearthstone and it is played a lot like Hearthstone. It is also included with many features which follow the same mechanics.

Let me now tell you rudimentary structure of this game.

In this game you’ll be collecting cards based on the characters of the Clash of Clans universe.

After you are finished collecting cards. You are supposed to use them to duel with other players.

Considering how unsafe internet is becoming these days.

It consists of one of the healthiest online communities that you can find these days. To increase your strength you can even join a clan to share card. Later you can challenge clan members. It belongs to category of freemium game.

But if considering big picture then it is a very good game with good features.


The Elder Scroll Legends

It is another impressive game which you can prefer playing.

I can surely say it is one of the better card games available on android. It is capable of competing with popular games like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone available on android. In this game what you have to do is collect cards.

From those cards you build a deck, and then duel opponents.

It is available in different modes.

Modes which are available in it are campaign mode, an online PvP mode, and more. The mechanics which is involved in it includes lanes to add an extra strategical mechanic to the combat.

It is available on Play Store and you can download this amazing game easily through the link given below.


AI Factory Limited

If talking about AI Factory Limited then it is not a game but actually a developer on Google Play.

They are popular for making different varieties of card games and board game.

They have long list of games which are made by them.

Some of the games which are developed by them include games such as Euchre, Spades, Solitaire, Gin Rummy, and Hearts.

Unlike other games, the games which are developed by AI Factory limited are simple and easy to play.

The games aren’t designed to be structured in an overly complex manner.

To be honest there is not much to look at. However, one good point about it is that they are rock solid. It’s a good platform for you to get bunch of some simple card games.

These games are available at cheaper price.

Hence you won’t have to spend much on it.

Another advantage of these games is that they don’t take up much space on your phone and they just work.

Space efficiency is a good point to be considered.

It is available for free.

Though it is free still you will have to bear with ads. There is paid version also which can remove the advertising as I can totally understand that ads can be annoying.


Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest

Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest is another card game which is basically a match-three game.

It consists of card collecting elements.

In this game Players have to collect cards from the famous Magic: The Gathering collection. After collection of cards they have to then build decks. Next stage her is to go head-to-head with opponents.

To make it more interesting the developers have also added a match-three mechanism within the usual card play.

The game also consists of new element which includes recent cards like the 2020 core set and other such things.

There are varieties of modes available in it. It is definitely included with online PvP.

If you ever want to play game online then you can do that also.

It’s an interesting game which almost everybody likes to play.

Although those who don’t like to play match three games then this is not the right game for them.


Pokemon Tcg Online

Pokémon has been famous among lot of people. In fact it was my favourite too and reminds me of my childhood days. Though there are different Pokémon games available but Pokémon TCG Online is different from most mobile Pokémon games. In most of the games it is strategized to have you collecting the actual monsters and battling them out.

But this is not designed like old games.

It is modified to give a new touch to it. This game is modelled to simulate the actual card game. In this game players have to collect cards then they build decks out of collected cards. With the help of collected card deck they take on one another in glorious battle.

Like other card games this game also consists of various modes.

There is an online PvP mode another mode is to play with friends.

Other option which you have is that you can even trade you cards with other players to win match.

Though there are some issues there in this game.

Users have also complaint about login issues as we have seen in reviews.

There have been crash issues on Chromebooks also.

Other than that if those issues can be solved then people seem to like this one.

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Reign Trilogy

As the name suggests this game is Reigns game which has a trilogy of popular card games.

Though in all three games, premises is same. Initially all players are presented with a scenario on a card.

At later stage the player is required to swipe the card left or right to answer yes or no.

The major goal here in this game is to rule your kingdom for as long as possible. In the first game you will be provided with a rudimentary experience.

As you proceed further the second game is Reigns: Her Majesty and then the third game is Reigns: Game of Thrones. It keep on adding more game mechanics, actual story line, missions, and all kinds of extra mechanics.

This game is available for free. Trust me you won’t get any game better than this free of cost. All of the games mentioned under reign trilogy are free of ads and there are no in-app purchases.


Top Decked MTG

Amidst impressive card games available on play store, Top Decked MTG is another excellent app for those who play the physical Magic: The Gathering card game.

For those players this game consists of different components. In this game there are few basic component and these basic components are a deck builder, a deck simulator, cloud syncing, card prices, and all kinds of other little tools.

There is one card shop also.

Shop is included in the app to help you to organize, promote, and hold Magic: The Gathering events and tournaments. It is available for free for player user and it can be used for basic promotional use. But there are other subscription options also available which you can choose.

However, these expensive subscription options available for heavier use by card shops and tournament holders.


Zynga Poker

For play store there are varieties of games available as I already mentioned.

Another game that is available is Zynga Poker. It is one of the better online poker card games which are available for Android. It is available for free. As it is free it plays the way you would expect a free to play online poker game to play.

In this game Players log in using their login credentials.

Then they have to join in tournaments and games, and as a result they either lose or win. It is very much suitable for those who like to play either slots or black jack.

They are going to love it.

In this game there are weekly fast cash events and weekly jackpots.

In weekly fast cash events you have to compete against other players globally to win huge cash prizes. In weekly jackpots you have to play for luck to win giant pay-outs.

Pay-out increases with the higher stakes. It all depends on you.

The way this game is developed it definitely has some flaws and demerits. But if you will compare with other games then generally fewer of them than most of its competitors. Well we can’t deny that not everything is perfect.


Yu-Gi-Oh!Duel Links

Under same name there are different kinds of games. Let’s say there are many Ludo games available on play store but not all are same. Every game has own advantages and disadvantages. Similarly there are many Yu-Gi-Oh! Card games you can find in the Play Store.

But this game is not similar to others. This Yu-Gi-Oh!

Duel Links is very much different from all those games and it also seems to be the most popular. I compared ratings also. It is highest rated one among many others.

In this game players have to collect cards.

They have to then build decks, and from those cards they have to duel it out against AI and human opponents.

It is designed to emulate the Yu-Gi-Oh!

Style and the developers have successfully managed to do it. It is available under free to play game, you don’t have to pay anything. It also remains fresh even if it’s not a young game anymore.

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Wild Jack: Card Gobang

Wild jack: card gobang, name is little bit weird.

But it easily becomes everyone favourite card game as I could refer that from reviews about it. You can play at any time on my phone and it can become your favourite game to play during your free time.

If talking about how it is played then this is a game for two or three players where your goal is to make two lines of five chips on the board. It is done by playing cards that correspond to the spots on the board. I know after reading my description of this game you might be finding it easy to play.

It actually sounds lame to explain it in the way I’ve explained it. One thing I can say for sure when you will play it your experience will be completely different.

It is really fun to play.

Some of you might have already heard about this game before.

Some of might be knowing about this game as the 80s card-board game Sequence.

If that’s the case then I can say that this is a great mobile version of the strategic game.

Developers have tried to make it as real as possible. But in this game you can also play against AI and online opponents.

You don’t really need to find someone to play this game. You can play against online components.

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Cribbage with Grandpas

I never heard of this game before I saw it while searching for new card games.

Cribbage with Grandpas is an impressive game that’s great for seasoned cribbage players along with people who are new to the game. It is easy for people who didn’t play it before including me.

This simplicity is the reason why I liked this game. For those who don’t know, all unfamiliar users, cribbage is a card game where you aim to play card combinations that add up to 15 or 31 and is notable for the board and pegs used to keep score.

If you are a person who never played it before anywhere or with anyone then Cribbage with Grandpas is a great way to learn as you count your own points.

You can definitely play against forgiving computer opponents. You will love it for sure.

In is designed with simple interface. Along with that you will also get to see a clean and colourful design. For some interesting fact I am sharing this with you that this Cribbage with Grandpas introduced gaming’s first build-a-Grandpa feature.



Image result for uno

Now this is my favourite card game which you can enjoy playing with your friends whenever you all are getting bored. I’m sure it is played in millions of families whether online or offline but everyone loves to play it. The main reason is that it consists of simple rules and it is easy to play. It is definitely soul of many parties.

Now let’s talk more about technicalities of this game. It basically involves simple easy Eights rules where your goal is to get rid of all your cards.

One who gets rid of all cards first wins the game.

So how you are going to it?

Major strategy is by playing the same colour or suit in accordance to the last card played.

This mobile version is developed in such a way that it manages to offer the best execution of the core gameplay with many ways to connect and play with friends in the Fun Room. In this game you can play with custom house rules.

Although it is available for free but there are some disadvantages also. This game is also included with not so good levelling mechanics. There are also some in-game currencies and micro-transactions available in it.


These are some card games which you can enjoy playing. I might have missed some games but I tried to find out some of the best game which you will definitely love to play.

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